Hatsukoi to Taiyou

Chapter 5


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the field trip pictures are here!

it's been a week

it was fun

Ah, this is the one where Akiba-kun become a photobomb


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how about today progress?


we stay a night here just for that purpose!

love talk! let's do a love talk!

don't tell me you are already in a relationship with Ichijou-kun?

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It's the opposite!

we talk to each other at school everyday

but that's it

after the confession, it's not progressing at all!

confession is like the last goal isn't it?

I can't help but think what should I do from now on

your strong rival, the "Ichijou's girls" is also already taken care of right?

but Koharuko-chan, you are really close to Ichijou-kun

tha..that's true

it's fine to take it slow


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somehow, after seeing the girls who aimed for Ichijou at field trip

I want to

be the number one in Ichijou's mind

I don't want anyone else to be in there

that's why

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I can't be idling around!

I see..

Then we need to make a strategy!

Then how about

at sunday, tomorrow

ask him to "go out" with you?

eh?? going out?

if you both can go to AENON mall, isn't that good? T/N I think it's referring to AEON mall lol

going out together with Ichijou??!!

let's ask him now on the phone

that's... like a dream!

cordless home phone

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it's good you asked for his number at the trip

will he pick up?

*ring tone


it's Ichijou

I'm sorry that it's really sudden, it's Izumi

I'm thinking of going somewhere together tomorrow if you are free

huh. are you sure?

yes, at that place

oh, what's up?


okay, see you tomorrow


how about AENON mall?


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I did ittt!!!

what to do????

let's discuss about the strategy!

going out with...




even if you want to do photobox, boys usually hate it

for starter, go to places Ichijou-kun's like!!

it's a rare opportunity

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so I need to go all out!


*poke poke




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you were deep in thought, so I can't help but did that...


Ichijou whom I always see in school

is here in this place

seems odd



ah! Sorry!

I'm starting to get nervous

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What should we do today? What do you usually do here?

Sacchan! Tamao!

it's an emergency!

I don't come here often

I lost all the possible things to do today!

umm, then...

what is the correct thing to do when going out together with a boy?

what thing would be fun???

what to do...

how about Izumi?

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do you have anything you'd like to do?

I want to...

do photobox with Ichijou

but boys hate that kind of thing right?

let's just do what Ichijou likes


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I also want to try

things that Izumi enjoys

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okay, photobox then!


really kind

Ichijou is

it's full with middle schoolers

i-it's fine. photobox is something that everyone does


walking in straightly

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there are 2 elementary schoolers!

oh you're right

do they wanna take first picture as a couple?

no way, that's really cute!


quick! anywhere is okay!

Ichijou! this box is empty. get in!

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first of all, put your cheeks together

Ichijou, wait..

okay, next! hug from behind!

impossible! totally impossible!

not this one, what is this really??!

even if you say that, the machine won't understand

what a great couple

Couple Course?

let's take a proper picture at least once...

it can't stop isn't it? it's already starting

shut up, you stupid!

cancel... how to cancel

Izumi, it'll be a waste of money

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Last! you guys really are lovey dovey

I'll pay for it so let's do it one more time!



this time...

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are you ready?

next, pull out a peace sign!

Hiro-nii, pose properly!



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I am Akiba Momo

Third year of elementary school!

so you have a sister, Akiba

you guys looks like each other so much

I'm Izumi Koharuko! The same cl@ss as your Onii-chan!


let's leave...

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this top...

it's in the 2nd floor of this building...

Momo! just leave!

where do they sell it??

what are you doing??

shut up you retard!

you see... hands down from Hiro-nii is totally not cute right!!


it's fine, so let's go

let go of me!


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then let's search for cute clothes together!



is it okay, Ichijou?

I can't just leave a crying girl alone, can't I?

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okay! Let's go straight to that shop!

even Momo?!


let's look for cute clothes in full spirit!


boys!! look!

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isn't it cute??


but you used the remaining money to do photobox right?

just give it up for today

let's go


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should I search for the cheaper one?

the one from before, how much?


sorry Ichijou!


me and Akiba left something behind

please wait here with Momo

what's with you...

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in the end you bought it for her, right Akiba?

my game money is all gone...

Thank you so much!


you used your pocket money to buy Momo's clothes

aren't you nice


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are going out with Ichijou, right?

we are not



I confessed already

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and he rejected me

eh? but you guys coming here together


I don't wanna give up my first love yet

wouldn't that be awkward?? I don't understand you


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besides, because he already rejected me

even if it's still unrequited, it's okay right

of course

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I'll do just so

Eh?! Akiba you like someone??

Who? Who??

It's a big news!!

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your clothes from before...

was really cute!


let's leave

why all of sudden?

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hey! tell me!

shut up you retard!

the world surrounding me one by one


started to change

after falling in love


thank them properly

Thank you Koharuko-chan and Ichijou-kun!

next time let's play together with Hiro-nii again okay?


stop with that "Hiro-nii"!


it's cute though

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I don't like it if you call me that



We're leaving

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aren't we going together until midways?


we both came here together after all

let's go


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that was it!

I had fun with Akiba siblings

and ended up neglecting Ichijou!


"wouldn't that be awkward? I don't understand you"

was he feeling uneasy around me today?

um Ichijou...

about me asking you out today...

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was it a bother?

you met up to my demands because you are nice

that's why I'm sorry, I won't invite you anymore...


I'm here right now because I enjoy it

right now, and from the first time we met...

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I always enjoy it

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the existence of Izumi

let's go


only a little, but

it's overflowing

I want to be closer

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I really

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like you

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