Amakunai Karera no Nichijo Wa.

Chapter 1

Heart-racing school days with a group of 3 problematic hotties

Language: English


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On this sunny first day of my high school life

I, Midori Nanami, have


dropped my wallet

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Where did it fall?

I definitely had it when I left the cl@ssroom

It should be somewhere on the school road

The whole family would hate living a whole week on bean sprouts

How much is there?

5000 yen




Let's use this money and get some food

It's so-so

Sounds good

They should put Yukichi in there. Yukichi

Are they taking my money?

*T/N - Yukichi is the person on the 10,000 yen note


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is my wallet


No way! Mugging a thief!

What a joke. There's no way you'd have a wallet with this pattern

You tryna intercept us?


I was the one who lost my wallet, but he's getting involved

What's up, Rei? An arguement?


It increased by another person

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I lost interest. I'll give you this sad wallet.

Don't just give it to them...

Let's go

My wallet..


This is yours, right?

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Was I wrong?

So he said "it's my wallet" in order to get it back for me?

No, you're not wrong!



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..I failed to thank him

This was

A reason for my heart to throb

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The person who saved my wallet is

named Rei Ichijou

Who would have thought he was in the same cl@ss as me?

It's always the three of them

I want to thank him again, but...

Because of that, it's hard to talk to him

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Oh well

High school life is full of firsts

I'll have many chances from now on

I'll keep a chill att1tude

All 3? A cold maybe?

They're away for a long time

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Eh? Midori you didn't know?

Well, whatever the case they're not good people

The 3 who don't come are suspended from school

It's fierce with the 3 of them together. It seems like one of them is a son of a Yakuza member

They were raised to do whatever they wanted to, right?


I didn't know at all

Why do the 2 of you know so much about them?

They were smoking inside the school

Eh? But I heard they used violence against a teacher

Ahaha, most of the kids know about them

That's cuz Midori's always spacing out

Rumours have been everywhere recently

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Smoking and violence

Good work, Midori-chan

Good work today

Good work

Well I only made contact with them once, so I know nothing

They didn't seem to be the type to do such things

Also I have no clue about the other 2


You there

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That uniform. You're a student from my school aren't you?


I came out in my uniform!

What in the world are you doing so late in the shopping district?

I was too preoccupied with my thoughts

It really is

I have requested an invstigation on you

Midori Nanami-san

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The chairman of the school board!

The money your father left paying a debt suddenly vanished

In order to repay it, you help out your mother and work yourself to the bone

Because of the special offer of exemption from tuition fees, you were admitted in my school.

You have been working in an Izakaya since this spring

*T/N: An Izakaya is a Japanese bar that also serves snacks

Did you know that part time jobs are forbidden in our school?

How troubling. According to regulation, you would be suspended to your home for 3 days

Since I was admitted in this school...

- Close to home - Fee exemption - Paid no attention to anything else

Your exemption would be taken away

I see

That would happen

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I'm finished...


I can't stay if the school fee exemption disappears

In light of your family situation, that would be cruel

So, I have prepared an alternate plan

Alternate plan??

There are three students who are away from your cl@ss right?

Ichijou-kun! And also, um..

Eh? Yes

These three

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I want you to bring them back to school

Bring them back?

Yes. Bring them back

Aren't those three on suspension..?

They were suspended for one week, but

Ahh, you heard some rumours?

As you know, 10 days have p@ssed and all of them are still absent

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The school has repeatedly tried contacting them, but there has been no reply

We haven't heard any reason for this

That's why, if someone like you,

Who's in the same grade and does their best in hardships, were able to persuade them,

I believe that they would listen to you

Well, what if they say no?

That reasoning is weird

Well, well, it's something we should try!

Frankly, I'm just grasping at straws in this situation

At straws..

be so concerned with a mere student's truancy?

I am extremely aware that this is an absurd request. I have also thought of compensation

Would the chairman normally

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As for the goal, if you can get the 3 of them to accept by the midterms in two weeks,

I will present the school's official recognition of your job

Of course, I don't mind even if you decline

... In that case, then you will be accepting the punishment as per regulation

What will you do?

Under these conditions,

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I have nothing but gains?

I can escape the withdrawal of my exemption. If everything goes well, then the school's official recognition of my work situation will be recognized

I will be able to meet


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I'll do it!

I can also thank him, which I couldn't do before!


I see. You'll do it?

