Short Cake Cake

Chapter 60

Ten Serizawa has a two-hour commute through the mountains to high school every day, so she can't spend much time hanging out with her friends in the afternoon. She decides to move into the local boardinghouse, where one of her friends and three other boys are living. Ten's friends consider her to be as oblivious as a rock when it comes to noticing boys and falling in love, but will she be able to keep her calm and steady heart in her new living situation?

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I don't need to hide myself anymore.

I'm fragile and my weakness is that I would definitely break down without you.

Morish1ta suu

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Aah ...

I'm sorry for yelling at you over there the other day.

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"Ah, good -..."

"What are you doing?"

"You can't get in there!"

I was surprised that you could get angry like that, Riku.

... yeah, I guess so.

Well, it was my fault because I wanted to go in just as I pleased.

And ...

I shouldn't have broken into someone else's territory.

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Yeah ...

"What are you going to do?!"

I didn't want you to break in*,

but -

*it's meant like "breaking into Riku's personal affairs and such", not like 'breaking into a house'

"I cannot let you go then!"

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"So, let's go home."

when I didn't have a home to go back to,

you were the one who told me to go home with you.

At that time when I didn't understand anything, you were the one who helped me out, Ten.

"I won't let you -

bite even one finger of Riku."


why are you being so cute?


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Eh -

You're cute.

And even when you confessed to me ...

"I'm going to protect your smile", was what you said.

Gyaaah, why are you saying this now?!

"Please ...

come back home."

"It's impossible for me to just sit and wait."

"I'll be -

by your side forever."

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I heard from Shingen that you were the one who moved Rei, Ten.

It wasn't just because of my influence ...

However ...

Riku, if you can't laugh ... then I can't laugh either.

... every single thing you're saying is piercing* me.

*not in a bad way, more like making his heart beat

Eh -

To that extent -


Well, I can't be without you.

I guess that's how it is.

that I think that there's no other girl than you for me.

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I love you so much.

I can say it.

I'd hate it if I would be without you.

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Me too ...

I love you ...

I can -

finally tell Riku.



I'll introduce myself once again.

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My name is Mizuhara Riku.

I'm from Nekochiya.

About my personality I'd say ...

I'm a commercial student. (on high school)

that I pretend to look kind.

What happened recently in my life ... well,

Eeeh -

I would like to be liked by people, but I can't really put any trust in them ...

I've reconciled with my older brother and returned to my home.

This was possible because of the people around me.

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And Serizawa Ten-san was among them.

This person's older brother must be Terasu-san.

So, the legend of the Sun Goddess came even true for Nekochiya because you're like the God of Sun.

Because I think that the origin of her name is "Ama Terasu*".

My full name.

*this is a play with Kanji. 天 can be read as 'Ama' or 'Ten', which means sky/heaven. the second Kanji of Ama Terasu (照) means 'shine' ... so, he wants to say that Ten is always shining :D

Wow, guess I got exposed.

My mother decided on that name for me.


you are always -

My first impression was that you're a cool girl,

enlightening me.

though you are really sensitive in reality.

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But still strong and honest.

And unlike me you are not someone with two faces.


thank you -

for coming into my life.

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More than anyone else -

I'll treat you with great care.

... I'll be gentle.

I want to depend on you and you can depend on me.

I just want to look ahead and go that way.

I want to be -

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the strongest for you, Ten.

Ri- ... Riku.

Hm? Do you want to answer?

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It's fine,

I understand you.


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*rustle, murmur

Hey, Ran-san, please don't push me like that ...


I -

I told them to stop it, but Ran-san -...!!

Eh -

*grin, giggle


Well then.

Take your time.

*falling out

Chiaki, wait.



Why only me ...


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I'm happy for you two ...


You'll treat Riku well, Ten.

Chiaki, are you okay?

I believe that I'll love Riku very, very, very much for the rest of my life ...!!

Yeah, I feel the same.

Ten, listen ...

No, I'll even love him after death.

I only noticed this recently, but ...


Riku is a good man,

*shudder, shudder

and it'd be terrible if people mistook him for a woman*.

*T/N: Chiaki's fantasizing about him and Riku being in a relationship :D

What the h*ll are you talking about?!

... I'm sure that I am his big love -

and even though we have to give up on it -

I'm definitely staying in love with him.

