Cardcaptor Sakura - Clear Card Arc

Chapter 29

It is spring, with cherry trees in full blossom, and Sakura is just entering middle school. Her beloved Syaoran has returned from Hong Kong, and life couldn’t be better. But when she awakens from a strange dream to find her Sakura Cards powerless, how can she protect Tomoeda from disaster?!(Source: Kodansha Comics)

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I overslept!

So ya say, bu I sa ya wake an stop da alarm den go bac ta sleep

I didn't stop it!!

Ya stopped it

Sakura's hand wen like dis...

Ya definitly stoped it

Ya woke up an hit da stop an went bac ta sleep

I saw da whole ting meself

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Kero-chan's eyes are small so you might not have seen what happened!

How dey small! Dey see real good!


Wrong one

Good morning!

Good morning Sakura-san

From today on you'll be wearing the summer uniform huh

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That's right

Lately it's been hot so I'm happy

The summer uniform looks good on you

By the time I woke up, he had already left for his part-time job

I see

Is Big brother...

You wanted Touya-kun to see you in this uniform too huh

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Big brother would immediately say something like it doesn't suit a monster or something like that

You're looking forward to seeing all your friends in their summer uniforms right


What nice weather

It'd be nice if everyone could eat lunch outside today

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Good morning Syaoran-kun!

*LONG stare*

Good morning

Is...Is something wrong?

The summer uniform looks very good on you

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It...It looks um...

looks good on Sakura too

Please pay me no attention


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I can record Sakura-chan's magnificent cuteness today as well

I get the feeling that you've been doing that from before we started talking

The feeling that it was from before...?

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That's because you two are always cute and wonderful together

I haven't a clue what this says.

What's wrong?


Nothing's wrong

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Come to think of it, where is Kero-chan?

He woke up once but then

He promptly fell back to sleep

I tried to wake him several times but

He just kept sleeping so I left him at home

*fast asleep*

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*fast asleep*



Ah, good morning Touya

It's not morning anymore

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Good work at your early morning part time job

I said earlier you could go to the university without me

Well, the weather's nice you know

You were really sound asleep on the park bench

A ha ha

Did you not sleep last night?

But for some reason I've been really sleepy lately


I slept

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I'm really slow at it

You're really good at this Sakura-san!


That's amazing

Super Lightning Fast Speed!


Akiho speaks in a formal manner; the 'desu' doesn't mean anything, but I wanted to portray her speaking method so I put that there

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Did Kaito-san's fever go down after you got back?



At that time he said he was just fine and after just a day's rest, the next day he was up early and doing well

Kaito-san is very skilled at hiding things...


If he's tired, or in pain, or sad

He never shows any of it to me

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He always smiles kindly to me

Want to see how he really feels



I really...

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Because he's very important


In case you're wondering it's Akiho who's speaking right now


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People can easily wound other people

Since you can't see those wounds with your eyes

The kanji literally means torn/cut. But a 'torn/cut heart' doesn't sound right, so I used wounded

It's very scary

It's very scary

It's very scary

A wounded heart is

not talk about


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Time for the old song-and-dance [Sleep] then [Capture]. Sorry, now it's [Snooze] and [Secure]. Giant scissors based on the fact that Akiho said something about a torn/cut heart.


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...It seems something that made Sakura-san's heart quiver has happened again

A new card has been born it seems

Is it one you can use?

Yuna D. Kaito is speaking

Regardless of purpose

How can the Clear Cards be turned into [power]? Hm, I don't know. Yet another thing we have no clue about is added to the LONG list


those cards can be turned into [power]

Who knows?

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Yuna D. Kaito is still talking

You've long been protecting

that book so it will move

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That's why

a great many cards must be born

For you, this is something that hasn't happened in a long while

And this is not a new matter

The last time that book moved

was more than a century ago

...That's true

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as you know, the cause of the movements before didn't produce good results

The last time the magic power that made the book move wasn't enough

This time

that girl

and you are here

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...With that magic power the Book's time will move and the forbidden magic can be activated

For that purpose it wasn't given back

No clue about this so I guessed.

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The Magic Organization and

that clan together

made the greatest [magic artifact]

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Phew, a chapter pretty much without Cerberus' atrocious speech. But still loads of stuff that didn't make sense when literally translated; had to wing much of it. In case you're wondering, the 'book' they're referring to is the book Alice in Clockland. The events in that book follow what happens to Sakura when she creates a card. Also, when they're talking about the book 'moving' they're talking about the 'time' in the book. The clock on the front of the book moves its hands when a card is made

Holy! So, Akiho is a magic artifact? I knew that book was all about Sakura's actions in regards to her making the new cards; but Akiho is a magic artifact?! Wait! That voice said [container], I think I've got it! Akiho herself must be a magic artifact that can absorb any amount of magic power! That would explain why she wants Sakura's [key]. Just my theory though; doesn't mean it's true

Akiho-san herself

A special next issue and a short story!!!

What is the destiny Akiho is burdened with...?!

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