Honey come honey

Chapter 45

From Chibi Manga:Mitsu is a high schooler who looks cute and fluffy, but on the inside? The first day of her transfer, she meets a popular guy with a mysterious weapon. She's scared of him but she knows his secret?

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Seriously, this child is...

I really can't do anything about you...

Kumagaya-kun misunderstands the relationship between Mitsu and Itsuki!?

Shiraishi Yuki

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Hug me tighter...

Yeah, yeah.


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Kumagaya Yuuto!

I'd really hope for you to tell me just what is happening.

Who are you? That's Mitsu's room, isn't it?

This person is Mitsu's...

What is happening...

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Even though you're seeing it already?

She's tired so she fell asleep

I'm sorry but I'm hanging up now.

Hehe, I won't be appeased if I don't tease at least this much.

Try to figure that out for some time

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Call ended

I saw that I answered an incoming call but I don't remember anything.

Eventually, I was not able to talk to Kumagaya-kun yesterday.

Was that an error?


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Why are you here?

I brought these.


I was thinking whether you're okay from yesterday.

I was thinking whether you're okay from yesterday.

This is a lot...

Worrying and even paying me a visit, you're quite loyal.

Do you think I'm loyal to anyone?

You're the only one that's S.P.E.C.I.A.L. ☆

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You're saying that again.

Mitsu, a leaf is stuck on your hair.

Look, it's here...

Ah, where?

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How about school!?

Why are you here!?

After school ended I immediately got on the Shinkansen.

Today is a weekday, though.

No way...

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Because I wanted to see you.

The feel of his arms through his shirt.



He's smell

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It's not a dream...

Me too

I've wanted to see you so badly!


Don't flirt in this kind of place.



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Ah that's right, let me introduce you two.

This person is Saihara Itsuki.

We were in the same school before.

I'm her girlfriend.

Thaaanks for yesterday as well.



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Huh? What's with this serious mood?

Let's not talk while standing. How about we go to a nearby shop?

Also what's with yesterday?

I'll just get my bag.

Were you anxious?

I know you thought she was with a guy.

You say that you came here because you wanted to see her but

But didn't you really came here to check on her because you were worried that there's a guy getting close to her?

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It just means that you don't trust her, don't you.

hate you.

I really do

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What do you want to eat?


Where should we go?


Waaah that looks good.

Eat as much as you would like.

I bought a crepe. Let's eat it together.

Even though you've come to meet Mitsu, I'm sorry but

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I won't let you be alone with her.

Mitsu, come here for a bit.

It's cute~


I think it will look good on you.

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Give it to me, I'll put it on you.

Don't move.




He's really close...

It's been so long so I'm quite nervous.

Okay, I've put it on.

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So cute.


Thank you...

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Mitsu, if it's a hair clip you want, don't you think this looks better?

She likes ribbons so it's definitely this one.

I know it.

I know it.

Lately she prefers things with lace and it suits her as well so it's definitely this one.

Mitsu, which do you like more!?


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I'm good for now.

Both of it is cute but



You like cute things, right?

*rub rub*

That's true but

I have this so I'm good.

The hairpin I made...

Isn't that the one you always carry?

The handmade one by your boyfriend.

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This one is more modern and besides that one is kind of childish, isn't it?

I made that one long ago so I can't really deny that.

It's really cute but

The hairpin that Kumagaya-kun made is really the best.

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I see...

Sorry, even though you picked it for me.

Well then, there's nothing I can do.

It's alright, no need to think about it!

...Such bad atmosphere.

I'm sorry, my mom is calling me.

Wait for a bit.

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Isn't that good. You were told that that hairpin is the best.

But isn't it embarr@ssing that you're fighting off a friend?

You maybe her friend


I won't hold back against a friend who looks at her so intently.


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You love her don't you?

I may be wrong, but

the way you look at her

shows that she's more than just a friend for you.

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Is it wrong for me to like her?

So what?

Do you think it's strange for a girl to like another girl?

There's nothing I can do if I fell in love with her, right?


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Yeah, I understand since I also like her.

Haa? Don't speak of it like we’re in the same situation!

What is different?

I can't restrain anyone from liking her.

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Anyone can like anyone

But even though you're serious about her, I think it's unfair that you're pretending that you just see her as a friend then touch her and kiss her.

If you do that to the person I like,

I'll do everything I can to stop that.

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Whether it's a man

or a woman.

I'm sorry for making you two wait.

More importantly, I was thinking that I won't be able to forgive the person that Mitsu is in a relationship with.

What would be good to eat

What were you talking about?

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It took a lot of courage to say that I like her but

It's troublesome if he just easily accepted it like this...

I need to go back now to make it to the Shinkansen schedule.

But it's just been an hour!?

Kumagaya Yuuto

The person that Mitsu chose

I don't like it, but I'm no match against him.

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