Suteki na Kareshi

Chapter 34

From ShoujoHearts:Ever since she was young, Nonoka always dreamed of watching the end of the year Countdown with a boyfriend. Now that she's in high school, she wants one! However, there's no signs of getting a boyfriend anytime soon, and it's already December.

Language: English


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I want to get lost with you

In this warm feeling

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I thought Kiriyama would feel at ease once he saw sensei

But I get the feeling he's not relieved at all!






He tripped on air again!

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Are you okay?

Yes...I'm fi- Ah!

*gets up*


*Fall Out*

Sorry, thank you.



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Thank you...

Oh my, I'm sorry, I'm always...


What should we do? Isn't there a store somewhere around here?

Sensei! You look like you're wearing trendy ripped jeans!

*takes out*

I've already worn them, but

You can use them if you'd like.

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Is it really okay if I borrow them? You're a life saver... uhh...

Th-thank you. And you are...?


Just return it to her on your next session.

You are Nonoka's private tutor, right?

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Um... sensei, this is my boyfriend, Kiriyama-kun!


What?! You were on a date then?!

I'm sorry for calling out to you!

I'm Nonoka-san's sibling's cram school teacher, she's letting me tutor her for now. My name is Marugame.

I apologise for disturbing you!

Hahaha. It isn't exactly a date.

If you see us, don't hesitate to call out to us


It's not at all bothersome.

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He's so different from just before!

Kiriyama-kun, are you... the same school year? Are you also taking the exam?

He's all smiley!

"Indeed" he says~

The formal Kiriyama-kun is kind of nice~


T/N yeah, yeah. I know "hai" means "yes" but that's not formal enough in english so I settled for "indeed". Which reminds me of Rikkard Ambrose if you get this refference I LOVE YOU

Are you by any chance attending the summer seminars from that cram school?


That's right.

That is a really good cram school, isn't it? It's iconic!

No, that's not it! Kiriyama-kun is speaking so maturely now, but...

Wasn't he jealous of sensei?

Hahaha. Is it alright for you to be praising another cram school than the one you work at?

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Then, was that an illusion before?

Did he just say it on a whim?

Of course, because a good cram school is a good cram school, after all!

He's gentle and smiling...

But I won't lose either! I'll also work hard.

I see, so both of you are taking the exam.


Ah, yes, that's right.

I hadn't thought about it at all but Kiriyama-kun...

Has given me a lot of strength

He encouraged me and motivated me a lot.

Hahaha, I haven't really encouraged you that much.

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That's a lovely boyfriend you have.

T/N yaas t1tle refference! He actually says "suteki na kareshi"

You're encouraging each other and working hard! That's nice!

No, such a thing... more like I'm cheering for him all the time (T/N telling him to work hard and do his best)

Do you, maybe, have some things you don't understand about your homework?

Ah, I do! I'm keeping note of them, and I will ask you next time!


Nonoka-san is sure working hard! It makes me happy!


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Then I'll see you on Wednesday! Thank you for the clothes, Kiriyama-kun!

I'll return them to Nonoka-san!

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Hahaha, he's a teacher that smiles a lot, right?

Does he always trip and fall?


He looks like a good person so I'm at ease.

He's just like you said. I'm not worried anymore, sorry about before.

What should we do now? Should we go somewhere? Should we sit down and talk?

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Kiriyama-kun... You're lying, aren't you?

"I'm not worried anymore"...That's a lie right?


You're not relieved at all, are you?

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*hug tightly*


Hahaha. The "I'm not worried anymore" part is a lie.

But I still want you to forget what I said before.

Even if I've already heard it?

It's because I don't want to get in your way

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Am I

Lying now?

Too close, too close , too close!!

Y-you're not!

Then let's leave it at that.

I will forget about it!!

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Let's go eat something, I'm hungry.


Hahaha, studying makes you super hungry.

The person from behind the counter had a nice aura, right?

Like they were born to offer costumer service.

See you, let's do our best.

