Suteki na Kareshi

Chapter 35

From ShoujoHearts:Ever since she was young, Nonoka always dreamed of watching the end of the year Countdown with a boyfriend. Now that she's in high school, she wants one! However, there's no signs of getting a boyfriend anytime soon, and it's already December.

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What's your ideal type?


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I live here at number A13.

It's close to the station, but the rent is cheap.

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It opens by key, but it also needs a magic touch

You know?


It opened

By the way, the bathroom's there.

If you want to wash your hands, spin the faucet upwards. If you spin it downwards, the water will drip on the sink stand.


(How luxurious)

Ah, just sit somewhere around there

I'll fix us something to drink.

Is coffee okay? I only have instant, though!

It's okay.

Is this where I left the second cup...? (T/N this suggests he doesn't have people over very often)

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Sorry... (It might be a bit hard to drink)

*shake shake*


(Filled to the max)

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*small sip* *small sip* *small sip*

I should have made it colder, right?! I'm sorry for not thinking...!!

Hahaha, it's fine. I like hot coffee.

I'm serious.

Sorry for suddenly inviting you over!

No, it's not like I'm doubting you! Sorry for staring!

It's alright, I was free anyway.

No, you are not free at all! You're a student with an exam to get ready for!

I mean, for the top-cl@ss kids, it's a piece of cake

It's not that I'm not busy but... for students, this is a time when they especially shouldn't waste time...

Hahaha. I'm sure you're busier than me, though.

But for the intermediate-cl@ss kids... Gasp, no,no they're all good kids!

...but still...

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...Is this about Nonoka?

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This place is next to an alleyway, so...!

I'll close the curtains!

Sorry, my place is frustrating, right?

Where is that thing...?



Do you mean this?

I've had this impression ever since we first met,

You're very observant,aren't you, Kiriyama-kun?

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You're very aware of your surroundings.

And you're good at reading the atmosphere...

Do you have an older sibling? You seem like the younger child type.

...I don't

Ah! Of course! I don't like it either!

That's true, everyone is different in their own way!!

I just happened to say it! I'm sorry for analyzing you like that!

Isn't blood-type fortune telling very popular these days?


really like it when people are divided into stereotypes, like that.

T/N i think the reason why he mentions "blood type fortune telling" is to point out that there are many types of different people. And as for the book, he's trying to prove to Kiriyama that he also believes stereotyping is bad. (6.4 billion is supposed to be the total number of people on earth) Lol poor sensei, he makes me want to give him a hug.

Should I write a book called "There are 6.4 billion types of people"?

Ouch, hot! Tissues, tissues... where are they?

Well, it's true that I have an older sibling.

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Oh, I was right!

Hmm, maybe I really have improved my judge-of-character skill!


Ah, sorry, I got ahead of myself.

Younger siblings grow up while watching their older sibling, so they become good at reading the atmosphere.

It's alright.

T/N I think he means younger siblings become good at reading the atmosphere bc they always have an example in behavior from their older sibling, therefore they will learn what is wrong and what is right to do in some situations. Or because they end up getting what the older sibling doesn't want so they're kinda like a scapegoat.

But mama~ Look at these tights!

Don't you sometimes hold back from saying what you really want to say?

They turned out like this because i washed them, it can't be helped.

I'm sorry...

Naoya... could you wear these?

I hate them~!

Thank goodness, you're such an obedient child.


Sorry, I'll make it up to you, okay? (T/N I guessed this more than I managed to read it)

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"You're so mature, Naoya."

"You wouldn't care"

"Wouldn't guys normally get angry in such a situation?"

Who knows... I myself am not sure about it.

"I'm just a child after all."

"even if I talk or fall in love with other guys, right, Naoya?"

"You're so weird, Naoya."

(T/N literally: "you don't fit in")

...Though it might be true that I'm a very understanding person. (T/N as in tollerant)

Is that...

Because you don't want to upset the other party?

Hmmm... that's not the case.

That's why?

So that's not the case...


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...When I say something about it

Even if the situation changes,

The other party's feelings won't change, don't you think?

So I just don't say every single thing, that's all.


You did say something to Nonoka-san, didn't you?

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I was wondering if you might have told Nonoka-san something to trouble her.

Or maybe it was something in your att1tude?

When we had our study session earlier,

Nonoka-san was worried about you.

So I did make her worry, after all?


...I see...

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Even I don't get it.

Why is it that when it comes to Nonoka, I always do things that agitate her?

Maybe you could tell me, sensei.

Hahaha. Are you still awake?


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(Wouldn't that be) TRUE LOVE?



Ugh, my head feels heavy...

I can't study anymore...

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"Let's attend the same college, okay?"

I'll rest a bit and then I'll work again...


I wish


T/N she's trying to search the internet on ways to support her boyfriend in the exam period

I could also support Kiriyama-kun...

During exam period boyfriend-

During exam period boyfriend-

Broke up with boyfriend during exam period

Having a boyfriend during exam period makes your grades drop

Looking on the internet when you're feeling anxious is a totally bad idea! Nothing good is written!

