Futari de Koi wo suru Riyuu

Chapter 1

From Kogarashi Scans:In her first year of high school, Urara Andou fell in love at first sight with the kind stranger who saved her on the train. Too flustered to ask for his name or contact information, she swears to take action the next time she falls in love. But it turns out he's a senpai at her school!? Reunited, Urara believes it must be fate. But before she can take action, his childhood friend Misono-kun tells her "I won't hand Aiji-kun over to you." What will she do?

Language: English


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this thing called fate happens in just 10 minutes

like being struck by lightning

The reasons people fall in love

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Who asked for that!? [ie: I didn't ask for that]

Are you saying I'm old!?

What! Are you pitying me!?

What should I do

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I saw a seat so

You can take it if you want

I said that right away and yet

Who do you think you are!?

You think you're being a good person!?

Why? thats not what I meant

should I apologize...?

You hypocrite!

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Are you gonna say anything!?

Say something!

but what am I supposed to say

My voice won't come out-


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Now, now

please have a seat

Wha- whats with you

Don't be like tha~t. I guess people were different back in the day

But uncle, These days Japanese boys shouldn't treat girls like that

[T/N: he's using polite speech]


By the way, which station are you getting off at?

Why, you still have lots of time! You should have a seat!

L- leave me alone!

Its Uenodai...


it seems like theres space in the next car, so would you like to head there with me?


Come come, quickly



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excuse me

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s- saved me

that was a disaster, huh

Uh, umm


Thank you very much

he saved me

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sorry for bringing you over here

Just now, that...

I- its totally fine!

I was surprised all of a sudden and couldn't say a word

I'm not good, aren't I

I can't handle situations like that well...

Its nothing like that, right?

To give up your seat,

even something as small as that

you can't do it without courage

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I think everyone knew you were a nice person

At least, thats how I see it

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The doors on the left will be opening. Please be careful.

No, that-

Kotaki station is coming up. We will soon be stopping at Kotaki

Ah, I'm getting off at the next stop

Eh, is that so

Um, thank you so much! Is it really okay to just thank you?

Bye then

Ah, what should I do

Its fine

He's leaving

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thank you so much

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how many times are you going to say that

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my first love was

In my first year of middle school, but

to feel like you've been struck by lightning

that was the first time I felt that

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Andou Urara. First year of highschool, fall


something straight from a drama...!

something like that happened to you,

Nichiyou [T/N: means Sunday]

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Kyaaa~ so heart throbbing~

Moe, sit down

Eh... I'm not sure... probably a university student

how old was the guy?

He had piercings

But I don't think he was working...


Not even his name?

You didn't ask for his number or anything?

I knowww. I have no idea who he was and theres no way to find out.

What are you gonna do

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If I find someone I like again

I've decided I'll definitely take action


Urara, you say things like "next time" or "soon"


But, Urara!

If you get to meet him again

wouldn't that be fate!?

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Ehh, but you never saw him again till now



Listen, listen. My boyfriend took the day off from after-school activities! We can meet up!

Hey, if you want, I can take your place for the day

But don't you have a committee meeting today?

[T/N: this girl is so extra I love her]

Gyaaa! Thats night! I forgot!


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Andou-san, is it okay? Really?

Its fine, I'm free after school

Go- goddess!

She's so softhearted, Urara...

Ha ha

Audiovisual Room

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Even though its a committee meeting, it should be okay if you go

Since the boy student-rep, Misono-kun should be there!

Ehhhto, where is he...?



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Eh? Why is it Andou? What about Saito?

It seems like something important came up, so I came in her place.

I see

Well it doesn't matter who comes as long as the job gets done but

Please take care of me

did you bring the cleaning list?


Every year, each school compiles a cleaning strategy. And today we have to chose where our cl@ss will focus, and why we choose that location. Didn't you hear about it?

What do you mean "Eh"...

No... I didn't hear anything about that...

I was told it was enough to just show up to the meeting...

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Che- [T/N: Tsk]

He- he clicked his tongue at me


Misono-kun is scary!!

So irresponsible

The you who carelessly replaced her without thinking

Saitou and

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I'm really sorry...

Who do you think you are!?

but that time...

that person saved me

Ahh, just once more

Even if it was just once more, I want to meet that person

If that happened, I...

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Next time, for sure...


Ooooi, Jun



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Do you have plans after the meeting?


Then lets walk home together

After you grab your bag, meet me at the shoe lockers

got it

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Mi- Misono-kun!!

