Dakishimete, Tsuideni Kiss mo

Chapter 1

Tamako Asahina, who lived without care, unmarried and without a lover, will soon be 30. But, an unexpected meeting swoops down from a familiar place…?!

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Hug me, and while you are at it, kiss me, too

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Our company is having a marriage rush

Our company is having a marriage rush

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When was this photo taken??

When was this photo taken??

So stressful...

What is?

Ahahaha! You are right! She looked like an auntie!

Don't you think I looked older here?


This part, for example

You think so? I think it's fine, though

Haven't you see today's company's insta?

It's just a natural thing for people on their 30s, you know?

Tamako-san sure is interesting!

What an expression she had while m@ssaging herself like that!

Really? Let me see!

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Well, excuse me! I'm still 29!

We still have one month left!

But you're going to have your birthday soon, right?

It's been 4 years since I moved to this company

I work with cosmetics I love and having many nice friends here

Let alone a boyfriend, I don't think I have someone in my mind, too

It's because you don't get the fluffy-lovely feelings everyday so your skin doesn't get moisturized as it should be

Just when I'm starting to enjoy working here, I'm starting to realized...

Do you really not have someone in your mind?

It's been 8 years since the last time I had a boyfriend

*munch munch

Ah! Now you said that, maybe there's one person!

Not at all

Her expression is irritating

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That person, you meant "that", right?


Don't call him "that"

The one I'm eagerly waiting for recently is...

By the way, about the sample last time...


A package for you

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Please stamp or sign it

Thanks for your hard work, Takeda-kun!

Ah, she jumps right away...

"that" person in her mind

A recent part-timer at the security department, Takeda-kun (22 yo)

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Quite a good-looking guy

This one, too, please

Just now we were talking about you

They said I am lack of heart racing moments which make me short of "moisturizer" for my poor skin

I believe if I could go and eat pig legs together with you, I will be looked refreshed the next day!

That's why!

Ah, meat is also fine by me! What would you like?

*circling him


A package for you, Ehara-san

Chine cuisine is also alright

I have the money, you know?!

Well then, thank you for your hard work

I appreciate the offer but no

*walks away

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I've done a good job today

Don't tell me you are serious about Takeda-kun!

How about starting to think about marriage seriously ?

It's fine, right? There's not a single man at all in our company, so having a bit fun won't hurt anyone

What a stupid thing to say...

There are big differences between age 29 and 30!

You should make your move while you still can make it!

It's okay to have fun, but...


Yeah yeah

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Age 30, huh?

Finally finished...

Shall we go home now?

Wedding party

Just for a bit...

Wedding make up edition


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You're still here?

I'm about to go home now


Are you doing your round?

Yes... It's not easy to work overtime by yourself, right?

Well, our company only has women and many of them married as well, so it's only natural that they will prioritized their family


--and because I live alone, I have a lot of free time on my hands, so...

I see...

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In the middle of searching marriage consultancy

Place to consult marriage

Wedding party

Marriage today

So embarr@ssing!

Ah, this...

I just had a peek of it, don't worry


Well, I'm turning to 30 next month, you see...

But you don't look like one

I can't stop this sadness


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You still looked so young!

Even if you only tried to cheer me up, I'm so happy...

Eh... Ehhh??!! Is that so?!


Because lately everyone been saying that I looked like an auntie...



Auntie? It doesn't make sense!

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The cool boy is...


Somehow it makes me happy

Don't you have a girlfriend, Takeda-kun?

What? Although you're so popular? What a waste!

I don't

What about someone you're interested in? Do you have one?

Well... I have someone interesting that has been in my mind for a while, but...

--there's no hope at all for me


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If she were me, I'll be more than happy, Takeda-kun

Is that so?

This person is also someone older than me, but...


--she always makes fun of me...

Seems like she doesn't see me as a man...


Like how?

But, did you know? Sometimes, one will make fun of someone else because there is a hidden nice intention behind that

How about making her realize that you are a man, too?


Let me think about it...

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What about trying to suddenly hug her tight?

Won't she hate me for that?

There's a possibility for that, too

But the good thing is you know that she doesn't really like you, so you can finally give up on her

But as I thought, maybe that hug is a bit extreme...


Could you please stand up for a while?

I see...

On the other side, that hug can also be the starting point of something new

*stands up

Uh, yes?

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*hugs tightly

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You are so soft


No way...


The person on his mind is...

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Is me?


What should I do?




I should run away now...

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I'm sorry!




*run away

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Just what...

Just what did I doooo???

*inner talking


I was so surprised that I couldn't move an inch

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The kiss...

Just when did I become a flirty woman like this?

*shake shake

It's not like I dislike it...

Calm down...

The kiss after 8 years...

This is not good...

Maybe he was just making fun of me...

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I have to face this matter with a cold head as an adult should!

Thank you for your hard work


Act normal. Act normal


Asahina-san, please stamp this document


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*turn back

Well, thanks

*pull gently

Do you have to work overtime today, too?


Uh... I guess not...

I'll wait for you outside after work

Then how about having dinner together?

