Mayonaka no Occult Koumuin

Chapter 4


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Angels and Tengu Above the Shinjuku Skyline

When night comes, the door to the Parallel World invites you.

Midnight Occult Civil Servants

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Hmm... As I thought, the problem is...

not caused by humans since there's no traces...

not caused by humans since there's no traces...

not caused by humans since there's no traces...

The phone you're calling is off or out of the service area...

What the...


Then it's the work of an Another, after all...

Let me try Arata...



The phone you're calling...


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It's not like those two would go to rest room together, right?

It's not like those two would go to rest room together, right?

Did they end up in the Parallel World?

There's no way...


No, no, no

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It's an iron rule that we should be always stay in contact during working hours.

Kyoichi! Arata!

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What the...

Don't tell me...

They did?

Give them to me.

Give what?

Hey, do you know what she's saying?

She says "Give them to me."

No idea.

No idea.

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What you have... That's not it!

Oh no! Did I make a mistake?

A mistake?

You have nothing.

What about you?

You got nothing to do with this!

Was it then?

It seems you made a contact with this human at the entrace and came with him.

Contact at the entrance?

How many times has this happened? Maybe if you prioritize efficiency, you become less accurate.

Efficiency? Accurate?

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Are you a human? But you can understand what I'm saying?


Oh my!


This is wonderful!

Since you're here, I'd like to talk to you.


I'm talking to a human!

What the... Please wait a minute!

Come on. This way.

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What's with you Gus~ You weren't answering your phones.

She got him!

I'm back...?

And here I am thinking you might have gone to the Parallel World.

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Come to think of it, where's Arata?

An Another dragged Arata into her space.

...I think he's inside the Parallel World.

While I was left here.




I've made a mistake...!


No way...

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Where is this...

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The sky is red...

With this...

We can start a conversation.

Oh my?

I'm going to take a look before the pathway closes.

Could you wait for a while?


What's this...

Let me see if this time isn't a mistake...

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Isn't this woman a foreigner?

Good. This one is right.

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Things that are originally from this box

Give them back.

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Now, you may return.

It's okay now.

When you wake up

Thank you.

Just as how you came here

You'll be at the place where you truly wished.

Fufufu now the box is filled.

Sorry for making you wait.

It's at it's best when it's not empty, after all.

I have closed the pathways so no one will interrupt us.

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Um... What were you doing?

I'm looking for things that left this box.

I don't think I have something to give you...

Many of those things fell on this place so I came here to gather them.

It's not you but the man next to you.

What he have is a bit different though.

Sorting which human have it and which who don't have.

Only those who have it are sent to me.


I use this trick to sort things out.

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If the one who's sent to me have it, I say "Give them back."


The man next to you holds an immense sense of loss that triggered the pathway.

Huh? (Unconvinced?)

What is this 'thing' that you were looking for?

However, the one I'm looking for is different what what he have.

A different kind of sense of loss?

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The one I'm looking for is the sense of love.

The heartbroken ones.


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We still haven't solved the problem...

And now, the Another is on the move.

I wish I went to the Parallel World!

I hope Arata is fine...

That's it!

Isn't it possible for us to use our smartphone?

Ah! That guy who is posting using his smartphone from Parallel World!


Miyako might be able to use his smartphone too...

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Or not...

...when the Another stared at me...

I tried to call you guys earlier but I can't reach you.

Calling might not work...

Miyako muttered "I made a mistake"

All or nothing... [t/n: this is a card gambling term ichikabachi, maybe Kyouichi is a gambler too.]

Are you ok?

Why is it that it's Arata who got dragged in the Parallel World?

I'm not certain but...

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S-Sense of broken hearts?


This box contains things from bad things, sadness, feelings, diseases and crimes.

I wanted to take a peak but it opened widely.

Long ago, this box contained many things.

Everything inside flew away, one after another.

The sense of love/brokenhearted fell in Asia.

In Asia...

In short, she's sorting out people with 'sense of loss' in love?

To recover and collect them back...?

Excuse me...

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What happens to the human after you recover it?

Haven't you seen it already? That's it.

That foreigner earlier...

...so that means she was also...

The smartphone works!


Sakaki: Are you ok? Arata: Yes

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She's not dangerous

as I have been listening to her.

Um... The things you're looking for...

Why is it on Tocho? [t/n: Tocho = Tokyo Metropolitan Observation Decks]


I'm not knowledgeable about human buildings.

I create my own pathways which meets my own conveniences.

That's why I don't know which is which human's building.

So was it by pure chance...

Does that mean there's many other elevators that's connected to this Parallel World?

That woman earlier... She's not a tourist after all...

It's time for me leave Asia.


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In fact, I have recovered a considerable amount of it.

Now then, would you like to join me for a meal? [t/n: this part is guesswork]

....excuse me...

Is it possible for you to stop this?

Using elevators when searching for what you want!


Stop what?

Well... people wanted to use it as a device to go on different places.

It also helps the traffic...

For humans who were troubled...

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Why should I stop looking for what I want for these humans?


There's no other way, right?

W-What's this...?

This conversation is not going anywhere.

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We can't understand each other?

Return already. Your life is more important.

I'm leaving!


What's the hurry?

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I'll this pathway available for you to come back here if you like.

My, that's too bad...

Enter that one. Come back again.

No, it's fine... One last thing, may I know your name?

Humans call me Pandora

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Pandora's.... Box...?

It's a bit sad how this chapter didn't show the extra pages I have read. Anyways, I hope this chapter was satisfying. I'm not good with onomatopoeia so my translation rather lacks sfx, background effects. I'll try to be more deligent in my language.

That Pandora's Box?!

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