Anagura Amélie

Chapter 68

From ShoujoHearts:Messy hair and a resting b1tch face. Being called a "phantom" behind her back doesn't bother her at all. People in love are stupid! Locking herself in her room to watch movies by herself is pure bliss!! That's the kind of "loner life" the heroine Amelie is enjoying to the max. When she learns that Teito (now the most popular guy at school) whose budding feelings for her she trampled on years ago, has actually been in love with her all along, she showcases an unexpected reaction?

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"....Let's put an end to this now."

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To what?


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No!! I don't want to! Not ever!


What is the "end"..? Why..?



...I'll fix myself.

I'll fix everything bad about me.. so..



can't live without you, Teito...

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...Having a change of heart is something that can't be helped.

This.. isn't something to be fixed.

It's also not about who's in the wrong...

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I haven't had a change of heart!

I'll be getting this conversation back on topic..



Ahh- My head hurts- It's been years since I've cried like this.



Don't apologize.


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...Do you want to come beside me?

Okay. Come over here.


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...I want to

be by your side forever...




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..I think

Me too!

that you and me are bound by the red string of fate.

Growing up together, being the same age and mutually in love has to be fate.

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..But you know


strings break.

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...Our red string of fate

it broke....

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...Are you going to deny it again?

"You're wrong."

"I'm not having a change of heart."

"The one I love is Teito."

As much as I hear you say it, I know you're saying it to convince yourself.

And that pains me..

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...It really pains me when

I'm with you.

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...Let's break up


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I want to break up.

(Lying down..)

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I can't breathe.

Ameri~~~!!! How long are you intending to sleep?

Cut it out and get to school already.

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Mommy's worried~ Will you be able to graduate?


Please! At least graduate.


I'm so glad-! Do your best, okay-!!? I'm sure you'll feel better if you meet up with Nori-chan and Monaka-chan!!

Ohh!! That's great!! Are you going to school? Great job!

I'm so glad-

...Where's her uniform?



Isn't she not wearing it? Where is she off to?


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"I wonder what that is?"

"It's a hole across the river."

"I wonder what's inside. Is there anything beyond?"

"Aren't you curious?"

"Do you want to try going?"





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"It's because you're scared of losing me."

a dead end...?

..That's right.

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"You're just attached to me."

I think that's the case.

Because to me, Teito is everything.

Teito is the one who made who I am now.

"Having a change of heart is something that can't be helped."

Having a change of heart is a sin. Because it hurts the person important to you.

...That's why it should disappear.

I don't think that way.

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I should be able

Because, there's no exit or anything.

I would never choose that. I won't choose it.

to erase this sort of feeling.

I wish..

for it to disappear, the sooner..

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This sort of feeling

should just disappear.

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This feeling of

liking Sedou.

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