Having a boyfriend during exam period means being a ronin (T/N ronin= someone who fails the college entrance exam and is waiting to retake it)

Having a boyfriend during exam period isn't good

Boyfriends are the worst during exam period

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T/N 差し入れ="sashiire"= literally "various things inside"= a box of packed goods, usually sweets, but it can be sushi or other foods too. I translates it as "sweets box"

The sweets box Kiriyama-kun gave me should still be in here somewhere...

I already know that he likes sweets.

*rummage rummage*

Little by little,

Should I give him a sweets box, too...?

But I still want to know him more.

I want to stop being the one who always gets forgiven for being an air-head

The deep, hidden Kiriyama-kun.

I want to change into someone who heals him and understands him.

Hahaha... "True love". That sounds more like something out of a movie or a fairytale.

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No! True love isn't just a story!!

Why do you think it's such an wide-spread theme?

You haven't known true love until now, and you've held on to your loneliness.

So when it comes to romance, you're still a child who couldn't grow up, aren't you?

Finding love causes people to mature mentally. Any living being comes to know it, without even trying!

I wasn't really lonely, though.

What? Really?

Ever since I've started liking Nonoka

But well...that might be true.

Eh?! So were you, or weren't you?

I'm behaving like a child.

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I don't want to hand her over to other guys.

And I don't like being with another girl.

When I hear her praising other guys, I get jealous.

And to top it off, I make her worry by telling her things she can't do anything about...

I think to myself "Am I a kid, or what?"....

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Kiriyama-kun... I think that's a normal thing among people, though...

Hahaha. For me, it didn't use to be a normal thing...

I always act like this towards Nonoka...

...You know...

I've read a lot of books,

So I feel like I'm being troublesome and problematic for her, too.

Wanting to know more about my examinee-students and to support them.

Psychology of education, psychology of development, social psychology, psychology of personality, philosophy and ethics...

And I've analysed their situations based on what I've read, and what I know.

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Even so, when you're asking for my advice now, I don't know the answer.

Even so, when you're asking for my advice now, I don't know the answer.

Your answer can't be found in books, or in me. I don't really understand.


Hahaha, sensei?

But after hearing what you have to say, I do have one thing I know...

Kiriyama-kun, you're... very troubled at the moment, aren't you?

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It's not that you'd feel bad troubling other people,

You've just never done it before, because you didn't feel the need to. That's how people are.

But now you've finally found someone whom you want to trouble, I think.

T/N I think sensei means Kiriyama has never met such a precious person that he would be afraid of losing (so he never felt the need to tell people what he really felt deep down, which would result in them being troubled). But Nonoka is so precious to him, and understands him, so he can't help but let out his feelings, even if he doesn't understand why himself.

"He may be nice on the surface,"

"But he has a cold side to him that doesn't care about other people."

"You can't tell what's Naoya's thinking."

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"I've never thought that way even once!"

"It's true that you can't really tell what he's thinking, but he is truly kind!"

"Why did you kiss me just because you felt like it?"



"Because I want to talk to you properly."


"I want us to go back."

"I want to know what's really on your mind, Kiriyama-kun."

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"I understand!"

There are a lot of world-philosophy and psychology books

That question why people reach out to some things.

It's a given that everyone has times when they can't do anything right.

Be it about them, or the people around them.

But I think they reach out because they want to know more.

T/N sensei is trying to scientifically explain Kiriyama's tendency to reach out to Nonoka. So even if Kiriyama feels like he can't do anything right when it comes to Nonoka, deep down, he's reaching out to her because he wants to know her more, he finally found something worth reaching out to.

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Nonoka-san was worried you might be suppressing your feelings.

If it's Nonoka-san, it's alright. She will accept you.

She will overcome your troubles. (T/N or she will keep going out with you, in spite of your troubles)


You're cool, observant and self-confident!

...I wonder about that.

Nonoka-san likes you a lot!


It may seem like I'm self-confident,

But it's not like that.

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Oh, excuse me.

Were you in the middle of a study session?

Good evening...

She's my big sister.

Sorry to disturb you. Ah it's fine, you don't need to stand.

I'm also the younger sibling.

Saying h*llo is enough (T/N I guessed this part more than I read it)


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What are you up to now?

h*llo, Nonoka-san?

*tap tap tap tap*

Ah, yes this is me.


What happened?

It's about Kiriyama-kun...

About Kiriyama-kun?!

Did...something happen to him...

Kiriyama-kun... is in a weakened state so he's resting at my place now...

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And my older sister just got here! She's crazy about weakened younger guys, so Kiriyama-kun is in a pinch right now!!

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Kiriyama-kun being in a pinch... means...

You mean your sister's forcing herself on him?!

Yes, she is.

Sensei, is that really what you should be saying now?!

I won't stop her, because shes my big sister, and I can't speak up to her.


T/N OML 😂😂 ded

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Where is your house, sensei?!

