Toshokan Sensou - Love & War Bessatsu Hen

Chapter 44

The new series will continue to follow the lives of Iku and Dōjō, as well as Tezuka, Shibasaki, Komaki, Marie, and others.

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Being alone, I lose myself in thought tonight.

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That was the last straw.


You might look mature, but you're awfully cruel.

I've had enough.

What are you driving at when you ask me about what happened today?

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What kind of photos spread where, you already asked your friends, right?

Still, what are you saying to ME who managed to live through this day and to finally return to her room?

I can't help but be reminded of what happened.

With such face and voice, you're only feigning to be worried?!


You want me to believe you're really worried?!

I'm not feigning.

I really am...

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I'm returning worn out...

...and might not want to recall the events of today.

Haven't you thought about not mentioning that story?

Haven't you thought about that?

After all, we aren't that close to be frank and complain to each other, no?

I'm closer with my colleagues than I am with you.

And earlier in the cafeteria they behaved the same as usual without mentioning a thing about that story.

If you had rather asked "Would you check my plan, Ms Shibasaki". If you hadn't brought up that story.

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If that was the case, then I'd have believed you were worried!

Too bad but even if you cry I don't think I did anything wrong.

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The cruel things I said to you...

You aren't worried.

...were due to you starting to rub salt in the wound.

You just want to show concern out of kindness.


If I stay here any longer I might say some more cruel stuff, so...

I'll go out for now.

I'm glad to know you have some consideration for me at least.

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*door closes*



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The younger troop members who were here until just now disappeared.

They're feeling guilty.


That must be why they've left.


No matter how I look at it, it's ludicrous.

Did something happen?

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Nothing in particular.

I made my delicate roommate cry, so I couldn't stay there any longer and simply left.

But looks like it was a bad idea as I cause trouble for the people in the lobby.

You don't have to say such nasty things about yourself in front of me.

I can understand the situation.

You're too kind.

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I'm returning this to you for now.

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Be sure to keep it close!

The amulet I gave him before?

Huh? Why are you giving this to me now?

"Is this a bribe?"

I'm giving it to you only temporary. I wanna have it back, once this story is over, because it's mine.

Attach it to your phone or put it in your pocket!

No way! Such a lame strap.

You were the one who gave me that as a present!


...why are you giving me this amulet?

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It's a state of emergency​.

And it'd be good if God keeps watch over you too.

Huh? God?

That's not like you.


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*door closes*

I'm sorry! I wasn't considerate enough. I will be more careful from now on.


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I also said too much. I'm sorry!

Well, it was tough.

Ms Shibasaki, that Okumura gave us a curt refusal.

When my subordinate and I went to get some information...

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Generally speaking, the father welcomed us with a fearsome att1tude ...

My son has nothing to do with that woman anymore.

Stop calling him a stalker!

That was just a mistake of a young man who went too far in his attempts to find love.

For that woman to be victimized that often, she must be really licentious.

The things this time can't be done by Okumura alone.

Shibasaki, you think it's Okumura?

My son has nothing to do with this!

Yet with a father like that it seems too risky for Okumura to hire someone to har@ss you.

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Perhaps he thought: "You aren't a woman fit for me...

Okumura's a calculating man.

...and I've lost interest in you, so I quit."

He thinks he could live his life as he wishes thanks to his father's @ssistance and that he shouldn't be running any risks.

As he's very prideful...

How dare he?!

...he might have grasped the facts of me rejecting him differently in his head.

I haven't seen him since.

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As for the lingerie shop...

We contacted the shop you regularly go to, but they don't seem to remember such a man appearing.

We weren't able to gather any useful information.


Thank you for your effort!

We look forward... seeing you again.

Thank you!

As I don't know what the stalker looks like...

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...I can't stop feeling scared and stressed-out.


Don't worry! I fixed it.

I just made a typo.

Shibasaki, let's go have lunch!

Teach us how to improve our styling today as well, teacher Shibasaki!

Nevertheless, I'm still standing.

After all...

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I have these people by my side.


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An unknown number...



How much do you want?




Where can we meet?


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You have a beautiful body.

How about your face?

Excuse me!

I'm going out for a moment.

Second conference room


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I'm sorry for calling you so suddenly!

Before I explain, I want you to first listen to something.

I'll turn on my phone.



How about 30 000? T/N: 30 000 JPY = 280 USD


Send me an unedited face photo of yourself! I'll raise the price.


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Who are you?

Are you pulling my leg? Weren't you lonely?

Didn't you write you wanted to be messed up no matter by whom?

How do you know my phone number?

T/N: This becomes even more disgusting.

Where did I write that again?


On that online dating website...


There it is.

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Name: Asako

I'm lonely. If you're from the Tokyo area, we can meet right away. I want to be messed up, no matter by whom.

My real name...And my phone number too...

The mosaic effect covering the face can be taken off at any time... This is nothing less than an ultimatum.

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How about we have the Tokyo police department ask the website to delete this?


That might only provoke the doer.

Shibasaki's real face and personal details have been disclosed.

Even if the doer gets arrested, the damage to her personal life is enormous.

We can take it down after we'd secured the culprit.

I'll record some calls as evidence and then block all numbers except for registered ones.

Agh, damn!

Please do so.

*scratch scratch*

In the end...

For now, I'll consult Hiraga.

Tezuka, Kasahara, come with me!


...even if we go to the Tokyo police department, this won't change anything.

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There's no end to this profound darkness I fell into.

Do you want something to drink?


I'd prefer an ice cream.

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...not fine at all.

It's because of the help of the people around me.

But you're properly hanging on.

You included.

Hey, this is not your fault.

I've learned my lesson this time.

That person is playing dirty..

I'm useless.

Of course it is not my fault... That's not what I meant.

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I thought I could do everything by myself.

Then use this chance to thoroughly analyze the situation.

That's why I said I was useless.

It isn't bad that you have weaknesses.

Everyone does.


If that's what you meant, I agree.

Don't add insult to injury!

Even if you don't have outstanding capabilities, there are people who like you for who you are.

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Kasahara, your colleagues, everyone wants to get along with you.

It's not because you're competent.

They like you because you're a nice person.

What are you?! Saying such things with a straight face?

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I don't want to be told that by someone who can't speak with a straight face and be honest.


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