That's good. That's good

That said

One phrase memo: - Lives alone - Became a place for the 3 of them to hang out

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Without delay

Chihiro Goshima

Goshima Group Successor

Doctor's son

Rei Ichijou

Son of the Ichijou conglomerate

Yukinojou Ieri

(Without t1tles) I have

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Stepped forward to persuade the three of them

Even if you say so,

The exemption, the work situation and so on

We don't have anything to do with?


We don't


Ah! Also, This!

This wallet is-

I got it

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What did you get?

In other words, you have money troubles


Yeah? well, that's been forever...?

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Payment for your time

You came here cuz you wanted money, right?

If I give this to you, you won't come anymore?

...Is this person

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really the same person?

Is this..

money that you earned by yourself?

No way! Rei hasn't worked before.


You too.

It's just a part of the living expenses that his parents transferred over. This guy's totally a young master

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Around here, the highest hourly wage from an Izakaya is 900 yen

It's about 78 hours of labor

You might not think much of it, just hearing simply numbers, but

70,000 Yen

I stand for hours on end, I carry heavy dishes

Do you know how much labor a normal high schooler has to work in order to get this much?

I accompany drunks

...not knowing that kind of effort

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Living alone in such an outstanding condo,

And everything including your tuition is your parent's money


Don't just throw money around as if you're so important

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Amazing, She's strong!

It was such a sound arguement, you couldn't even make a sound

Right, Rei?

Shut up!

It's not like Yuki and Chihiro don't have the same faults!


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What the heck was that?

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I went and did it

I went there because of a request, but

What do I do? I just picked a fight...

But, I'm

A little bit disappointed..

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It seems like

I scared him off by

To such a person like that,

talking about money like that

...I only wanted to apologize

Did he think I was asking for money when I showed him my wallet..?


It is true that he

helped me out.

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I don't know anymore!



What are you doing on the side of the road?

You didn't say you had your part-time job today?


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What is that? I don't get the terms for exchange

It'll be bad if you were found out, so don't go to work in your uniform

Well right? I thought so too

Please keep this a secret from mom! Then she'll say that her work will have to increase

...That's fine, but could you stop visiting a guy's home on your own? You have no sense of danger

I did bring a change of clothes! I just carelessly went home in my uniform..

What are you worried about? They only had a cute corgi there

What are you talking about?

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If you pretend that you actually persuaded them, then you'd escape the withdrawal of your exemption, right?

What if you gave up?


Because, people who are truant won't come to school no matter the reason


Reason, huh..

No way. Kon, You literally just became a middle schooler

Why not? Nee-chan started it around 3rd year of middle school

If it's about part-time work, I'll do newspaper deliveries

It's fine. That's me!

But, for such a cute little brother, the early morning hours is a dangerous time zone, so I won't let you work!!!

Our clothes are gonna get wrinkled

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Also, Kon does all the cooking!

That's enough

Thats' cuz nee-chan's cooking is disastrous


...Anyway, don't be reckless

I'm worried about you


My little brother is such a good kid...!!

That face is annoying

Because of the debt that my damn father left, our home is economically tight, but I absolutely won't let Kon, who's still small, work

and ensure my job!

Somehow, I'll persuade those 3

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Well, I don't know the method to do it

Ichijou-kun is completely different from my first impression

I don't know the circumstances of his suspension, nor the reason he won't come to school

I have no information from Ieiri-kun and Goshima-kun

...If I dont' know

I can do nothing..

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But butt heads with the people themselves

DING d*ng

U-um this is Midori Nanami. About yesterday-

She's persistent

If you ring it one more time, I'm going to report you


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Turned away at the door...!

Is there anything I..?

Nee-chan, the bath has been heated

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I want to get a good spot, so Kon, you go first

Cramming for exams?

You're putting in effort

If I do this

That is also difficult!


Hmm.. Whatever. Do your best?


Until they can't ignore me,

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I'll appeal myself

I bought ice cream


Good job, Chihiro


Also this

You're sister will do her best!!

What is this?

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A notebook summarizing the testing scope of Math 1 to Math A and

It was under the postbox

...a messgae board?

I got it! This is, from that, what's her name? Umm,


She probably left it there

Doesn't everything have the same handwriting?

She wrote everything by herself

Ah, I see. She ran it here as an appeasement?

Ah, there's dog jerky in here too

He loves it

Here you go, Kota. It's a tribute


T/N- Midori's Line ID and contact info

Kotarou- 3 yrs old


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Eh, You're throwing it out?

Of course! She's the school's spy you know

She is an enemy! An enemy!


...they probably won't come

Well, I cannot give up!

What is my sister doing..?

Haven't come in

Fold fold

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Next day

Another one showed up today!

