Asahi-senpai no Okiniiri

Chapter 15

High schooler Matsuri has an unexpected encounter with her brother’s friend, Asahi-sempai, who also happens to be a popular boy at her school. From then on, Asahi-sempai makes p@sses at her at school or even at her own house! Wherever Matsuri might be, there’s just no escaping him … Every day with the somewhat perverse Asahi-sempai is an unbelievably stimulating experience for Matsuri, and she can’t help but be flustered!! This is the long-awaited first volume of an intimate love story, featuring a sweet and playful sempai!

Language: English


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What am I pretending to do...

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What was that!?

Let’s see, I was waiting for my hair to dry, I started getting sleepy, and I felt someone getting near

that Was...

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A dream..?


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How wil I face him

Good morning

Today you slept in?

I wanted to take you to school but today I have a meeting so I have to leave

G-good morning...

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Haru is acting the same as ever..

Breakfast is made

There you have it so eat quickly and head onto school

Well then, I’m heading out

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It seems that yesterday

Was my imagination

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Do I greet him?


He’s alone



They got ahead of me..

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Through the emergency stairs?

How far is he thinking of going


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Stalker captured


It doesn’t matter

It’s not what it seems

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I also wanted to see you

Since when did you notice?

since you were at the vending machines

Since the beginning !!

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The girls interfere with Matsuri because you’re with her


I’m sorry it’s all my fault


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did something happen yesterday?


Haru-kun told him something !!

N-no, nothing happened!!

nothing nothing at all

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Eh wh-..

I have no intentions of letting you go until you tell me


But let go of me!!

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It seems that they took a photo of us the other day

But it’s already resolved!!

And there looking for the girl to know who it is


Haru-kin helped me out

I see...

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Well then there’s no problem


If something happens again you have to tell me

Do you promise me?

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If you do what I say

I’ll give you a reward


What type of reward?

Your as red as a tomato. What did you imagine?


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I-I wasn’t imagining anything

Tell me whatever you want

I’ll do whatever you want Matsuri

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Think about it. Ok?


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Perhaps he’s worried about me

I don’t want him to worry but-

He makes me happy


Hey, isn’t that..

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Come here a moment ?

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During lunch

We saw you come out of the same place as Ryousuke

Can you explain to us what you were doing with him?

Didn’t I tell you if you aren’t his girlfriend to not even think about getting close to him

You won’t tell me you’re with him. Right?

During the festival i also saw her going with Ryousuke

I-Its a misunderstanding

And in the labyrinth of love

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I also saw her!

How things fly!?

And I !


Truthfully that isn’t it

I simply followed him

And during the festival I asked him to accompany me for a while

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Isn’t Ryousuke polite

It’s best you don’t get delusional. You know?

Because in reality you mean nothing to him

Last year he also did the labrynth of love with me as well


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He gifted me a matching strap

It wasn’t just me

Anyways, if you keep on following Ryousuke you’ll find out. Do you understand?


Matsuri is in trouble!!

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“The third year girls took her away”

It isn’t fair that it’s just her


What are you doing here?


Your friend told me you were here

You can’t enter

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Are you ok?


Are you also like this with other girls?

I just wanted to be by your side but..

I believe that now-

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I can’t anymore

I don’t want to continue with this type of relationship


I don’t want to be like the other girls, it’s not enough

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I’ve always confided in him

If I really meant something to him


I want to be his girlfriend

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Let’s leave it at that

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I knew that this moment would come sooner or later

I feel so much for everything that you’ve had to put up with

Starting from this moment I will do my best to not get close to you

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How can he end all of this so easily

I’m h-HOME!.

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What’s wrong?

Why are you like that?



Told me he isnot going to get close to me


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I New since the beginner that I shouldn’t become close to him but..

I always thought that he acted that way only with me


I didn’t mean anything to him

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Good, good. Today you can cry all you want

But to me

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I love seeing your beautiful smile Matsuri

Thanks for the compliment

I’m seriously saying it

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Like you Matsuri

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I’m leaving

Right now I don’t want to be alone


Then go out with a girl

I can guarentee that I won’t hurt her?

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I don’t want her to get hurt

I saw it clear

I don’t want to see her like this

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