It's like Kiriyama-kun is...

more talkative than usual today

Is it delicious?


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"Forget what I said earlier."

He gave me a farewell kiss...!

If I decide to forget it, the I will be able to forget it...


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What were you up to?

I'm studying.

Are you free right now?

I just told you, I'm studying!


Coffee? You are much weaker than me-

You got a problem with that?

So bitter!

Well I have to keep my eyes open and study for the exam, right?!


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This isn't about Naoya again, is it?


What is it this time?

My private tutor is a guy, you know?

*peel off*

Eriha, you're good at reading people...

And Kiriyama-kun is worried about that.

I mean sensei isn't like that at all. Even so...

Did you say this to Naoya, by any chance?

You're the worst. Your way of delivering it is wrong here.


At times like this, on the contrary, you're not supposed to say stuff like "he's not like that"

Hold up.

You're supposed to tell Naoya how much you like him.



*stab stab stab*

There's no way that would put him at ease


I feel attacked.

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This is why you're an amateur.

You don't understand a boy's heart. More like don't understand people in general.

... I see...

...The way I said it was wrong?...

But anyway, the fact that your private tutor is a guy can't be helped. Naoya is also being kinda narrow-minded about it.

He used to be more mature and casual about stuff, or how should I put it...

That's really unlike him, though.

T/N basically she's saying it's Nonoka being insensitive that made Naoya restless


But you're his girlfriend and you were insensitive about it.

That may be true...

I do have a part of me that doesn't think at all... come to think of it I also have a part that thinks too much!

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Because of my insensitivity...

Liking someone is so complicated...

Well, if you say so.

Kiriyama-kun is...

There you go again acting like you're my superior!

The truth is... most people are superior to you when it comes to this.


Sorry for the inconvenience!

But you know, sitting here and talking about it won't solve anything. You shod go home like a good girl and study.

Aren't you gonna drink that coffee? Give it back then

Ugh... I will...

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Nonoka, you shouldn't worry about it too much.

Naoya also said the same thing, even if half-heartedly.

Feeling bad about it and overthinking

Well, yeah, it did feel that way, but...

Can also cause things to go wrong.



Woah, you're even more worried now

Both Eriha and Kiriyama-kun

Told me not to worry but...

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And I can't sleep! The coffee was too much! Erihaaa!

This is about the person I like, after all.

*chair swing*

I can't concentrate on studying...

Not worrying is impossible.

Kiriyama-kun was a bit like a child back then...

If I happen to fail

Kiriyama-kun would definitely think it was his fault, right?

T/N I think she means failing her exams, hence Kiriyama said he doesn't want to get in the way of her studies with his feelings

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Then he would feel responsible

And break up with me or put a distance between us.

I'll see you when you get into college!

That's unacceptable!!


I have to work hard! And p@ss for sure!!

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Today I'll explain what we couldn't finish last time, first.

Open your textbooks at page 78, we'll solve exercise 7

*tap tap*

Thank you!


Naoya, let's go get a drink!

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Naoya, you picked up that girl's eraser and returned it to her earlier, didn't you?

You're so straightforward in everything you do. I noticed the eraser too, but I didn't pick it up. I didn't even know the girl.

Hahaha. Isn't it a given that you should pick it up?

No, but isn't it troublesome for people, usually? You don't even know the girl's name and if she gets creeped out then it would be awkward for you too.

Besides she was pretty cute, too.

I'm not much of a communicative person so it would be impossible for me.

How should I put it... it's a feeling of distance.

T/N honestly picking up something for someone even if you don't know them is pretty normal everywhere, nice even. But I guess Japanese people have a more reserved mentality and would feel awkward, especially if the girl might think you're flirting with her. Plus they're also more restrained when it comes to socialising, just a general shyness that everyone has. At least that's the explanation I came up with from my knowledge of japanese people as to why they're making such a big deal out of picking up an eraser. Naoya is not that shy though.

Hahaha, what are you talking about?

You're lucky to be able to do everything so well, Naoya.