World history, Japan history Test counter-plan notebook

A thousand cranes

It's fine if you don't take it

Dog chews

The test will be in 10 days

Amazing! These cranes were all made from flyers

And, as usual Kota's snacks too are included

Woof woof


2 days later

English test counter-plan notebook

10 selected videos of healing animals(?)

Hahaha! Watching videos is a perfect hobby

But it's cute though

Dog biscuits

The test is in 9 days

So in the end, it's only Kota's snacks that cost her money

He's loved


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3 days later

Science/Physics Test counter-plan notebook

Ah! It's here? Today's stuff



Let me see. Let me see

Dog toy

She must have run out of ideas

And Acorns

I've been thinking about this but, her way of approaching is weird

...You guys!!

What are you getting excited about!?!

No.. But..

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Every single day, it seems like she devotes herself in making this design

Even the notes, they are nicely summarized for each subject

..She also mentioned about her father's debt

I don't know what sort of person the chairman is, but it's intriguing

Thinking about Nanami-chan's circumstances,

I can't say I don't feel sympathy

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1 more week

There's no progress at all..

I wonder if in this way I can draw a reaction from them?

Don't tell me it's being thrown away with being seen?

Should I ambush them in the apartment? No, as expected, I'll look like a suspicious person

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The gate of the celestial rock cave has opened..!?

..These few days, I understand why you're trying so hard.

that's why

Page 50/81

The 3 of us will only go to take the test


That's fine, right?




Ichijou-kun and the others..

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Is there a reason why you don't want to go to school?


There's no meaning for me to go to such a school

Nor do I feel any value in it


How about you?


Why are you so desperate about it?


For me..

Page 52/81

I was thinking of finding a job once I graduated middle school

With our economic situation, I originally thought it would be impossible for me to advance. I also have a little brother

"If you really don't want to go, then it's fine if you don't"

"If there's nothing else you want to do, then it's fine"

And then, mom said

"But if that's not the case,"

"Please focus on studying right now."

"If you study a lot, then you'll gain experiences that you cannot have right now"

If my knowledge increases, then my chances increase as well

I will be able to see things that I'm not able to see right now

My world will broaden

Page 53/81


You got my wallet back for me

The one that looked like it was stolen, even though it looked like a cl@ssmates?

Soon after I started school, right?

Yes! That!

That was me!

At that time,

..Then, that was

You left before I could thank you

It's probably something Ichijou-kun forgot about until now, but

It's amazing that you naturally helped, even if it was something that seemed normal

.. I was glad that someone like that was in the same cl@ss as me

If we were able to become closer,

Page 54/81

I think that our high school life would become fun

Did I..


With that said

Here you go!

Just say something super embarr@ssing?

Page 55/81

See you tomorrow!

My face is hot..


Page 56/81



So he's called Kotarou!

So cute! So friendly!

wuff wuff

Do you own him, Goshima-kun?

No, Rei is the owner

Page 57/81

So you like dogs


That's why there were dog treats everytime

We kept a Shiba Inu long time ago

Ah. Sorry. I'm only talking about Kotarou What were you saying?

.. So you know that I was suspended?

Eh, Yeah..

But it was from smoking or punching a teacher

I omly heard about it to some extent..?

sniff sniff

About the reason why we're not going to school

Rei and Yuki are

Just keeping me company

Page 58/81

I found a cigarette butt behind the building of the special cl@ss room


I have a testimony stating they saw Goshima wandering around the perimeter of the school

What of it?

It has to be you who did it!

How dare you speak in such a way to a teacher!

What the h*ll did you say?


Let's go


stay stay


Hey! I haven't finished speaking!

You're persistent as h*ll

Page 59/81

Don't f**king touch me!!



..and elbowed

After that, I was called to the principal's office

Page 60/81

Ichijou-kun, Ieiri-kin

If you are together with such a person, you could potentially hurt your family name

Choose your friends wisely

Once they heard those words,

There's no meaning for me to go to such a school

The 3 of us didn't go to school, even after the suspension was lifted


Ichijou-kun said those words

Page 61/81

But isn't a suspension, too harsh of a punishment for an accidental incident?

Nor do I feel any value with it

There was the thing about me smoking

Because this happened

I objected, but I feel like the principal didn't even bother listening. The school has that sort of point of view


It's not like you did it on purpose

...My family does things that are in the grey area, so

I see.. How cruel..

Their impression of me has been bad from the beginning

What is that?

That has nothing to do with you

Children don't get to choose the family they're born into

Page 62/81

But, I see. You guys kept harshly turning me away

Because you thought I was the "school's" spy?