Wha- what is it

Just now, who was that person!?

A senpai!?

What kind of relationship do you have with him!?

My childhood friend... (who's one year older)

Childhood friends like, you live together!?

AH! His name! I forgot to ask his name!

Whats his name!?

Why are you ignoring me!?

Now then, lets start


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I thought I'd never get to meet him again and yet...

That person is in the same space as me...

Like a dream...

He's seems so mature that I thought he was a college student...

The uniform's sweater looks so good on him~~

"But if you do get to meet him again, wouldn't that be like fate!?"

In the same school

a senpai

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I wonder if its okay to think that...

Misono-kun, wait a second!

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Hey, why did you start ignoring me?

His name!


I just need his name! please!

Its not about Misono-kun, I'm asking about that guy just now!

Thats why its too much to ask

Why do I have to tell you something personal like that?

but why-



After you grab your bag, come to the shoe lockers okay?

I said I got it

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Are you the other representative from Jun's cl@ss?

No way, does he remember me...?


Yas!! (Yes)

Seeing Jun talk to a girl is so strange that I was shocked for a second

I was spoken to!!

Well, is Jun good in cl@ss?

Aiji-kun, cut it out

Its fi~ne

I guess he doesn't...

Then Jun, I'll see you in a bit

Wait, you...



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Geez, what are you doing

They spread a lot

So- sorry-

Ah, there a whole bunch over here too

Ah, there are papers over there too

this is




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I'm gonna die-

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Nice catch [T/N: I got you]

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I'm fine, I'm fine. Totally fine

But you hit the wall...

I'm fine

You didn't twist your leg or anything!?

You're overreacting as usual

need a hand?

Nah, I'm fine. I'm just perfectly balanced right now

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Can you stand? You okay?

Can you move okay?

Are you okay?

Y- Yes...

Are you hurt anywhere?

Eh- why!?

s- sorry

Does it hurt somewhere?

tearing up


tha... thats not it

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this... its just that...

Not just once...

I'm sorry

you've saved me a second time

I've caused trouble for you again

I don't think you'll remember me but...


You're that girl from the train, aren't you?

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I thought so

I was wondering about that lately

No way

To be in the same highschool too, isn't it a huge coincidence?

He remembered

he noticed...

so things like this really happen, huh

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tears up

Whats up, why are you crying~?

there~ there

s- sorry, im okay, sorry


Thank you so much

I somehow saw him again

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From now on, I'll give it my best!

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Ehh, whats that

No no, something about your clothes or your atmosphere feels mature

You thought I was a college student or a business man...

Is that so

Do I look that old?

Really! (Ahaha)

ever since a while ago he's been staring daggers at me

Is it just in my head?

Actually, why isn't he saying anything!?

Thats right, I asked earlier but, how is this guy in cl@ss? Is he good?


When it comes to ladies


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Because this guy's like an aunty, he's pretty bad with the ladies, you know

Come on, I'm worried about you


really, cut it out


you two are really close, huh

Well, I guess we're like siblings

really, such a troublesome little brother

who is!?

What about you, Andou-san?

giggle giggle

You don't have any? childhood friends

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He- He called me by my name~~

I don't have anyone like a childhood friend, but

I'm really close with my sister

Coming up, Sakurakawabe, Sakurakawabe. The doors on the left will be opening.

Ah, I'm the next stop

Is that so. We're the one after that

Well then, take care

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Just now, something like "goodbye," I don't want that


I didn't think we'd meet again and yet

U- Umm

to be in the same highschool is kind of like a miracle

About that time in the train, and the incident today too,

Really, thank you very much

I definitely don't want this moment to end

S- So, I still have things I want to say

I- if its possible, somehow, please


you contact address-

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Aiji-kun, sorry

I'll be getting off here today



Mi- Misono-kun?

Eh? What?

Wai- Let go-

The doors are closing, please be careful

O- oww...

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cough cough

Mi- Misono...kun


What was that!?

Do you like Aiji-kun?

Eh-!? W- Why

its obvious

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You seem to be misunderstanding, so I'll tell you

A highschool reunion with the ikemen (hottie) who saved you in the train

I'm sure you think thats fate, but

like Aiji-kun said just now

its a "coincidence"

just a coincidence

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If you fell for him because he saved you

if its because of that

or because he was nice to you

or because of this



People like you are the most annoying

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I won't had Aiji-kun over to you

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got it?

Um... God

Its a lot to ask for, but,

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looks pretty far away

apparently this love