Sore wa Marude Amagasa no You ni

Chapter 8

From Chibi Manga:Cheering on her friend's crush, using abusive language towards the homeroom teacher. Yayoi's fun school life changes greatly after one incident. The one who saved Yayoi, who was deeply hurt was her homeroom teacher, Tsuzuki-sensei. The forbidden love between a teacher and a lonely high school girl!

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Thank you, sensei.

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During the summer of my 2nd year in high school,

The first person I fell in love with was

My homeroom teacher.

During the time when I felt like the whole world was my enemy, he was the only one who made feel that I had someone beside me. Although I understand that he's doing it as a teacher, but still I can't suppress this feeling.

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"I like you, Tsuzuki-sensei"

Tears and smiles will overflow. A moving ending!!


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can't see you in a romantic way.

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I knew and believed so

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that it was "because he's my teacher and I'm his student."

I was mistaken.


Hey! Your leg hasn't healed so you shouldn't be running...

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Have you calmed down?

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There are such things as unrequited love. Even though might feel really bad right now, but

Forgive me

The shock is beyond expectation.

This is something you must face yourself.

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I feel miserable and frustrated.

He said "although there are painful memories, during those times you'll be able to regain your footing through the people around you."

...though that person is sincere

He's the type to join you when you're in pain and for that, isn't he quite nice?

Is that why you also like him?

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I was only worried since he was a coworker.

He's always going under difficult circumstances so it's quite thrilling to see if he's going to burn out or not.

If you doubt that, then you're too narrow-minded.


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Ahahaha, I'm such a child.


Surely, he will

do the right thing for the both of you

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Since you're important to him.

Where are your things? In the cl@ssroom?


*door opens*

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Seriously~ You weren't at the cl@ssroom and you haven't returned for a while. Your bag was still there as well...

You were here!

so I thought maybe something happened...



Why Sana!? Such strength!!

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Keiko, uhm

That's amazing

I'm not a l0lic0n but I understand having that kind of conviction.

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Although I can't change my emotions,

Well, if it's you, you'll have control of your emotions.

I can change the way I act.

That's deep.

I'm not really sure either. All children do is to desperately act as adults.

Maybe someday I'll end up crying and complaining loudly.

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For that not to happen and not let the other person win at all, you're gonna have to pull out huh.

That's actually what I've got.

I wanna become an adult

to be able to protect the both of us.

Sorry for making you come with me.

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Yeah, that's to be expected.

But still, we couldn't find a club to enter.

No matter where they go...


I'm happy that you're quite strong!


The rumor spread more than we thought.

I wanted to look for a place where I can stay if the cl@ssroom isn't good.

Hey, Sana aren't you pushing yourself too much?

It didn't go so well.

What happened with sensei occurred recently as well... wouldn't it be better if you slow down?

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It's alright. It's alright.

Thanks for worrying for me.

I understood what he was thinking, but I don't know how to deal with my feelings and if I suppress them, it might explode eventually...


Since I don't want anyone else to get hurt, I've tried to think about it and thought that I have been too naive.

I want to grow.

since I'm also tired of feeling sad all the time.

I see...

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Sana, you've changed.

Let's both work hard.


Before you... always feel so tensed... I should also follow your lead.


Ah, Sana how about that?

M@ss recruit for the action committee for school events

We want your help!


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Please take care of us...



Are you the Yayoi-san from the second year who was said to have stolen her friend's boyfriend?

Aren't you extremely cute??


I'm also cute, aren't I?

Keiko-chan, you're quite energetic, huh!

This doesn't seem right...


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What will you be doing Sana-san? How about we tie your hair?


We're dividing the people who'll work behind the scenes for the event. Right now, we're preparing for the school festival.


Then how about hanging the posters with Miki?




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So Harada-san was in the action committee...

Harada-san... How about we divide those?


I'm done posting mine.

Charity bazaar held by the action committee

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The events committee also do this kind of things. It seems fun.

I'm only joining this year,

That's right, it's done every year...

It seems

How about you, Harada-san, you've been part of the club only this year as well, right?

What do you do...

that I still won't be able to get along with you...



Sorry uuh....


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thank you for helping me yesterday


Even so, I'm sorry...

Are you guys finished over there?

We're coming!

*foot steps*

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Ah were you abandoned?


Won't you lend me a hand here?

Please take the other edge

Ah yeah! The question just now...

It's alright, everything's alright!


It'll smooth out one way or another!!


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smooth out!

Yeah! Let's enjoy life!

Such simplicity might be what's important.

For myself

For someone's sake

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I'm going to straightforwardly do the things that I can do for now, one at a time.

Let's walk together until the station.



Thanks for your hard work.

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Keiko, you can go ahead...

Sana, go for it!!


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Wh...what are you still doing here at such an hour?

You did?

That's unexpected.

Yeah, it's quite troubling since I'm not really that skilled with things.

I entered the action committee today.

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It's going to be alright if it's you.


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See you tomorrow!

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See you tomorrow!

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Sensei, thank you for teaching me such irreplaceable feelings.

We're not that strong enough

that's why such sorrowful things took place.

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I wonder if there are people whom I've hurt without noticing

I also wonder if I've been forgiven by them

I'm going to help others

and I'll offer them my support.

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I want to believe that

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in the future, I'll be a person

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that is just like Tsuzuki-sensei.

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I'm going to introduce the new teacher so please gather around.



I just have changed my post from Otowa special school, I'm Yayoi Sana.

(Special school for children with disabilities)

I'm in charge of the special education cl@ssroom in the south building. I'm very thankful that you've all come together to welcome me.

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No way... Tsuzuki-sensei...

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