X ward, X district, 36th block, Starlight Corporation, apartment no. A13

I'm on my way! So sensei, please stop them!

Don't panic or rush, pay attention to the p@ssing cars while you come here.

There's a convenience store nearby, called S-Mart, as landmark. If you can't find your way, just call me.

Okay, I'll write it down so say it again!

Tsuru you bastard! How dare you make me into such a p*rvert-

Hahaha, is that true?

IT IS NOT! (He's just joking! This guy can say some weird stuff, huh!!)

Sorry, big sis.

You are surprisingly an eager trouble-maker. (T\N literally "you surprisingly caused trouble without any hesitation" but it sounded a bit off.)

I thought if I say it like that, Nonoka-san will get here faster... you can make things clear afterwards.

Eh, isn't that a normal thing?

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Please think about your feelings and convey them properly.

Because falling in love is a wonderful thing.

Believe in her and in yourself.

Tsuru! What are you even talking about? Aren't you going to give me an explanation about this situation?!

This is the 34th station.

It's a three-station distance. Would it be faster if I just run?!


Who cares, I'll just run!

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I wonder what sort of person that older sister is.

Well, I know Kiriyama-kun wouldn't do anything....

But, he is a boy, after all...

I have no idea!!

He would at least think "how lucky", maybe...?

It's pissing me off! I hate it, I hate it!!

Even if he doesn't think that I don't want anyone touching him!!

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Hey babe, where you going?

It's dangerous being alone at night~ Should we take you home?



Kiriyama-kun... is weakened...

It's because I made him worry about sensei...!



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Umm... are you okay?...



The exam period is full troubles...

People who are a little older are usually very tolerant and accepting, aren't they?

And then, when he's vulnerable...

T\N 包容力= hou you ryoku= comprehensive ability= in romance, the ability to accept the other person's faults, and weak points. So here Nonoka uses it to say that since that woman is older, she must be more mature, so she knows how to find beauty in weakness, thus finding Kiriyama-attractive, I think?

Would Kiriyama-kun listen to anything she says, if she spoils him?!

No, no there's no way!!

Kiriyama-kun wouldn't do that!

Ah! The traffic light!!

Even if she tries to make him vulnerable, he won't give in, I think!

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Come to think of it, even if nothing happened,

I hate the idea of an unknown woman being with Kiriyama-kun...

Is this how Kiriyama-kun felt, too?...

No... that's different... I don't know though... even if I think about it...

Ugh, geez!!




I'm not crazy, I swear!

I also hate the idea of Kiriyama-kun being troubled.

But what I hate even more is that he won't talk to me about his feelings.

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It also happened before, didn't it?

He didn't really tell me about his feelings.

Kiriyama-kun didn't act like usual, that time, either.

We should talk, Kiriyama-kun.

T/N maybe "that time" means when he told her he wants to be with her in the future, or maybe on his birthday

Even if we can't find the proper words, no matter how many times we have to say it...

But first I should take care of this problem!

Please be safe!

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Nonoka-san is running late. Maybe she's lost.

I'll take a look.


I'm not hearing anyone shouting "Hey! Someone give me directions!"

You get along well.


We're not blood-related, though.

"Even though their faces look so much alike?" You thought that, right?

There are a few unsaid things that I don't understand.

Because it's not clear, wether we're family or lovers.

That's how it is when you care about each other.

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Your way of speaking is the same, too...

Nonoka-san hasn't arrived yet, has she...?

Really~!? That's emarr@ssing~!



Ah, I think she's here-



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Thank goodness... you're safe...

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I mean did something happen!? Nothing happened right?!


I'm sorry for making you worry.

Page 40/42

You can stop being troubled now.

Because I'll hold onto you tightly and won't hand you to anyone.

T/N he means she doesn't have to worry about him disliking Nonoka being with other guys, because he won't let anything happen anyway and may I just add KYAAAAAA MY HEART 💕💕

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Should I hold on tighter?

It's fine!! I mean you're already holding tight enough!

"Please think about your feelings"

Besides, I won't fall for anyone else! (You don't have to hold onto me!)

"And convey them properly."

"Believe in yourself and in her."

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Because falling in love

I like you a lot, Kiriyama-kun.

Is a wonderful thing.

Yeah, I like you a lot, too.

Hey, aren't I still misunderstood, though?

Do high schoolers these days do this kind of stuff in front of people?

This is youth! (Don't forget to work for the exam!)

To be continued (T/N this chapter was a bit complex I hope I managed to translate properly, sorry for eventual mistakes. But it was such a sweet chapter! By the way, someone might have noticed that I reposted some older translations these days. THAT'S BECAUSE I WENT BACK TO CORRECT SOME MISTAKES I DISCOVERED NOT BECAUSE I BROKE THE 3-MONTH RULE. I WAITED FOR EXACTLY THREE MONTHS BEFORE POSTING NEW TRANSLATIONS! so yeah... looking forward to the next chapter ^^