Koyoi, Kaijin to Tea Time wo

Chapter 4

From -menos- FreeTime (ENG):In a town where feelings are reportedly stolen, one emotionless girl meets the monster who can steal feelings away.

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the true form was still a mystery, while a sorrowful howl reverberate in the dark night

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Tsugomori-san from last night was different from usual

It was as if he wasn't a human

black sugar cubes

a picture with a man resembled Tsugomori-san

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Tsugomori-san haven't came back ever since he ran outside


Mumu is also gone

I need to go to school

no way... it's a murder crime

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thank god the criminal is caught already

but both the victim and the criminal were injured right?

the victim is dead, and the suspect who lost consciousness is already being sent to the hospital

aren't there a lot of crimes within this town lately?

the suspect regained consciousness already but persisted on not remembering anything


why did the suspect said that he forgot the feeling when he did the murder?

the circumstances are just like the case of m@ss fainting

in either case, the lost of consciousness and the lost of memories are playing part

but in this murder case, he didn't show up

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somehow I have ominous feeling about him

perhaps the culprit is someone else...?

Haruki, it's time for school already, right?


uh, okay

that guy...

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he's gone


Kokoro! morning

Tsugomori? Don't tell me, it's the name of the guy who lives together with you?


sorry, I was concerned so I followed you before


but he's gone

last night he went out and haven't came back. He was also different from usual

you guys live together in the remains of theme park, right

you know?

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such circumstances is the first time for me


I don't know what to do by myself


just now, my name...

I want to search for him together

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isn't this the first time that she depends on me?

I understand

I'll go to your place after school

still not home?

he's nowhere in each room

what to do?

actually I saw a guy that resembled him this morning

he was quite faraway that I thought I might be wrong

it's somewhat logical

well he was at the murder crime scene

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even if we search for him outside, we still don't have any clue

Kokoro, do you know any place that he might gone off?

...... the place which people gather together

I don't really understand, but let's try go to a wide place first

thank you


just Haruki is fine

I also don't use any honorofic to you after all

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I see




what is this?


calm down!

Kokoro, let's go!

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we went all the way to the crowd, but is it the right thing to do?

he doesn't look like the type who would come here though... searching him in this crowd would be quite a work

I wonder if that guy would be here in this free concert

how is it, Kokoro?

everyone is having fun

yeah you're right

but he already "owns" it

so probably not here

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let's go to another place

this place is full of couples


how could they enjoy this event?

Kokoro! Are you okay?

there's so many people here, don't stray away from me


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it's warm

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not him...

I'll search to that side

say, Kokoro. What's your relationship with Tsugomori-san?

is he.. like.. your relative or such?

ah, no. I don't mean it in a strange way


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that person is similar to me

Tsugomori-san is the same as me

he is looking for his lost possessions

lost possessions...

seems like he's not here either. any place you feel he would be?

delightful greed


T/N I honestly don’t know what the kanji means. It’s from “bimi” (delicious, appetizing) and “yoku” (greed, avarice) which I don’t know what is the combined meaning, and decided to make it as a simple "appet1te"

will he... seriously be here?

delicious foods

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It’s full with women, so embar@ssing

Kokoro? you want to try it?

I don’t know

Let’s go in!

we have been walking around, so it's better to take a break while look for him

for 2 please


Kokoro, you like things like this?


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I don’t really understand, but it’s good

that means you like it right?

To think about it

is that so?

somehow it feels like a “date”??

No no no, what did I just think about

we are not in that kind of situation

if it’s Kokoro, there’s no way she intended to..


Yess??! No, no! I am totally not thinking about “date” or anything!!


No, why did I blurted out what I was thinking? no, it’s nothing!

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she smiled...?!

Kokoro... right now, what are you thinking about?

it was funny...?

Kokoro, you changed lately

unlike before, you shows a lot of emotions

you also initiated to talk with me

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perhaps it’s because of him


is always care about me

no... I...

nah, don’t mind it

I only said horrible things to you

that’s not true

from the start, only Haruki would be willing to talk to me

I always been thankful...

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I became able to be grateful



I’m glad that I am able to convey it

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I’m glad...

really glad...

In the end we can’t find him...

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perhaps he is home already. How about checking your place?

okay, I’ll go home

what is Tsugomori-san, really?

say, Kokoro

“Who are you?”

I also don’t know

Then what do you think about him?

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... I don’t know


if it’s about Kokoro, I am more...

but when I am with him, I feel like I am able to feel something has returned

that something which returned back to you, can’t it be there with my presence?


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I’m here to pick you up


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I’m sorry I am back really late

Let’s ho home together



you are... the young guy at that hot spring

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I am Hidaka Haruki, Kokoro’s cl@ssmate

Ah! you are the one who is always with Kokoro-chan

it’s not something to be thankful for

Thank you

why are you together with Kokoro?

I am not a 'thing'

rather than that, what are you, really?

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I'm just a mysterious Onii-san

I’ll change the question, what did you do yesterday night?

You were at the crime scene this morning right?

why were you in that place?

you were also there at the hot spring where the m@ss fainting happened

You are quite the curious one

well, I don’t remember

I understand that though, I just obtained that emotion recently

you keep messing around with me since earlier...!

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let’s go home Tsugomori-san

stop right there



you’re showing such an interesting expression right there

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Thank you for today, Haruki

See you tomorrow

I haven’t gotten that yet, th-at-e-mo-ti-on

I’m happy that she finally relied on me for the first time

but in other words, I am no more than an important friend to her

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I'll force him to unravel his true colors

I'll get it one day

when I grew up more

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