Cardcaptor Sakura - Clear Card Arc

Chapter 27

It is spring, with cherry trees in full blossom, and Sakura is just entering middle school. Her beloved Syaoran has returned from Hong Kong, and life couldn’t be better. But when she awakens from a strange dream to find her Sakura Cards powerless, how can she protect Tomoeda from disaster?!(Source: Kodansha Comics)

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Here they all think he means: Get ready to get a punch in the mouth

...Clench your teeth

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...That's why

you always [smile]

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Ever since you came back you've been smiling

But Master said that when she saw you smile

She felt uneasy and...

Good bit of guesswork here

She felt unhappy and lonely

You are maturing

I acknowledge that your power has grown stronger

Many things must have happened while you were away

Before you had left

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Being frustrated, smiling

You were able to express that far more easily

In order to

[hide] the fact that you're lying, you smile

The fact is you're lying, to yourself as well

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...Although, we're doing the same thing

That's true

What we did was dangerous

and thoughtless


We really love our Master

Who can treasure a person's heart more than anyone else

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That's why we can understand your feelings of wanting to protect


Don't forget that Master treasures you the most

If Master knew you would sacrifice yourself to protect her

What do you think that would do to her

That's the most important thing you have to think about

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We don't want Master to cry

In order to protect Master, you must protect yourself too

Without fail


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Who are you?!

Are you the one who always appears in my dreams?!

You already know whose voice this is



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Thank goodness this conversation with Yue went well



Why did you say [clench your teeth]?

If I suddenly touched him he might have been surprised and could have bitten his tongue

So overprotective

But Yue is far more overprotective of Master

Shut up

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Let Master see that smile more

You're never alone

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Jus' now, I heard Sakura's voice an' thought somnin mighta happened ta her

Shut up

I thought'a goin' ta da basement ta see

But I can't git outta da room!!

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We'll get there faster by flying

They're here for just that reason aren't they

But I don't have flying magic...

...Will you come with me

For Sakura

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For your sake

as well


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I can't move?!

As I thought the magic power is strong

Isn't it too strong

It's only natural for a descendant of Clow Reed


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This child's power will also be put in this [container]

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Whoa, two at the same time?

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Come outside with me Kero-chan!



Akiho-chan is!

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He can stop ALL time and rewind ALL time for everything in the world

For the record, Yuna D Kaito's magic is Moon-based Time magic

To everyone here

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Thank you for your hard work

The strongest magic user Yuna D Kaito, finally makes his entrance!!

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