So please consider it well

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He asked me out...

This is--

Well, that's...


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Doesn't that mean he really is wooing you?

You should not go!

And what's with that face? Smile!


Ugh... Sorry...

My heart is beating fast, it can't be help

Why is it a 'no'?

My chest feels so tight right now...

Maybe he was just casually asking you to hang out together

"Hang out"? He's 22 yo, remember?

Are you a teenager?!

Don't be mesmerised

Tamako, listen here


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If you really got caught by him


Normally, there will be no 22 yo man thinking about marriage that soon

You will have to wait for a long time to get married, that's for sure

Even if he were serious about dating you

No one can guarantee when will he think about marrying you

While you are waiting, suddenly you turn 35

Whoooa... when you two broke up, it will be hard for you to start over even if you went to marriage consultant at age 35!

I have to start over from zero at 35...



Now you can see the reality, right?

I see... Hey, I was 30, too...


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It won't do any good if I worked out my heart just like the old times...

Thank you for your hard work

I'll just have dinner then go straight home

Don't be drunk and end up in some hotel...

I won't!

I made up my mind!


Thank you for your hard work

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I'm sorry for having you wait for me...

So cool! Not! Be careful!

Will you go? For the meal?

No, it's me who decided to wait you here

Yeah, I don't mind

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So cute...


I should be careful around him!

Glad to hear that!

Where should we go?

Anywhere is fine by me

Here are your beer and cola

Are you a regular here?

I feel so young being with him

Umm... thanks for your hard work

Well, I can't drink sake, so yes. But, are you really okay with this place?

*gulp gulp


They only sell hamburger and the like, though

It's okay. I like burger, too

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Wahaha! I feel like I was watching an ad!

Oops, I was reckless... So embarr@ssing


What should we order next?

Are you okay by pretending nothing happened before?



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I'm serious about what I said yesterday

So please go out with me

So please go out with me

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Is that a 'no'?

No way...

No, I mean...

You're just joking, right?

Rather than a 'no'...

I'm serious


You're so cold and ignore me everyday

I should keep my manner in front of everyone, so...

Hey, hey

Yes, yes, what is it?

Well, that's...

That's true, but...


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I can't get you off of my mind after I kissed you...

I can't forget Asahina-san


Am I not good enough for you?

sounds like he is really serious about this, right?

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What should I do?

You shouldn't go!


It's still no good, I guess...

I'm sorry

I'm sorry

I'm so happy with that feeling of yours, but...

I'm really happy right now

I have to consider many other things, too

and it seems impossible for me...

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What a waste...

I'm really sorry

No, I don't hate you!

Do you hate me?

Then why? What are the other things?

How should I say these things?

Age 30

He really listened to me well..

Marriage anticipation

Dating him will be difficult

Dating him will be difficult


Heavy reasons


It's something that I would keep to myself

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I see...


Being told like that...

Are you serious?

Your privacy...

Isn't that bad?

But in the end

It means that I have no existence in your life, right, Asahina-san?

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I understood

I understood

I understood

I understood

I understood

I will give up on you

What should I eat now?

Not exist...


Yeah, let's eat...

What is your recommendation?

Meat, yes?


This is for the best...

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This is how it supposed to be, right?

Today, I was very excited, but I realized that I have to wake up to the reality soon

*sound of opening a bottle cap

Here, water

Besides, I can't imagine myself marrying this boy...

Ah, sorry for troubling you...

No, I was the one at fault for letting you drink to much

No, I was the one at fault for letting you drink too much

I can drink a lot if it is beer

Is that so?

Want to see?

You said that yourself

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I failed...

*gulp gulp

I'll be fine after resting a bit

Should I get a taxi for you?

You should go home first...ugh...


It's okay to lean on me

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It'll ease you a bit

I should stop doing this...

You're so nice, Takeda-kun



If you date me, I'll be nicer than this, you know?

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I'm so stubborn, huh?


Gross, too



Don't make my heart race like that...

You're not stubborn...

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And I'm already at my limit...

The truth is...

--you exist somewhere in my heart

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What about the private things you have to consider?


Ugh... I can't stand it anymore!

It's because

Whatever it'll be will be!

I'm turning 30 soon

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I have to search for marriage consultancy while I still have time

When I think of marriage, there will be a very small chance with you, because you are still young, right?

To be honest...

But because I don't have enough time left just to wait for you to be ready, I can't...

I'm totally captivated by you...


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I've said that...

This must be troubling you, right...?

It's true...

If we talked about marriage right now...

I don't feel like getting married any time soon and I don't have any plan to that soon, too

So, I can't promise you on that

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So, I'm sorry...

Just how far are you going to be frank with me?


It's alright. In fact, I'm glad you clearly stated that

Alright! It's time to find someone seriously!

I feel relieved now, I'm glad...

I'm so grateful


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Don't you have some kind of time limit?


Until you meet that someone, is fine by me

You're going to find someone on marriage consultancy, right?


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We're captivated by each other

So I don't want this to end just like that

When you have found that someone, I'll be gone from your life for good

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So until that time comes, please love me