Toshokan Sensou - Love & War Bessatsu Hen

Chapter 45

The new series will continue to follow the lives of Iku and Dōjō, as well as Tezuka, Shibasaki, Komaki, Marie, and others.

Language: English


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Lovely matching dress code for the Library Forces

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We've already gathered plenty of recordings, so I don't need to connect you anymore, right?

That's right.

Thank you for your @ssistance!

I won't connect you anymore but...

...I'll continue recording the calls for now, just in case.

Sorry for the trouble!

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It's fine. It's my job to protect the people at the dormitory.

So cheer up, Shibasaki!

A few days after I blocked the incoming calls on my cell phone ...

...suspicious calls for me have started coming to the phone at the dormitory.

Normally, the dorm mother would cut the calls immediately, but she didn't do so this time.

Who is this?


She did so, because we don't know what might lead us to the culprit.

She answered the phone, wrote down the date and time of the each call and recorded it.

I only thought of her as a gentle dorm mother.

Where in Tokyo can we meet?

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Yet, she asked for a recording device and always kept it on hand.

All for the safety of the people at the dormitory...

I thought I knew everything about the people at the base.


I'm not so convinced anymore.


We have a request.

I'm coming.

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Thank you for taking care of the reading room on my behalf!

No worries!

I intended to go to the reading room and find the culprit myself.

I was so lucky. There was this handsome patron today.


Geez, you sure are something!

I didn't want to continue depending on the people around me.

Eventually, the work in the archive and at the back increased.

I don't go to the reading room anymore.

But I think this way is fine.

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"Even if you don't have outstanding capabilities, there are people who like you for who you are."

This time, I'll rely on the people around me...

...and simply wait for the solution to come.

This situation won't last forever.

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It's fine this way. Right, Tezuka?

Excuse me!

Is Shibasaki here?

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What is it? We don't have an appointment for lunch today, do we?

Atsushi is going to Instructor Komaki's place to drink.

I came to make an appointment for tonight.

It's been a while since we last ate hotpot at home, just you and me.

It's not the season for hotpot yet, you know?


The hotpot is delicious even cooled down, you know?

The supermarket?

I'll pick you up after work to go to the supermarket and buy the ingredients.

Going out...

It's gonna be fine, cause I'll be with you.

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You haven't been going out lately, except for visiting Mr Hiraga at the police department.

That's not good for you.

I got it.

Wait a second, Kasahara, that's too much!

How many chicken balls do you want to make?

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Huh? When Atsushi and I make hotpot we always take this much meat.

I'm not a fighter like your husband. So put that back!

It's fine. If it's good, I'll make hotpot tomorrow too. Let's buy more!

The Dojo household sure spends a lot on food!

T/N: The literal translation would be: "The Engel's coefficient (a.k.a. proportion of one's income spent on food, google it for more details) in Dojo's household is crazy."

I need to stop by the dormitory for a bit.

Long time no see, Kasahara.

No, I mean Ms Dojo.

Sorry for not visiting, dorm mother!

You're living close by, so come show your face from time to time.

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Shibasaki Asako

Mizushima Kumiko


I'm going to have dinner at Kasahara's place. I'll return before the curfew.

I'm still not on good terms with that girl.

This should do...

But if I don't leave her a message that I'll be late, she'd worry.

Thanks for waiting!

Don't drink too much, Atsushi!

Long time no see, Dojo.

See you later!

Oh, instructor Dojo!

Sorry for intruding today!

Don't worry! Take your time!

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What is Instructor Dojo really like as a husband?



Weeell, he scolds me a bit too much, but how should I put it?

What do you mean by "cute"?

At work he's strict, but at home he's cute.

Wah, you speak so fondly of him!

Well, for example...

Recently, while I was taking a bath...

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...I heard a noise coming from the room. The ground shook too.


I rushed to the room...


What happened?!

...and saw Atsushi who had fallen beside the bed.

He was watching a gymnast or something on TV.

It seems that guy did a standing backflip.

