Hananoi-kun to Koi no Yamai

Chapter 13

Because he was given an umbrella during a snowy day, Hananoi-kun confess his love to her…!? Where does that love go?! This is a clumsy and dramatic love story. By Nozomi Scanlation

Language: English


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The day to be a real "boyfriend and girlfiend" has came

the development of their relationship is starting

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the one who approached grade schooler Hananoi-kun is...?

hey young boy

alone by yourself again, huh?

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why are you even gloomier today?

mom and dad... they promised to come back home next week, but apparently that's not gonna happen

I see

well they're doctors, so there must be a lot happening...

I wonder if they don't care about me...

well, you also need to take things slowly

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your parents are doing what they want to do without caring, so you can also do that

go find a person who is more important than your parents

a person who's more important than mom and dad..?

yeah, it's called your fated one!

on the other side, I was too nonchalant that my parents were the one cutting our connection

my life turned completely different after I met my wife

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the fated one...


so how is it? You got any crush from your school?

good luck, young boy. Because,

your life is only starting

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*alarm sounds

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this bakery probably matches Hotaru-chan's taste, I'll bring her there next time

yeah... even the crust is delicious

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Hinase Hotaru

good morning Hotaru-chan


were you able to sleep?

I went to bed at 8 so I won't knocked out from lack of sleep

Isn't that too much??? It's a good thing to go to bed early though...

it still feels like a dream...

I am in love

with Hananoi-kun

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I want to meet Hotaru-chan quickly

I might be too early...

this book here we have it in stock, please wait a minute

"Let's meet again in the future" Even if your appearance had changed, I'd fall for you again for thousand times... A miracle of reincarnation love story

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Thank you for your purchase

Manager! I told you that this employee haven't been around for 3 months already

even if you say so, there's nothing we can do

lots of student quitting around this time

oh.. she's coming

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sorry to make you wait!

Good morning Hananoi-kun!

today is also dazzling...

speaking about that, there's a restaurant with Doria as their specialty around here

where should we go to eat lunch?

Doria?? sounds good

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sorry.. you don't like it?

No! I am just not used to it yet so it surprised me

it's not even the first time

but it makes me shy thinking that we are dating

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then, one more time

I'm happy

I'm way too happy that I can't believe it

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Now that we already went through the trial date and officially become a couple,

Let's talk about the policies!


Just like what we talked about before, regarding the different set of values that we need to face when dating

so cute

Hananoi-kun, if you'd like to, I want you to tell me at least what you're not into.

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of course probably I can't fulfill all

but both the things that you hate and love

are equally important

well, it's to sudden... I can't think of any

how about Hotaru-chan?

me?? uhmm... I....

hmmm don't commit a crime???

well if it's a crime, of course I won't...

I'm so sorry! I really don't think Hananoi-kun would do something like that!

It's something that I planned myself but nothing came out...

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I need time to think of it, is that okay?

to think about it, today is supposed to be our first date right?

of course!

sorry to bringing up this talk

let's have fun for today!


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look! that latte art is so cute!

but we just ate...

I met Hananoi-kun's grandma at the store and had a tea together

speaking about latte..

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perhaps her place is close to my house?

well I don't think it's close though...

oh, Hananoi-kun used to live with grandma right?

I was so nervous because it was like an interview, but she is a kind grandmother


Can I go there to see around for a moment??

Kyo-chan birthday is next month, so I wanna see around

accessories shop?

she said something about wanting the necklace from here

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she said she wants this stuff

why are those rings are lined up by two?

they are in pairs

why are you so surprised?

a pair??

would you like to try it on?

uhh, no. I'm not suitable for this kind of thing...

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not at all...

Why don't you try it while you're here?

if you put the ring together with the pair, there'll be a heart on it

how is it Hotaru-chan?

it feels strange!!

strange huh?

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maybe the simple one would be better

excuse me, is this stuff supposed to be worn by couples?

we're still in high school though...

A lot of students buying them too.

But we are just going out recently, don't you think it'll be strange?

is that so?

I think it's a wonderful thing to express the feeling to a real shape.


I've been thinking that you got me a scarf for christmas but I haven't given you anything in return

so you like it after all?

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if you'd like to, I want it to be a gift for you

huh? but at that time Hananoi-kun even paid for the amusement park ticket...

that was for Hotaru-chan's birthday so it's a completely different thing

please come again..

*about 150 USD

let's see around one more time...!!

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as I thought maybe not yet... how sad

after all she's not used to accessories, so maybe a ring after going out is too heavy for her

just forget it...

at least right now we are having plenty of fun

If I push too much, she'll be crept out

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you are holding in what you wanna say yet again

little boy

just let it out occasionally


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I did it...

I'm almost there~

Ok, I'm inside a coffee shop in front of the gate

Hotaru-chan where are you?

I lost her


Hotaru-chan, where are you?

sorry, seems like I got separated from you

missed call

why don't you pick up the phone? Are you okay?

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found you!

I'm sorry! Seems like I keep missing the places that Hananoi-kun went

ah, I got so many messages! I'm so sorry!

I'm glad...

I was supposed to stay at one place!

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I'm glad that she's not leaving because the date didn't go well.

no! actually...

Me as well. I didn't realize we got separated...

I was stopping at this shop...

the rings here aren't that expensive

and even though they don't have pair rings, we can find the ones with similar design

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huh?? the price?

n-no, I am happy to receive such a gift, but it's your parents' money right??


I feel bad if I am to receive an expensive gift bought with your allowance which comes from your parents

well... I briefly done part time job since last year until I am going out with Hotaru-chan

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AAHH! I'm so sorry!!! I did something so rude!

it's fine! it's really fine!

so you are okay with pair rings?

even if I think I am in love

somehow... I think that it's nice when it becomes to a shape..

it still feels like fleeting

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I might got scolded by Hananoi-kun

but when the boundary between a friend and a lover becomes v*gue,

I will be reminded whenever I see the ring

that we are dating

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I said something embarr@ssing


Really? I'm glad!

I also want pair rings

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I wanted a proof, that this moment is not a dream

apparently it was okay

to let it out

*about 12 USD (wtf, still expensive)

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it's my first time wearing a ring... I can't calm down

taking a picture with pair rings, don't tell me we are the so called dumb couple?

I'm happy that you're aware of it

Hotaru-chan, it won't be good if you move too much

Look at the camera and take a pose!

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don't mind me.. because maybe I'm

a little too excited

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me too

Ha.. Hana-

Actually ever since Hotaru-chan said that you like me back, I feel in bliss

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Hotaru-chan, the talk about what I'm not into from before...

oh, you think about something already?

I want you to stay, and don't leave me

I will also

try not to stray away from you this time

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are you really that concerned about that??

that's why

I have one favor...

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I will...

try my best

so, you guys from late shift

let's start the briefing

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from now on a new kid just got hired, so please welcome him

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