Yuzuki-san Chi no Yon Kyoudai.

Chapter 4

From Lemonade Scans:The 4 brothers of Yuzuki family... Are family? Friends? Opponents?

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The center of the Yuzukis--first son: Hayato

And he is struggling with both his family and his work?!

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Because I made stew for today´s dinner, you should warm it first before eating

The salad is on the fridge!

So remember that well!

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We got it already! How many times do we need to say that to make you believe us?!

It´s alright, Brother...

We´ll do as you said, so please don´t worry


Yes, just like what brother Minato said

We want you to have fun without worrying about us

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Because this is your long-awaited reunion anyway

I´ll try to come back home as soon as I can!

Have fun!

Today is my high school reunion day

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On my 2nd year after joining the society

There are people I have never met after graduated years ago

I wonder how is everyone doing right now...?

Everyday, I am absorbed by my work

--and there are much to do from house chores, my brothers, and many more, but...

--I´m looking forward to resume my feeling as a student back then!

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The information desk is over here!

Long time no see!

The 72nd reunion hall, Ritsushouyou High School, Hoshizaki City

How are you?

Hey, I was told that Yuzuki-kun is coming today!


Does he have a girlfriend right now?

Seems like he is free right now

It means he is on the market now, isn´t he?

No way!


By the way, that time he dated the cute Ida-san, right? Why did they break up?


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We don´t need any reason right now, because the most important thing is he is single!

Ah, that´s right. Maybe I should try to make advances to him, too?

Whooaa... this girl really is something...

You shouldn´t! Don´t you have a boyfriend already?



You´re late! We started a moment ago!

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On this opportunity

Ritsushouyou High School, Hoshizaki Shi. Batch 72 reunion

To be able to see all grown up students make me feel happy

--And because I understand it very well that all of you hate the long speech since you were students, so let´s make it short and TOAST!


Sensei has grown up, too, huh?

Yuzuki! Miyamoto! Long time no see!

Toyama! Morioka! Nice to see you again!

Didn´t you guys enter the same university?

Well yeah. Thanks to that, we often meet each other and now we don´t feel like we´re having a reunion at all


It´s already 6 years after graduation, huh?


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Long time no see!

I´m fine, thanks

Who are they?

How are you?!

Who are they? Were they cl@ssmates?

No. But there is one person who were on the same cl@ss as mine for a year

I see... So they are ¨that¨, huh?

No doubt of it

The secret admirers of Hayato, huh?

They don´t seem to hide it anymore. People are growing as the time p@ssed, huh?

Talking about time! Do you remember Sekiguchi?!

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Yes, the quiet one, right?

He liked to be alone at the corner of the cl@ss and always read difficult books, right?

There´s this rumor that he is now a company director!


Amazing. I never thought that kind of guy really exists before

It is said that he started his own company when he was a university student and he succeed!

Company director...

I was greeted by a refreshing looking guy and I didn´t recognize him

As time p@ssed, his personality also changed! That guy is Sekiguchi-kun!

Doesn´t he have too much girls on his side over there?

A company director is just too amazing!

He is the Sekiguchi-kun we know since the high school time, right? So scary...

Well, Sekiguchi-kun is clever after all

But actually...

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There is this moment when the old hierarchy is reversed

when asked ¨What are you doing now?¨

For example, the one who used to be the star of sports club

--and he answered ¨Freeter¨

The girls are running away from him

The moment he said that...

It´s pretty scary

To know that the advantages you had when you were a student, has no power in the future when facing the power of financial stability

--And you´re quite safe, huh? Since you are a teacher


What? Yuzuki-kun is a teacher?!


I´m so jealous of your students!

Is that so?



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What about you, guys?

I´m just your regular salaryman

Me, too. Because I´m in sales department, keeping up the norm is quite a hard work

Oh, I get that feeling!

Well, I´m an admin, but as expected, seniors are scary

I don´t want to join the after work party as much as possible, too

The seniors are scary, too

It´s not easy to make up a reason not to come

I don´t want my private life got interfered as much as possible

I see...

I am so blessed by having those seniors with me

I should be thankful. I have to work hard to show my grat1tude!

What´s wrong?

Kindhearted seniors

If you need my help, just tell me

You can ask for anything

Akiyama Sensei

That is why!

Hanaoka Sensei

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I wish for a wonderful encounter

--and then resign as soon as possible, right?

I understand that, too

Do you get it now? This is the example of mechanism of the reversed hierarchy I said before

Well, it´s true that work is hard, but there´re bonuses, too

Oh right! What are you using the money for? You save it?

I´m planning to have a holiday abroad with my girlfriend

Huh? You have a girlfriend? Really?

Actually, we already talked about getting married, too

Eeehhh??? How nice!

Getting married?!

Well, it´s not entirely holiday, because I have business to do at Shanghai, so since we´re at it, I asked her to come with me for sightseeing


Business abroad...

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As I thought, it really is different from back then...

Everyone is experiencing the world of being an adult already...


How about you, Yuzuki?

Teacher´s salary seems good, too... How nice...