And he wanted to try that too. On the bed.

T/N: Good thing he didn't break his neck with this attempt!

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He managed to do it but...

Wouldn't you normally call that "stupid"?

...the spring of the bed bounced when he landed.




He hit his back hard after getting bl0wn off.

Wasn't that cute?

And even though it must have hurt immensely, he insisted that he was okay.

It doesn't hurt.

T/N: You don't say!

In agony


I was angry with him at first. I told him off about how dangerous it was.

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Geez! To be able to call that cute, you must be head over heals in love with him!


Huh? You think?

I'm certain!

Thereafter, he said he was fine and didn't ask me for help.

I see, I see.

He secretly tried to put a compress on his back by himself.

But, as expected, he couldn't.

In the end, I ended up sticking it on for him.


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How nice!

I also want to... blessed with such happiness.

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You will be.

You definitely will.

Just don't give in.

Now, drink, drink!

I especially bought Shibasaki's favorite sake.

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Komaki Mikihisa

Is this why you called us here?



There are a few things I discovered.


Is this the room @ssignment list of the male dormitory?

Yes. Only the section of the non-commissioned officers.

Now, if you mark the rooms of the members to whom the photos were sent...'ll notice that there's at least one person in each non-commissioned officer's room that received a photo.


Not a single room was missed.

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Each year new troop members enter this dormitory.

It's impossible for an outsider to distribute the pictures to all the rooms without leaving a single non-commissioned officer out.

What I mean is...

...this was done by someone on the inside.

Wa-wait a second!

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If he lives in a quadruple or a double room, he couldn't have made those photos without being discovered by his roommates.

Even if he's married, it's difficult to do those things in secret.

Then, he must be either a superior officer living by himself or a troop member living nearby, or a married person. It can't be someone from the dormitory...

Since there are a few troop members who are single and don't live in the dormitory, we need to get the facts straight.

I don't want to believe that a married person could do such a thing.

There's one department of the Library Forces whose troop members can't move into the dormitory.

And we don't need to be suspicious of superior officers or married people...

In the first place, that guy must be obsessed with Shibasaki and cannot be someone from the dormitory.

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The backup organization indispensable to the Library Forces.

The Logistical Support Department.

It mainly outsources tasks to general trading companies.

Its members are treated as @ssociate troop members and have the authority to manage personnel affairs for those companies.

The Logistical Support Department!

If it's someone from the Logistical Support Department, he can easily get his hands on the @ssignment of the rooms.

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So, if we explain the circumstances to the company...


For the sake of their reputation, they'll pin down the culprit.

Since the company's investigative capacity has been corrupted...

...they'll surely... right away


This is already...

Shibasaki will...


At last!

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At last...

She'll be safe, no...?

When Shibasaki comes back...

Can I tell her that?

Go ahead!

But keep being on guard until this has settled!

I will...

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We'll report to the troop members tomorrow.

Dojo, you should slowly head back. It will soon be past the dormitory's curfew.

I don't know for the Dojo household though.

Cut it!

Oh my, your beloved wife is calling you to return home.

Atsushi "♥"

You should seriously cut it out!

h*llo, it's me.




That reminds me, I haven't drank this yet.

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Tezuka, don't drink it!

Calm down!

Speak slowly!

Who's on the phone? What happened?

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Shibasaki wanted to return before the curfew sounded, but it seems she is not back yet.

Iku says, she sent her off at 10:30 pm.

T/N: So why didn't Iku send Shibasaki off to the dormitory building?

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Go open the conference room in the shared area!

I'll call the captain.

Hey, Tezuka, what happened?

I'll tell you tomorrow.

The senior on the night shift

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I need a car! Doesn't matter what kind of, just not a combat vehicle.




Ah, excuse me!

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I'm in a hurry so...

I heard what you said.

Please, take me with you!

I'm worried for Ms Shibasaki!

If I remember correctly...

She's Shibasaki's roommate...

She might be of use.

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Get in!



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