Boku ni Hana no Melancholy

Chapter 75

From ShoujoHearts:When Hana was a child visiting her mother's grave, she got to know a young boy named Yuzuru. He was Hana's first love. When she heard that he ended up moving away, she thought that it wouldn't be possible to see him anymore, but...?

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[The fact that Yuzuru-kun* loves me is causing pain for him.]

The tears won't stop. That hand that's pulling me is ...?

*T/N: there was some kind of misunderstanding because of Yuzuru/Yudzuru ... first I went with Yudzuru because the original translator did and I wanted to keep going with that and because it's more western-like, but the right form is Yuzuru, so I'll switch to that and hope everyone's satisfied ;)

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"From what point of view are you saying that?"

"The lucky Hana-chan; the Hana-chan with a pure heart."

"Who asked you to do so?"

"You always think that you're doing the right things."

I don't think that this way would be so much better, but is it really that hopeless?

After all I'm just a happy-go-lucky person.

"You're unaware of the fact that you're hurting people and rip them into pieces."

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I thought that whatever would happen, everything will be okay as long as we love each other.

- and I still believe in that.

"Hana-chan, that kindness of yours; and the love Yuzuru feels for you ... it's causing emotional pain for Yuzuru at the same time."

... but if that's true,

then I -...

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Su- ...

Subaru-kun ...

Uhm ...

thank you very mu- ...

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150 yen.


A fast-food restaurant ...


Eh?! Ah?!

Y- ... yes.


We already went in before I could notice that Subaru-kun took me with him ...

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*whisper, whisper

Eh, did he make her cry? Are they having a fight?

What a scary guy ...

... Subaru-kun ... I wonder why he brought me to this place.

I-I'm sorry!

I'm a bother to you, Subaru-kun ...

He knows about the relationship between Yuzuru-kun and me, right ...?


And just now ... he must've heard the conversation I had with Ruka-san.


Even though ... I did some awful things to Subaru-kun.

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... I'm sorry.

I'm ...

really sorry ...

These are a lot, huh?

A lot of "sorry's".

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I am sorry ...

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... your little brother,

Hikaru-kun ...?

He'll show you how he's doing breaststroke swimming.

he's very enthusiastic.

Su- ... Subaru-kun, what did you think of him when you saw him?!

What do you mean?

Do you think Hikaru-kun has a sense for swimming?!

I don't know.

But like this,

I think he's motivated the most.

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I know, right?

but is it okay for you to be going out like this now, Subaru-kun?

You were in the middle of work at the swimming school, right?



well ... this is probably not something for me to say,

I'm sorry for being such an inconvenience ...

... then, you could pay an hourly share.


If I'd have any money ...

... it's fine.

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That place -

was expected to fail from the start,

so it doesn't matter.

Expected to fail ...?

... so he really can't swim anymore because of that injury and yet his family is running that school.

But there are a lot of people and it's popular ...

That must be hard ... I guess ...

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... but that's not good either.

Hikaru-kun ... and his friends as well, are always looking forward to be taught by you, Subaru-kun.

I think they would be very sad and lonely if you're gone.

Ah, but if there's something else you'd like to do, Subaru-kun, then I guess it's inevitable ...


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*step, step, ...

... is he going back now after all ...?

The tea ...


It's cold ...

It's already past 8 pm ...

I should calm down a little more and go home after that.

I'm feeling mentally exhausted.

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Crying so much like that takes a lot of physical strength.

I'm so tired.

... ah,

now that I'm alone again,

I remember it again ...

To get hurt,

to hurt someone -

just how many times again will that happen after that?

How often is this going to repeat until it finally ends?

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"I'm sorry."

That woman ...



"I'm really sorry."

Perhaps she knows about the thing between Yuzuru and me.

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That woman said some dirty things.

"... just who do you think you are?"

And this is all about Yuzuru.

Does he have the right to say that?

"Don't get close to Hana."

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*clatter, clatter

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Ah ...

... I'm sorry.


Please be careful.



Hey, Yuzuru. Is everything okay?

[Dad will accompany Hikaru-kun to his swimming lessons today.]

[Uhm, this may be a bit sudden, but I have some refreshments for you and I'm coming to your workplace now to give it to you.]


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Did she come here?

*ring, ring, ...

*ring, ring, ...

*bzz, ...

*bzz, ...

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*... ring



Where are you now ...

Hana? I'm sorry, I just checked my phone.

She's sleeping right now.

Could it be that you came here?

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That voice.

... why do you have Hana's phone?

Who's that ...?

... you can't tell?

Is Hana ...-

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She fell asleep because she was exhausted from crying.

This can't be, right?

Just how stupid is this woman?

... tired because of crying ...?

Why ... what did you do ...

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... I have no idea what you're talking about.

She's beyond saving.

"It's not your fault either."

... where is Hana now?


Where she is?

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Look for her yourself.

*duut, ...

*duut, ...

- to be continued -

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