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Well, this is really a true friendship.

How beautiful ...


Absolutely not.

Well, I am a man, but -

when a guy like you appears in front of me,

then your strength -

I don't "appear"!

helps me gaining all my power.

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Ten, did you hear that?!



That's how it is!

Riku, I love you so much!

Ten, let's go inside.

Let's be together in the afterlife! Promise me!


Ten: Yeah.


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for always supporting him -

Chiaki -

I'd like to thank you.



I should be the one sitting next to Riku, shouldn't I?

*rented a bus

Onii-san, you are always together with him.

Be quiet.


What does that mean?!

Chi- ... aki ...

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If you want to discuss something like that, then I'll be the one who sits next to him.

Ah, now it's peaceful.



*sob, sob

*boo hoo hoo

Don't drink too much.

You damn commander!

I don't know if I get sick in busses ...

I don't.

I can't even borrow the latest version from the library ...


I've already read it once.

Wanna read it?

Th-this is the latest version of 'beauty of the four seasons'!!


YES ♥ Onii-sama

The Mizuhara siblings are incredible

Stop with that 'Onii-sama'


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Mizuhara-sama, we have been waiting for you.


We received your reservation and prepared everything for today.


How nostalgic.

The rooms are separated for men and women.

We're having our meals together in the reception hall​.

Big bro ... is such a place really okay for common people like us?

*thud, thud, thud, ...

Would you guys stop with that trembling? It's embarr@ssing.

Alright, everyone. Why don't you start with going to the bath?


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*getting in

I am revived.

Wooow, look, look! There are big birds!

The ph-level is high here.

Are you an old geezer?

Well, I am the oldest here.

- carefree -

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Wooow, your face without make-up is so cute, Ageha.


No, no.

*squeal, giggle

It's true, you don't even need to use make-up.


Thank you for waiting.

- with make-up -



Oh, a yukata.

You're cute, the yukata suits you.

It's cute when his hair is down like that.

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Let's take a walk through the garden and play games in our rooms.


*thud, thud

I brought UNO and lots of other games with me.

Riku, let's go.

Ah, yeah.

Yeah, let's do that.

How nice.


I won't play, though.

Don't stick to Riku, ugly woman!


Riku: You see, you should stop calling her 'ugly woman'.


I don't really care about it.


An ugly woman is an ugly woman.

... TEN!!

Is it okay now?!

Well, yeah.


He could tame the beast.

*scream, hiss

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Thank you,



Delicious -

It's so tasty!

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Alright, wanna go to the bar to drink with me, Ran?


You're the only adult here, right?

Eh, the both of us?

Could it be that Ran-san ...

Guess it can't be helped.

Looks like it.

Rei, are you tired?

... I'm going to my room to sleep ...

Eh, but we still want to play UNO.

But it's just 8pm.

It's past midnight.

I wonder if Ran-san is still out and drinking.


Are you awake?


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Are you awake?

I'm in the Yamazakura (an extra room).



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Wha ... what is this place?

They said our rooms will be separated,

but I asked them to prepare an extra room.

Finally it's just the two of us.

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Why are you adding the '-chan'?

Somehow ...

If you like, you can come a little closer.

I'm nervous.

It's alright, it's alright

... you're so kind somehow.

*jumps back


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While I was trying to protect everything all the time -

I didn't really get the chance to spoil you, right?

I'm not really the type who likes to get spoiled.

It's fine ...


But ... I would like to know in which way you would've spoiled me. I mean ...



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That side of yours -

please show it only to me.


I want to treat you well with all my heart.

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Purr, purr

Meow, meow

That'll be a cat.

Well, you are a little cat-like.


tell me that you like me.


I love you.

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Anything else?

Tell me more.

*rub, rub

Eh ... eh ...

I want to be together with you f-forever.

More ...


... weeell -

Yeah, what else?

I want to go to different places with you, Riku.

Yeah, and?

I want us to laugh together a lot,

and to share all different emotions with each other.

to cry ...

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... Riku


I want you to kiss me.

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Anything more?

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... so?

What's going to happen then ...

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I'll grant you every wish -

if you say more now.

"Short Cake Cake" is a monthly serialization. Only two chapters left until the final chapter!! Please look forward to the next release on February 5th!

- to be continued -

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