Boku ni Hana no Melancholy

Chapter 76

From ShoujoHearts:When Hana was a child visiting her mother's grave, she got to know a young boy named Yuzuru. He was Hana's first love. When she heard that he ended up moving away, she thought that it wouldn't be possible to see him anymore, but...?

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[I just wish for happiness.]

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[The more you wish for something, the more your wishes will disagree.]

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"Look for her yourself."

Hana ...


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(calling) Hana Amemiya


[The person you are calling is temporarily not available ...]

[Your call cannot be completed because the number you have dialed is outside the service area or the telephone may be switched off ...]

You want to get off work now?

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I'm sorry ... something urgent came up.

Then, what is it?

Something urgent ...?

No ...

Something like your relative had an accident?

This is not the first time that you say something like that.

You understand that it's impossible if you don't have a good reason, right? Especially since we're really busy today.

... for example, if it's about a woman.

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... yes.

I beg you.

... it's fine, it's fiiine! Just go, Yuzuru!!


I'll do your work instead!!

Hey, Yuri-chan?!

Our store is open, you know?

Why are you crying ...

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That Yuzuru who just treated women like sh*t and threw them away ... that he has really become someone who can say something like that.

I am so deeply moved by that!

A man who thinks about his woman first and not about work is so nice!!

"Devil BAR"?!

... I don't think that I said that he couldn't go.

You can always find another job somewhere else,

I want my former husband to see this!

If you say so and want to go now, then I could make them take you in at the "Devil BAR".

but there's only ONE of that woman!


Come on, hurry up and go.

You shouldn't make a woman wait.

I'll let you work more to compensate for the time.

Yuzuru, good luck!


Thank you!

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... Yuzuru,

he really has changed, right?


where are you?

Hana wanted to come to my workplace,

but in the end she didn't come.

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Did she see Ruka and I being together?

... or was it both?

"... I have no idea what you're talking about?"

Did she meet Ruka?

And then there's what that guy said.

But even so, why have they been together?

With Ruka -

"She fell asleep because she was exhausted from crying."

and Subaru.

... no, that's not what this is about.

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Again -

I have made you cry.

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[slide to turn off the phone]


*zzz ...

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... fuuoooh?!

- a shock during her dream -

Su- ... Subaru-kun?!

... I can't believe that I fell asleep ...?!

I got scared by myself ...


Huh?! You didn't leave ...


Uhm, what time is it now ...

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You stopped crying?

y- ... yes.

I am sorry that you had to see something that shameful ...

Well, then I'll leave the store now.

Eh -

... people are secretly talking about me/us the whole time.


It's annoying.

Eh -

I ... I see. I'm sorry ...

I didn't really took that into consideration earlier,

... but it seems like it was unpleasant for him ...

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... uhm, Subaru-kun -

I have to go to the north entrance at the opposite direction ...

I'd like to have a few words with you.

- since you were a complete bother to me, that's the least you could do.

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Haa ...

Haa ...

Haa ...

[Swimming school]

Haa ...

*thud, thud, thud, ...

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A place where that guy would go to ...

Damn ...

I have no idea about that.

It's useless to look for her without having any clue.

I can't even ask Hana's parents about it.

I wonder what happened to these guys who were fighting just now.

I know, right? That woman was even crying.

If that was her boyfriend, I bet he's kind of abusive as well.

Perhaps they were talking about breaking up? Or some trouble?

So scary -

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Kyaah ...?!

... eh?!

So handsome ...?!

Uhm, what are you ...

Those two, where are they?!

The two people you saw having a fight!

Eh, ah! Earlier ... uhm ...


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They were sitting upstairs in a hamburger shop in front of the train station.

Ah, but they left at the same time as we did,

Station ...

so they're probably not there anymore.

We went to the opposite direction ... they went to the north entrance, but that's all I can say ...

The station ... the north entrance?

Isn't this the way to Hana's house?

... no, you really helped me out.

Did they go to another place?

The north entrance ...? The north entrance is ...-

These two together?

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... that can't be.

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There's a river under the highway ...


*looks around

Well ...

Uhm, Subaru-kun, what's this place ...?

... this is where I died.


"Died" ... you say ...?!

Eh ...?!

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I died here.

You heard about it, didn't you?

The thing about Yuzuru and me.

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... I am sorry ...!

Up until now ...

I have been really inconsiderate towards you.

I know ... that I have said a lot of things that must've hurt your feelings, Subaru-kun.

... forgive me.

... and ...

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... I also want to apologize on Yuzuru-kun's behalf ...

... I also know that you know about us.

Yuzuru ...

I know that it's not really my place to say something like this,

but ...

even so, I can't say nothing either ...

I'm sorry ...

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I ... have never experienced something like that.

"Being in the water is nice."

"You can be free as long as you want to."

... then, ...

It is much more serious than I could ever imagine ...

it makes me want to swim ...

When I remember your words about being in your own world in the water, Subaru-kun,

... I'm sorry, I said some unnecessary things again ...

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... it might have been -

like this.

Subaru-ku- ...

HANA ...

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Yuzuru-kun ...?

- to be continued on May 20th -

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