Well, yes, but I rarely use it well

Why? Ah! Are you living alone by yourself?

Ah, teacher is a quite difficult work, right?

No, that´s not it

Even on weekend you have to work for free to manage the club, right?

Are you so busy that you don´t have time to use your money well?

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It´s true that the works at school make me busy, but...

--taking care of my family is making me busier than the school

WHAT?! You´re raising children?!

I have 3 boys to be taken care of after all

Are you already married, Yuzuki-kun?!

Ah, no. You are wrong

My parents died when I was a university student, so I am acting as a parent for my brothers now...

Is that so, Yuzuki-kun?

I want to support him~

Sounds hard...


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It´s actually super hard, you know?!

Because I have 3 brothers, of course they eat a lot

The 10kg rice pack always empty in a blink of eyes

By my salary as a new teacher, it is not enough

But because they are still growing boys, I have to make sure they have fulfilled nutrition,right?

That´s why I have to thoroughly check if the supermarket has discounted items

Thinking about everyday menu is more difficult than what to teach in cl@ss!


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Because my second brother is quite mischievous, his clothes get dirty easily

There are day when washing his clothes once is not enough to make it clean

I´m planning to buy a huge drying machine for the next bonus

And also, although they are not twins, the first and the second are on the same year

I was scared when they took the exam for junior high at the same time, so I made them enter the school which has high school, too

It costs more than usual since it is a private school, but we can cover it up somehow using my parents´ inheritance

And because they provide school´s lunch, there are days that I don´t have to prepare lunch boxes for them

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Because I work as a teacher at the high school there, I can monitor my brothers at the junior, too

So even when they got into a trouble, I can immediately come

Ah! Because my first brother is quite smart, if he is better at the better high school, of course I´m willing to let him to take the entry test outside this area

For my second brother, because he is also often get called, I´m saved because we are on the same area

I really want to provide the best education for my brothers!

My littlest brother is still on first year of elementary school, but...

--he has a unique perception which makes me sometimes thinking that he is much older than me...

But it is forgiven because he is still small and that is quite cute!

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Eh... Um...

Sounds so hard!

Well, I´m going to get some food now!

Ah, we have to go to our cl@ssmates´ place now!

See you, Yuzuki-kun!

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Hayato... You really are something...

Well, don´t mind it

Aren´t you going to make advances to Yuzuki-kun?

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Ah, no... how should I put this...?

That guy is a bit impossible

She is talking about me?!

He used to be a cool guy that loves to get number 1 or 2 position


But now, he sounds like an old man

Yeah, I think so

No, rather than old man...

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Isn´t he like an auntie?


He´s just like those aunties at my work place whom love to talk about their kids!


They talk about nothing but their kids

There are people like that, too, in my office!

I´m a man, though!

That´s so boring, right? And taking so much time


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Besides, if you are going to marry Yuzuki-kun, you automatically have to take care the other 3, too

The littlest one is a first year of elementary?

For him to be independent will take about 10 years or more


Impossible! Absolutely impossible!

Besides, just before

I didn´t get the feeling of manliness from Yuzuki-kun! He´s an old auntie after all!

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We´re going to held another party after this. You´re going, right?

Mi-yan, sorry... I´m going home after this...


Have fun at the next party...

H-huh? O-okay...

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Just when I thought I´m going to have fun by reminiscing the feeling as a student back then...

--somehow, getting older is the only feeling I got...

for the worst...

I overheard that I sounded like an old lady by the opposite gender...

You there! The drunk one!

I´m going to arrest you if you don´t walk straight!

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Saki-san... don´t surprised me like that...

Oh my? What´s wrong with the face as if the world is going to end right now?

That´s right... My existence is already end right now...

Alright! Let´s go for a drink! I´m finished with my job, so let´s go after this!

This auntie will treat you!



Kirishima´s speaking

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h*llo? Dad?

I´m sorry! I´m going home late today!

Please send Waka and the other to bed first!

Waka, do you want to enter the bath with me?

Mother is not going home yet?

*cries Nooo...mother...

Waka, I´m sorry... But this mother of yours can´t let alone the young one in problem

You were called auntie just because you talked about raising your brothers at the reunion?

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Although they also talked about office problems, or going abroad for holiday using bonus money, and many more...

--and suddenly, they´ve become quiet...


They even said I´m not manly anymore!

Although I´m still 23 years old!

Well, you´re not an old auntie yet, but maybe it hurts less if they call you an old man...

But, I get it...

Well, it´s not an interesting story for a virgin like you, though

I used to be bullied by my juniors at work


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What should I do? I always talk about nothing but my brothers to Mi-yan!

This ¨Mi-yan¨ is your friend?

Yes! And I also talk about that to every single senior in my workplace!

But they listened to you very well, right?

I must have made them bored with my story!

It´s alright. I think, they pay attention to who you are, not what the topic is

You should cherish people like them


But I kind of understand why did they call you old lady!

Naturally, one will think that raising children is a matter of a future


But you--! Suddenly have to raise your 3 brothers while taking care of your job as a teacher!