Hahaha, that's not really the case.

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Oh, thank you!

You dropped this.

You're very ovservant aren't you, Naoya?

Don't you feel shy at all?

What's "feel shy"?

Not being good at talking to people you've just met, or feeling embarr@ssed...

Hmm... why?

I guess you don't.

"Blue Sky" Kindergarten

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Gimme that!

Naoya-kun gets along with everyone! He does things at his pace, but he's very mature!

Well, as long as he doesn't get into fights with his friends, that's good.

He's a good, obedient child, he knows how to be patient.

I didn't expect him to be capable of such self-control.

He never does!


Mommy save me!!


Stay still!

Yes, ever since he was little he hasn't shown any special attachment to anything in particular...

He doesn't reach out to anything, and I can't really tell what he's thinking most of the time...



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How admirable of you. Doesn't it hurt?


It hurts but I still have to take it. Crying won't get me out of it.


Bathroom's free.



I'm giving you this. Because today is Valentine's Day!

Didn't she give you chocolates last year, Naoya? This year she's giving it to Yamada.

Here's the return, today's White Day.

Thank you!


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Hahaha, that's how it is.

Eh? Aren't you sad? You're so mature~

Naoya-kun, here are some chocolates...

Eh, you're giving it to me? Thank you.

Huh? Didn't Suzuki say she liked Naoya?

Mm, she said she likes Tanaka now.

What? Are you okay with that?

Hahaha, it can't be helped.

How altruistic of you! Just how old are you?

Come here, I won't hurt you.

T/N here "さとって"= "satotte" is used, and it describes a person who is generally liked by other people because of how calm, friendly ,laid-back and understanding they are. Naoya's friend uses this to describe him. And then he asks him "how many weeks have you lived?" As in "how mature can you be?". I felt like I needed to say this, since the english translation was a bit poor in meaning, bc I had to use a short sentence. This is in case people want to know more.

My cat sticks to you like glue, doesn't she?

Your cat is very cute.


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I ended up getting transferred here again. (T/N bc of work)

What? So now our kids will be cl@ssmates? (T/N bc they live in the same neighborhood so they'll go to the same school)


Should we have them get married? You two should get married!

Why not? In the olden days, the parents decided this sort of thing.


T/N I think the two mothers are best friends and suggested that their kids get married half-seriously half-jokingly since they're now so close to each other. Hence why in the past chapters, if anyone remembers, this girl introduced herself as Naoya's fiancée to Nonoka. At least I think that's the case...

A "bride-to-be", right.


I don't mind.

For real? Awesome.

What even is a "bride-to-be" lol

I don't hate it either.


I'll call you Naoya, okay?

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Naoya, don't you know how to be possessive?

I mean, don't you get angry or annoyed when I talk to other guys?

Not really. You were just talking, after all.

Hmm, I see.

Then from which point is it cheating?

Wouldn't that be when you fall for someone else?

Is that so.

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Come to think of it

The minute you ask "from what point is it cheating?" means you're out, right?

It's because you're always so distant, Naoya (T/N I half-read half-guessed this bc the kanji is MICROSOPIC 😭)

T/N as in she's disqualified. Her question is suggesting that she might want to hang out with other guys as well, and that means their relationship is worthless from Naoya's point of view. At least that's why I think he's letting her go.

We were good together. Let's play again sometime.

Kiriyama, did you breakup with your girlfriend?

I just broke up w while ago, too. Let's talk!

Naoya, are you going out with a girl in our cl@ss, now? Why? Since when have you liked her?

Nah, I just went with the mood, I guess.

The mood?! Seriously? (Is this what they call "going with the flow"?)

Naoya, do you like me?

I do like you?

...Hahaha. I sincerely like you.

Really? You don't have any mixed feelings?

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Naoya, a boy from cl@ss 6 just confessed to me.

Is that so?

*kya kya*

I think the guy who confessed to me likes me more than you do. That's how it feels.

