Cardcaptor Sakura - Clear Card Arc

Chapter 31

It is spring, with cherry trees in full blossom, and Sakura is just entering middle school. Her beloved Syaoran has returned from Hong Kong, and life couldn’t be better. But when she awakens from a strange dream to find her Sakura Cards powerless, how can she protect Tomoeda from disaster?!(Source: Kodansha Comics)

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This may have happened just recently

In an exaggerated organization for magic users, somehow, among the members there was a lone young boy

Grr, not only are we missing chapter 30, but THIS IS GONNA BE ONE OF THE CHAPTERS WHERE I DO MORE GUESSWORK ABOUT THE TRANSLATIONS!!! Sorry, had to get that out. But seriously, it's gonna be a chapter with too many things that make zero sense literally translated. So I'm going to be doing so much guesswork that it'll take a good while to translate.

But, as was thought, it's more related to the story told before this one

The young boy had grown up there but

Good bit of guess work here.

As always, he felt thinking about others and becoming friends with others were annoying

Story that's being referenced is the story about Yuna D. Kaito.

What's this gotta do with the price of peas in Peru? Meaning what's Yuna D. Kaito's thoughts about others got to do with anything?

The young boy's magic power was indeed incredibly strong

No one in the exaggerated organization was able to teach the young boy

Not to mention, in front of those who taught, he made them seem inept

Serious amount of guesswork here

Those surrounding the young boy were looking more and more inept


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Good bit of guesswork in this alone.

Ugh, none of this makes sense!

Ugh, none of this makes sense!

The young boy over and over didn't think about others. It was easier to be alone after all

The young boy over and over didn't think about others. It was easier to be alone after all

The young boy over and over didn't think about others. It was easier to be alone after all

The young boy never did anything with another person

The young boy could not understand what was so fun about being with other people

He didn't get it at all

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Bit of guesswork here

You created a [magic item]

Together with [Europe's oldest magicians]

You made a wonderful [magic item]

Damn a lot of guesswork here.

Damn a lot of guesswork here.

What a rude jerk

...Rather than being present in such a long meeting, I'd rather be left alone

Most likely, no one will be able to make one like it again


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The 5 magic users over there

At some point the magic ritual was lost to them permanently

It's the same for us.

It's the same for us.

Ugh, guesswork galore on this stupid page

There are 4 magic users that have the power to use high cl@ss magic

I'm get...hungry

How much longer will this conference drag on...

Sorry, but I didn't hear a thing

Sorry, but I didn't hear a thing

...That family is the one that had the last child but

Are you listening, Yuna D?

It was a girl

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It seems that she can not use magic at all

Even though she's the daughter of those two magic users

Tons of guesswork here too

Oh yeah, in the past, I once saw her from far away

[This child is not hiding any magic power] is what was being asked

It's true that those two magic users have great power

Especially the mother

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Well, is there even a fragment of magic power?

There is nothing there at all

It's as if she is a [Pure white book]

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That's when we decided to experiment with her

Literal translations made 0 sense; once again, guesswork

If there was nothing, we could [put in writings] in the girl who was

Like a [Pure white book]

Like a [Pure white book]

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I was


You view your past as if you were reading a picture book right?

The dream you just had too, you saw it as a picture book that was an image of the past to the middle of the story but

About the past

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Will that picture book have a happy ending?

It will

Most definitely

going to get that happy ending?

...Who is

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...I see

The strange things that turn into a Clear Card

I'm the one who's been causing them


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That's why after I saw Rika-chan

[Appear],顕現(Kengen); it does resemble Rika a bit. Also, Rika had just given Sakura a fantasy picture book; that explains why [Appear] made stuff happen that happens in fantasy books

I made a card like Rika-chan

Yes and no. You were admiring Tomoyo's skills, but what was the main cause was the talk you were having with Akiho about a 'torn/cut' heart

And today it was because I was admiring Tomoyo-chan's skills...

Because I was thinking about mirrors, a mirror card appeared

...That's right...

Why didn't you tell me about this?

Oh boy, here it comes

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If it was possible...

If you were to notice your magic going out-of-control

I didn't want you to notice at all

Then you would put too much thought into controlling it when you used your magic, which had a high chance of causing your magic to run even wilder

Not TOO certain about all of it; vast majority was easy though

Damn, saying this stuff must be hard

If you couldn't stop your magic from running wild then...

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This makes zero sense literally translated so I winged it.

I might have seen sadness with my own eyes?

...Magic power that is too strong

The fact that the one who possesses it can never be happy was worrying me

Oh yeah, now that I think of it. Eriol, no, Clow Reed wanted to stop being the world's strongest magician. So, in order to make it so that he wasn't, and to help Sakura change the Clow Cards into her own cards. Plus, with her Star-based magic, she would soon be unable to use the Moon-based and the Sun-based Clow Cards, Eriol caused all those incidents and then he gave Fujitaka, Sakura's father and Clow's other half, half his magic so he was no longer the world's strongest magician

Not 100% sure about this

Syaoran-kun and Eriol-kun

You both know people whose magic was too strong and that caused them a lot of suffering right

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...Even if that was true

It doesn't change the fact that I hid this from you

Also, there's one more thing I hid...

That day I came back

We returned our bears to each other


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That night the Sakura Cards all turned clear right?

I used 'Mr. Cards' here because she calls them 'Card-san', which is just plain silly so I wanted to show how silly it is

The Mr Cards are...

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I'm gonna be putting down their names cause I feel like it.





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About the Sakura Cards



It was to protect you Master

Ugh, this part and the next speech bubble made no sense put together; so guesswork

Your magic power was becoming stronger and it was your own magic alone

We didn't know what to do about hiding that fact so

[Mirror] is the one speaking right now

All of us decided

to come here




[Jump] & [Watery] are nodding, saying that they did what [Mirror] said they did




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Because, together with this child






We want to protect you



Are you angry...?


[Mirror] & [Jump] are both anxious here

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This is what they all feared: that Sakura would be angry at them and Syaoran. Which is why [Fly], [Jump], and [Shadow] are covering their faces. [Flower] and [Glow] look devastated, and [Earthy], [Light], and [Dark] just look sad






I'm mad at


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NOT what they were expecting. So they're worried








I'm angry at myself because I made everyone so worried

I'm also

What they all were afraid of came true

angry with Syaoran-kun too

And I never noticed it

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I understand that Syaoran-kun was really worried about me





About that

Would cry

I would've cried a lot

If I saw Syaoran-kun looking troubled

Because Syaoran-kun was troubled

I cried

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I was always crying

I'm sorry

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Open your mouth


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The food from Touya's part-time job is tasty


For some reason, I'm getting a bad feeling


^This is Touya speaking

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You're late!




Long time no see!

Poor Spinal, having to pretend to be a plushie

Funny that the kanji for her name mean 'red' and 'moon', since her true form is Ruby Moon, the Moon guardian Eriol made


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It's me!


*splat on the floor*

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