Cardcaptor Sakura - Clear Card Arc

Chapter 32

It is spring, with cherry trees in full blossom, and Sakura is just entering middle school. Her beloved Syaoran has returned from Hong Kong, and life couldn’t be better. But when she awakens from a strange dream to find her Sakura Cards powerless, how can she protect Tomoeda from disaster?!(Source: Kodansha Comics)

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that means

I'll be staying here while I'm in Japan


You have plenty of extra rooms right

That's why I'll be staying here



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It ain't [yeah]

I want to eat oden for dinner tonight!

It is tasty! Summer oden is too!


Tsukishiro-kun, can you cook?

Touya's cooking is better

I can but


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Then Touya-kun

we'll leave making tonight's oden dinner to you!

Go buy the ingredients!


Guessing here with the 'net's recipe'

Pounded fish cakes, rice cakes, and packets of fried tofu! Those have to be put in!

I want to see the recipe I saw on the Internet!

Why are you being so specific!!

I'm looking forward to it!

I'll go with you



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Tsukishiro-kun, I'd like it if you could get me a second mug of tea please!


After I return in an hour I'll start cooking

You'll be eating late

You'll help clean up afterwards

That we can roll with!


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What an unnatural flow

Kinomoto Touya

As I thought, he's realized a lot of these things

From here it seemed natural


why did you come here

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Eriol said

That we should come to Tomoeda City

Since all methods of communication aren't working, you'll have to go there directly to find out what's going on

Also, Yuna D. Kaito

If his opponent were to use getting on a plane as their method to contact

He'd have...

no power against that?


He'd have power

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However, if there are too many people involved

A little guesswork

If he tried to cause a real-life accident there would be an investigation into the cause

Not for me but

A tiny bit of guesswork

But if it was for me and Suppi he wouldn't take the risk, is what Eriol said

Bit of guesswork

He wouldn't want to risk that type of trouble

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It's Spinal

It's fine because it's cute isn't it?

Lately Kaho has started calling you that.

It's not what I want to be called!

Tell me why you're here

To be [at your side]

At Master's side?

*Shaking their heads*

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Yue and

Cerberus' sides

Lately Tsukishiro-kun has been falling asleep

a lot right

Cerberus has been too


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It's true that Sakura-chan is still Yue and Cerberus' master

Your contract with her hasn't faded but

The cards you two are supposed to guard are now in the hands of Li Syaoran

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To begin with, the cards being used by someone other than the one who made them

even if they were formally received; using them to do magic is extremely risky

Sh*t tons of guesswork on this whole page

Even if you could use them, it would still be risky however

Since it's the next head of the Li family, he can use them but it takes all of his strength to do so

In other words

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The reason you two are sleepy

is because the amount of magic power isn't enough

It's like the time in high school when Touya-kun became really sleepy

The situation then was a time when your master really needed your help

If you're really sleepy, you won't be able to move

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Even though Master's magic power has become so strong that she's unconsciously creating the new cards?

The way that she is unconsciously making the cards

is why she can't control her magic power

That's what we're saying

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That's why

And Suppi is with Cerberus then

If I'm with Yue

You two will receive magic from Eriol

The Sakura Cards were originally the Clow Cards

The magic power's source is the same so it'll be okay

The Clow Cards were made by Clow Reed

That's the gist of it

Eriol is half of Clow

Of course, it'll only be for emergencies

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I get it

Put simply Ruby Moon and Spinal Sun

are [batteries] for us



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*laughing hysterically*

Yue just said batteries!!!!

Putting it that way is very rude you know!


Don't get too angry and have something to eat

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In the anime, if Spinal Sun ate sweets, he'd fly all over with hearts in his eyes. He'd be bouncing off the walls like he is now. Taking 'sugar rush' to a whole new level of hyper


I want to show this to Eriol and Kaho when we get back

Get over here right now and stop your battery's sugar rush

It didn't actually say 'sugar rush', just 'stop your battery' but I thought that was boring so I put in the 'sugar rush' thing

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I see

So that is their purpose

He's quite shrewd isn't he

They're willing to go to such lengths because it's for Sakura-san's sake

That Hiiragizawa Eriol

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She really is truly loved

And by a great number of people

...Akiho loves her too

That girl is

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I have come back home!

Welcome back home

I had just finished making some milk tea

I'm home Momo

Would you like to eat some sweets and tea together with me?

I will just go and change my clothes!

I would love to eat them together!

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Every time

I come home you always have the tea and sweets that I want prepared

How do you know?

Because it's about Akiho-san

I I I I I'll! I'll help with the dishes!!!

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Guessing here because it doesn't say who this is referring to

I wanted to return to my true form and send her flying with a kick so badly

Yuna D. Kaito

Are you okay now?

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Thanks for letting me use this towel

I made the cards worry too didn't I

None of it makes sense so I'm guessing.

All of the cards want me to turn them into real cards but

My power still isn't enough...

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Guessing she means a letter Syaoran sent her after he returned to Hong Kong. Now that I think about it, at the end of the Cardcaptor Sakura manga, she said she wouldn't have to depend on just writing or calling on the phone. Plus, she was in 5th grade when he left; she was a middle school 1st year when he came back so it must've been a while.

In your letter, you said it would take time before you could come back

The reason you came back from Hong Kong was because of all of this right...

That wasn't the only reason.

I just

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wanted to see Sakura again as soon as I possibly could

Now that I think of it, in the anime Meiling said that many of Syaoran's relatives were against him returning to Japan at all. Something about his needing to learn TONS more to be the next head of the Li clan

That's so sweet

...Thank you

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Syaoran-kun came to Tomoeda City in our fourth year of elementary school

I'm very happy about that but

If I had met Syaoran-kun when we were much younger, I would've seen lots of other things about Syaoran-kun

A small amount of guesswork here

And I would've made more and more memories together with Syaoran-kun...

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Well, that explains it. Sakura wished she could've met Syaoran when they were both young. That way she'd have more memories with him. That wish in her heart caused her chaotic magic to create a new card

What the, Syaoran turned into a child...!? A new development that you can't take your eyes off of!!

No kidding you can't take your eyes off this type of thing!

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