Toshokan Sensou - Love & War Bessatsu Hen

Chapter 43

The new series will continue to follow the lives of Iku and Dōjō, as well as Tezuka, Shibasaki, Komaki, Marie, and others.

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They always come running to help a friend in danger.

That's the Library Task Force.

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We knew it was a collage, but it was so well we unintentionally...

Unintentionally, my *ss!


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You hear me, you b*stards!

After visiting the Tokyo Police Department we returned to the base.

And by then, the whole story about how the photos got spread had come out.

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...the photos were distributed randomly to the subordinate male soldiers.

...none of them reported this to their superior officer.

Even if they make excuses now that the photos were in a sealed letter and they thought it was a direct mail,

She's part of the Library Team!


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Furthermore, she's a woman being humiliated...

*punch* an unknown stalker through these photos!

And you're just standing there and watching! That's outrageous!



Those who got their beating, start running!

Don't you dare stop! Only pauses for drinking water are allowed!


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I'll take over.







You can't!


Please, allow me to apologize to Third Cl@ss Librarian Shibasaki!


Me too.

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If you want to apologize to Shibasaki, then you should diligently attend to your duties!

That's the only way of winning back her confidence in you!

From a woman's viewpoint, this is a matter that should not be mentioned further.

From now on, all of you are forbidden from bringing up this topic in front of Third Cl@ss Librarian Shibasaki!

Reception room

*knock knock*

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Shibasaki, thank you for waiting.

We're coming in.


Once again...

Did you manage to sleep a bit?

Yeah, thank you.

...we're sorry for this situation.

You don't need to apologize.

You two haven't done anything wrong.

The manipulated photos have come into the hands of more than a hundred male soldiers.

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So many people have been affected by this matter.

Hiding it was already impossible.

News of what happened to me has spread throughout the base.

These are all the photographs.

3 versions. 412 photos in total.


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...would you like me to take care of the evidence?

I cannot bear to keep these with me.

Please do.

But how did the culprit knew the cl@ss and name of the troop members?

What about the sizes?

Does anyone other than those at the lingerie shop have information about them?

Direct mail arrives at the dormitory and the official residence.

So perhaps he made use of such back-channel.

Even Kasahara doesn't know my exact measures.

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But I on the other hand know Kasahara's sizes.

Are you seriously going back to work?


It's me who tells her what to try on and to buy when at the shop.


Instructor Dojo's taste...

Kyaa! Stop it!


You should leave early today.

The grueling methods of demon Kasahara are reputed.

No way!


The low-rank soldiers of all departments must be exhausted right now. None of them will be at the library.

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First Cl@ss Librarian Dojo asked you just now but...


Can't you think of anyone from your past?

I don't like the idea of my boyfriend giving me underwear as a present.

And I haven't been in a relationship since I graduated university. It sure has been a long time.

I'll come at closing time.

If you decide to leave early, just give me a call.

Under these circumstances, we better take precautions.


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This time we don't know who's behind this.

So we better be careful!


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It's the second time.




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I won't admit defeat.


I won't turn into a frightened, defenseless woman.

I apologize for going out when it is so busy here.

Well, let's get back to work!

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Among the people I work with, he's the only one similar to me.

I'll show that man that I'm a woman worth of being protected by him.

We look forward to seeing you again.

t1tle: Actress

It's closing time.

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And that's how things are. This is what I've been put through.

I might cause inconvenience for the library once again.

I'm sorry for putting you through this trouble.



Ms Shibasaki is a beautiful woman after all.

*sneaks away*

Why is it always Shibasaki...


It's terrible!

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What do you mean by that?

Is it Shibasaki's fault that she's beautiful?!

It was when she was planning to put me, who was an obstacle to her love, and Mr Asahina together.

No, that...I mean...

You're disgusting!


I apologize.

I'm sorry.

But then...

There was a time, when I thought Hirose was irritating.

...with some effort and bargaining, Hirose got the man she loved.

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Hirose... a decent person.

She's not like me.

After all this time, I can't say those words to anyone.

I can't say them.

Right after I enlisted, I fell in love with instructor Dojo.

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I was aware of the relationship between these two.

The instructor was irritated by Kasahara who was obsessed with her prince.

But still...

That's how it has always been. was evident how precious she was to him.

What would it be like, if he had those feelings for me?

I always fall for the guy who likes someone else.

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I know.

I perfunctory put an end to my crush for the man I was wooing.

I was always only watching the dazzling love of other people.

"Won't instructor Dojo reject me?"

I deliberately joked while confessing to him. I even learned how to joke when putting an end to things.

I'm twisted.

How twisted!

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And because I'm twisted...

...that's why there's a twisted person, a stalker, after me, isn't it?

A twisted person being after a twisted person.

That must be the case.

Well done.

Good job today.

Well done.


I'll escort you to the dormitory.

Thank you!

Hey, Tezuka?

I wonder what kind of irregularity happened at that time.

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Do you remember? Three years ago...

I wonder why we kissed at that time.

Troop members cafeteria

T/N: Excuse me??? Do you kiss someone 3-4 times without knowing the reason??? Poor love-struck Tezuka! I hope this arc helps Shibasaki find her answers!

It's zero calories, so...

Shibasaki, let's eat together!

Geez, stop it!


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It must be hard...


Poor her...

I'm back.

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Welcome back!


I can hear her say "I'm worried about you."

I've heard about it...

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Looks like he's showed up again. The stalker, I mean.

Did you hear it from your friends again?


They told me about those awful photos...

That's terrible.

I'm worried...

Talking about...

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...those disgusting photos...


Are you alright?


Isn't it painful?



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What do you mean "isn't it painful"?

I'm sick of it.

It is.

Why are you even asking me this question?

I've had enough of this for today.

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