..Is that so?

Well.. Yeah

..That's good

As I thought, you guys aren't bad people


It's good that I understood it

In that case

Page 63/81

I really don't know much about it, but

it doesn't seem like the chairman was a bad person

Since he considered my current situation

If you appealed to the chairman about the terrible teacher, then maybe he'll do something!

But, isn't it too late for appealing?

It's not like we have any proof...


I know!

Page 64/81

I'll look for the real culprit!!


Then the school will have to acknowledge their mistake and apologize!

Was something that happened 3 weeks ago

...No, but this

Page 65/81

.. I see

Is that so..

But even if it's stupid

There will be a bad aftertaste if I don't see it for myself

I said

Can we exchange Line ID's?


that and I couldn't believe it,


Page 66/81

I really found them

and so..

Wait, aren't those two the ones who were stealing from my wallet..?

Are you stupid?

Result of picking a place where people can't see after school

I've discovered the offenders

But first, report this


Eh? So fast

Ah! Idiot. Don't toss it over there!

Where are you now?

If they find a cigarette butt again, pur hangout spot is gonna disappear again

Use an ashtray

That was freakin close

It's Goshima and the others

Page 67/81

The suspicion went towards Goshima-kun just because his name came out

Seems like he hasn't come to school even after his suspension period ended

How sad

Are you in any position to say that?

We can hide any violations if Goshima-kun is here

Ahh, I doubt he's gonna come to school anytime soon


You're terrible

Some fresh


Evidence secured

Good thing I have a cheap smartphone


I pretty much only use it to LINE with Kon

Page 68/81

-You guys your defense is too weak

A sudden turn of events

A huge crisis

You were spying, weren't you?

Another person suddenly appeared behind me and took my phone away

Ah! She even took a video

Chihiro-chan? She sent it to that kid!


Sorry Kon! Your sister made a mistake!

What should we do?

Sensing danger is important!!

"What" you say..?

Page 69/81

A video that's equally as bad as this one

I could only ask you

What do you think?

Strip her?

To keep quiet about it, huh?

It sucks to be a fool


You reap what you sow


Page 70/81


Are you in a position to say that?


ouch ouch

What the h*ll do you want!!

Page 71/81






Even the 2 of them


Why are you here!?

What the heck is that ugeh? You should be welcoming me

Page 72/81

"I hope he comes to school soon"

I came since you said it, right?

Chihiro is


Goshima's first name..?


Goshima will break us



Wow wow. What asplendid way of scattering, like small fry

What's wrong with Nanami-chan?

Are you ok?

Are you hurt somewhere..?


Page 73/81

My lower back gave out

because of relief..


That's because you were reckless

Page 74/81


...Thank You

Page 75/81


saved me again

..but why did you come?

We were curious about why you stopped sending LINE messages at such an incomplete spot

You dropped your phone

'Why' you ask?


Good thing Rei's condo is close to the school

Also, after all the things you did for us, if something happened to you, we'd have an uneasy experience


Good thing we arrived on time

..See? I knew it

These people aren't bad

There is

Page 76/81


no reason for my heart not to

With this video, they can't escape

You really helped out

Page 77/81

It might sound as an excuse..

I meant to introduce myself at the entrance ceremony

I was only appointed to be the chairman this spring

Communication was insufficient, so I was not abe to grasp the full picture

I see..

It is unspeakable for a person of power to neglect fact checking and look at things with a bias


He did it..?


I will take appropriate measures for the teacher, students and of course, the principal who were in this matter

As I thought, the chairman is a respectable person

Well then, let's put such a stiff topic behind us

As I promised, I will introduce your part-time job


After that, those 3

Page 78/81

Came to school

And of course, they also took the tests

Thanks to that, my job has officially been recognized

Happily ever after

Then, please continue to look after the 3 of them!



Oh my, didn't I tell you from the beginning?


"I want you to bring them back to school"

Page 79/81

In other words!

It means I want you to lead them to graduation!!

What's with that broad interpretation!!?

Eh? No, that is..


That is because, look, wouldn't it be bad if they stayed this way?

Their current status

That's why

Page 80/81



Don't you think it's bad

to skip cl@ss when we're doing group work..!?

I mean, your credits!

Page 81/81

The look we get from others is annoying

Because we get wound up about the embellished rumour

I can't deal with being lionized

It's not sweet

T/N: Acc to Google: Lionize=give a lot of public attention and approval to someone/treat as a celebrity

In order to send them a high school life together,

I still have to do my best!

*To be continued*