With the good meaning! It means, you have the superb power of a mother!

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Boys are easier to get sick, to get hurt than girls, so it´s hard

You also make fancy lunch boxes for your brothers

Ah, but that´s the common thing, while my family is the uncommon case

Uta is always nagging me by saying ¨I want to eat the one like Minato´s lunch!¨

You make me on denial for my own creation!


Please don´t stab me with chopsticks!

I wonder if your mom taught you those things before? Or you learnt it by yourself?

When I was a kid...

Mother was rarely at home...

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Because father´s novels weren´t sold very well

We lived off the money mother made from her part time...

I ate the food mother made in a hurry before she left

Father worked at home, so I wasn´t really alone...

or the food my father easily prepared everyday

Just before I entered the junior high school, father´s novels were sold very well and we moved here

Mikoto was born, then Minato was too

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Every day, the menu on the table would be something that is easy to make

Even for me who was still just a kid, those food were amazing

One day, I said to Mikoto and Minato

¨It´ll be nice to treat you nice meals everyday!¨

After the meal

¨Even I have you to do this although you are still small... I´m sorry...¨

Mother said that to me

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That night, I couldn´t sleep at all

I didn´t mean to blame my mother at all, but I said something insensitive...

I have hurt my mother...

At the same time, I know...

that mother would react to my insensitive words...

That´s why when my parents died, I decided...

--to do as best as I can, the things that mother wanted to do for us in the past

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Ah, I´m sorry for the depressing story...

What a good son you are!

Please stop it! You are making my body fluid wasted! At this age of mine, body fluid is very needed as a moisturizer for the old skin!

Ah, Waka wants to be a kindhearted adult like you in the future, he said

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I am...

When I am taking care of my brothers, everything those girls said makes sense...

--not that good man he thinks I am...

I don´t have anything to offer...

What is the most depressing me today is...

The same age friends of mine become part of society and having their own life

They said, ¨In my case...¨

If I didn´t have to take care about my brothers...

Maybe I will be like my friends--having my own life and enjoying it right now...

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I really hate that kind of me

Although I am the one that decided to take care of my brothers

The me who thought that it might be better if I didn´t have brothers at all

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Is that so?

Even the real mother like me also think the same like that everyday!

Eh? Really?

Yeah! Super real!

Although everyday I break my sweat at work and taking care of my children

Days when those kids don´t want to move an inch until I bought them the things they want,I have those days too!

Although I´m so sleepy, I have to wake up early, and those days where the lunches I prepared were not eaten


Then I got caught in it and forget about the things I should really worry about!

But I hate that!

I want that Purikyowa chocolate!

Just forget it!

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I was the one that bear the pain and gave birth to them, so I´ll be like that

The same goes to you because you are siblings! So it´s only natural that you care about your brothers!

So that´s fine! Totally fine! Because that´s how it is!


Yes, it is!


I believe that you, too--

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Thank you for the treat today

Yeah! Have a good rest!


It really is refreshing to hear a senior´s point of view!

Thank you very much!

I had fun, too! Let´s have another mama´s meeting next time!

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So dark...

So quiet here... Are they sleeping already?

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*pang! pang!

Happy birthday!

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Eh? I´m..ho..

Huh?! My... Today is my birthday?!

Yes! It´s a big success!

He really is forgetting it...

Oh, that´s right...

Here! Here!


Ah! Brother, close your eyes!

Quickly! Quickly!

You may open your eyes now!

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What is this all about?

We made this! Well, we bought the sponge cake at the supermarket, though

I wrote the words with chocolate pen!

I whipped the cream!

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Brother, happy 24 years old

Thank you for always taking care of us

Thank you!

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You guys...

Hurry up and bl0w the candles!

We have a present, too!

It burns! It burns!

Ah! Alright!

An apron!

We also st1tched the one that suits you

The old one has a hole in it, so we should change it

Not ¨brother¨?

The letters are a lot and we don´t have enough space

Not even a ¨PAPA¨, too?

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There are also m@ssage tickets!

Just when did you prepare all of these?

All handwritten!

We prepared the present since a long ago, while the cake and decoration right after Brother left

Brother is getting older, so we believe you are also getting tired easily

It´s good that you got home earlier than planned

Because your long explanation on dinner, we were afraid we couldn´t make it in time!

We were struggling to wait in the dark for some time

It´s just when we heard you in the entrance

We already prepared ourselves to be scolded later for still waking up late this night, but

--please enjoy your time now, Brother



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I´m soooo not forgiving you for making me so touched like this!

Thank you!

Let go! You stink!


I believe that you, too, are the same, right?

There are moments when all of those irritated feelings of yours went away easily

when they made you think ¨so cuuuuteeee¨

The hard work and worries I had in me...


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All of those become a happy feeling!

Alright, let´s sleep together tonight!

Are you an idiot? We´re not kids anymore!

I guess it´s fine for once in a while

Next day

You have to use it well!

They have expiry dates, you know?!


He is going to frame it and put in on the wall