He knows I'm already going out with you, but he said to take him instead! So forceful!

Maybe you're too mature for me. I'm only a child, after all. Let's stay friends, thank you for everything.

Do you want to switch to him?

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Naoya, you're single right now, aren't you?

My girlfriend told me to gather some boys for a mixer, don't you wanna come? So you can even out the number.

There's a special case, I'll leave her in your care, Naoya.

Why not? I'm free.

There's this girl that really wants to go out with someone, but she hasn't had a boyfriend even once. My girlfriend says she's a good kid, so apparently she wants to help her get one.

Hahaha. What do you mean by "special"

Yeah but you see, it looks like her idea of "boyfriend" is overly idealised.

I know, right. (That's scary)

Sounds like the stalker-type!

Isn't that really bad? You'd normally be able to get a boyfriend if you want one.

T/N aka she has way too high expectations

What kind of girl is she?

Hahaha, that depends on the person. You won't know unless you talk to her.

Ah, I think it's that girl there. The one with the hair tie on the side.

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Calves work-out

How to reduce swelling

*pop up*

How to tone the muscles


This message has been deleted.

I saw it.

*ring ring*

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Don't get the wrong idea! That screenshot just now was for myself...!

Nonoka, you're still awake? Can I meet you in front of your house?

I feel as though I'm getting troubled like a little brat right now!

This anxiety is too much to keep up with!!

Anyway, why is he asking to meet in the middle of the night?

Isn't it kind of romantic?...No, that's not it!



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It's the smell of

A summer's night.


I felt like I wanted to see you, a little.

No problem! I always want to see you, anyway!

Sorry for sending... that weird message eariler...


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Well, I've seen your face, so I'll leave now.


Eh?! Already?! (So fast?!)

...I like you, Nonoka.

I like you.


I really like you.

I like you, Nonoka.

I got it! I got it already!


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Sigh, I'm sleepy. I'll sleep as soon as I get home. The seminar starts at nine, tomorrow.


Eh, really? Good luck!

I like you too, okay? A lot...

Hahaha. You make want to steal you and take you away somewhere.


I wonder why he came...

Good night.

T\N don't mind me I'll just be here in the corner dissolving into a puddle of jelly 😍😍😍😍


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As I thought...

Kiriyama-kun is acting kind of weird!!

You're doing your homework properly!

Last week's homework was perfect, too! You're working so hard!

Take a look, you even solved this! It was a very complicated exercise!

...That's great.

...You seem troubled.

...Hm? Is something the matter?

I am...

You can tell me! I might not be of much help, though!

Page 41/43

It's about Kiriyama-kun...

I'm the type of person whose feelings always overflow and are visible...

But I get the feeling Kiriyama-kun is suppressing his true emotions and important aspects... (Though he does talk to me about a lot of things)

I mean even sensei could tell that I'm troubled just now

Kiriyama-kun is my motivation to work hard...

But when it comes to me, I can't become his motivation... makes me sad...

T/N she means she's feeling a bit left out of Kiriyama's universe, maybe? Because she feels like Kiriyama tells her only about the surface things, and leaves out his most inner thoughts so she can't really support him, it's only him supporting her.

Page 42/43

I see...

Ah, but as for the exam, I will work hard for it, on my own! (T/N not bringing love-life into school-life)

I guess the exam period brings a lot of troubles along with it, huh. (T/N like though decisions, and dilemmas)

This has nothing to do with sensei, in the first place.

I'll get to work!


Sure, let's do our best.

This is today's lesson!


To make things easier for Kiriyama-kun?

I wonder what it is that I should do


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Thank you for this. It really helped me.

Sure, sorry you had to come all the way here...


Kiriyama-kun, won't you come to my place for a bit?

To be continued (T/N I hope there aren't any mistakes and I feel like I have to apologise again for the abundent translator notes. Japanese is so rich in meaning the english translation slims it down many times, and I just feel like I have to add extra to convey it properly. Though I haven't received any comments saying it's annoying... yet! 😂