Saiouji Kyoudai ni Komarasareru no mo Warukunai

Chapter 23

Satou Fuuka is an orphan. Her aunt, who was her guardian, absconded in the night, leaving her with no money. Her parents wanted her to go to school, so she was looking for a job to cover her school expenses and rent (plus living expenses, though she didn't mention it). She goes to be interviewed for a part-time house helper job but is rejected before she can say anything, because the guy offering the job is the eldest for 4 brothers and it's an all-male household. She pours out her story, so he takes pity on her (even though he'd pointed out that she can't really take a part-time job if she doesn't have a guardian) and offers the job as a live-in position. However, he has one condition: she's supposed to disguise herself so his brothers don't take an interest in her. Her disguise: lots of towels around her body, so she looks fat; makeup so she looks old (39); plus her hair is all loose and she's wearing gl@sses.The brothers are: Tsukasa (eldest, apparently already working); Akari (second son, first year college student with a wider strike zone for women than Tsukasa thought); Kairi (third son, genius high-schooler and Fuuka's cl@ssmate); Minato (youngest, first year middle-schooler who's a blue-eyed blond). Incidentally, Fuuka notices that none of the brothers look related.

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*breath in* *breath out*


What're you doing?

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Kairi is done with his work, so I think I'll apologize to him now...

*door opens*

Maybe not today...

It looks like he's not in a good mood~

Thanks for your hard word! You can rest now

I'm Satou Fuuka, 15 years old. I work as the housekeeper in the Saiouji household.

The relationship between the second son, Akari-san, and the third son, Kairi-san has gone bad since their mother p@ssed away

And now Akari-san is trying to talk about it with Kairi-kun

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It's also my wish to see both of them stop fighting...

I'm home

He's still in his first year of middle school. He should be playing and gathering experiences, right?

I'll support them with all I've got to make it come true

But his first choice is hard to p@ss

Ah, Satou-san

I think I shouldn't be listening to their conversation

I'll go to my room right away

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It's okay, you can stay here

You're part of our family afterall


Minato's score is a little bit low for his first-choice school, so we're thinking about whether he should go to cram school or not

We'd like to hear your opinion as well


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He wants to go to the same school as Kairi and Satou-san

What? Our School!? Of course I want you to p@ss the test by all means!

To think that the day I'll be called like that again has come...

I also have the same opinion

make me so happy that I'm about to cry...

I'm home

Welcome back

Thanks Fuuka-chan!


Kairi-kun is in a good mood today


Well, I'll go to his room then


He was talking nicely to me just now

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Wish me luck!

Of course!

It's okay, everyhing will go smoothly

I'm happy for those two...

Why the h*ll do I have to let you apologize!?

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Are you looking down on me!?

What's that?

Did you think I was lonely? Mom did it on her own will!


It's nothing like that

That's right! She always chose you!

No matter how hard I tried, she only cared about you!

And that day..

When I thought Mom would finally look at me...

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..You destroyed my only chance! Do you think you're in any position to

Why're you losing your cool? It's not like you


You made a promise with me, remember?

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Don't follow me. I don't want to talk right now.


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I destroyed his chance? What did he mean...?

What promise were you talking about!? What are you hiding from me!?

That's right

You're no longer a kid. And you're ready to take this story...

Kairi started working because he wanted to make Mom's job easier

I thought he started working because our financial was getting tough after mom p@ssed away

Akari and I decided to tell you that lie

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Akari told me that he didn't want you to suffer...

That accident happened on the day Kairi and I received our payment from our first job

Kairi! Come here!

If I got this much then Mom doesn't need to work anymore

Only if we could keep up with the good work

If it's you and me, it's gonna be easy

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If mom stop working, she'll have a lot of free time, right?

If it happens, maybe she'll also give me some attention...


She'll praise me a little

Ohhh sweetiiiee please let me give you a hug :""(

I still remember it clearly because it was too surprising

The genius and mature Akari

Had that kind of wish... just like any other kids

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Yes,that's me

So Kairi was working because of mom...


But mom never knew about it...?

Mom is...?

But Kairi's wish will never come true

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What have I done to Kairi

I'm sorry, Akari

We knew you'd be worried like this, so we didn't tell you the truth.

But that IS an accident. It's not your fault. Kairi thinks so too.

Kairi just lost his temper for a moment unintentionally...

Tsukasa-san... Akari-san...

Once he has cooled his head, he'll return home.

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I'm sorry

I... without knowing anything ask Akari to apologize to Kairi-kun...



It's not your fault


Shall we have some tea?

Minato, please make some tea for us

This is mom's diary

It was in Satou-san's room.

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Somehow it feels kinda awkward, so I haven't read it yet.

Let's read it together, okay


I see, Minato-kun isn't acquainted with their mom

Minato-kun, let's eat the cookies together.

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Somehow... it's embar@ssing to read this...

But you see...


In other words... She cared more for me and my dad because she felt insecure

Because you were related by blood...

She was less worried about you and ended up relied a lot on you two

And she @ssumed that you and Kairi would be just fine even without her looking after both of you, right?

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She also wrote a lot about you and Kairi

I see... Kairi kun just misunderstand

Kairi should read this too

His mother always loved him...

I hope Kairi would return soon...

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h*llo Kairi!

You see, Tsukasa...

How is it? Have you calmed yourself?

I'll put you on speaker, okay?

I understand now after thinking calmly

The purpose of my promise with you is not to protect Akari

But to protect my pride

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It's pathetic when I think that I desperately do this for Akari but actually it's not

Somehow... I'm tired

Kairi, are you okay?

Anyway, just go home now

And I was trying to run away by working and hating Akari

I won't go home


There're too many memories in that house

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Kairi kun!

Please come home! There's something I want to show you!


You've been misunderstanding your mom!

What do you know about her

Outsider should remain silent

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h*llo Kairi!?


Kairi-kun you idiot!!

He hung up

Ah... He ended the call

What did he mean by "calmly"? It's a big chaos


Not really

This morning you made me really happy but now you want to push me off?

You told me that I was part of this family

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That's right!

We are family! Let's look for Kairi together!

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But do you know where he's at?

I don't have the slightest idea

I got the feeling that he already run away cause he knows we'd be looking for him

This is bad. He's got a lot of money so he can even buy a Footwork. (TN : Footwork is F1 car)

Anyway we need to split up...

What if Kairi decided to kill himself?

No way no way

Normally he won't go that far

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... that guy


You're kidding, right!? He DID say that he's tired!!

Anyway let's look for him! We need to catch him!!

Won't Kairi-kun return home if he sees this dia...



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I'll go too!!

Kairi-kun, where are you?



Satou-san, where are you now? Did you find Kairi?

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I'm at the train station west entrance. Kairi-kun's not here

What's wrong? Are you okay?



Sorry I drop the diary

I thought Kairi-kun would return home once he sees the dairy, so I bring it with me.

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Oh sorry. I completely forgot about the diary

Please keep it with you until we find Kairi.


Where are you?


If anything happen call me right away, okay. I'll hang up now


There's no lead at all

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