Yome ni Shitai Otoko

Chapter 4

Everyone has at least one secret that can not be said to anyone and it should stay hidden.Rina is 28 year old secretary. At work she is nice and stylish lady but at home she is total mess same as her messy apartment. Narita is 25 years old sales manager who is good at cooking and cleaning (something like cleaning nerd). One day he finds out her secret ...

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Popularity is rising!

Which one you want as a lover??

Tings are heating up ! >_

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Please come in

Doki Doki

excuse me for disturbing you ... (greeting used when entering someone's home​)

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lol that face :D

So spacious !!

So lovely (beautiful) !!!

although it's a bit messy

Where !? (where is messy)



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I was surprised that you have such a lovely apartment


is that so, Thanks

please sit down and wait a bit I will bring Record



wow so soft

I wonder where he keeps all the stuff. The room is so clean.

Here - you where looking for this right?

heart jumps

he does not seem to have unnecessary stuff to begin with

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Are you sure that you want to give this away?

Yes its fine

Then ... thank you very much

you welcome

Do you want coffee?

Yes.. thank you

Um, where is the capsule?


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I see something like capsules over there

oh you are right

You keep your place so tidy ...

I absolutely can not do those things myself.

no not me All the cleaning here and cooking are done by other people.


I wonder who are those other people he mentioned ...


Big Shock!

Tani can you cook?

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y.... yes... I can ....

umm ... I can only make simple foods though

something like cup noodles and fried eggs.


oh shoot ....

you are right making simple foods are the best

oh... What should I do...

here your coffee

thank you very much

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My heart is beating so fast

Doki Doki




You OK?

your phone ..

excuse me

Phone alert message

From Erika

Did you met someone rich (at the party)

If is someone nice please introduce

Please >_

Oh its nothing important

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If it's OK can we exchange LINE contacts?

Line is popular app in Japan


Yes certainly ...!

Tani I wonder how about having some meal​?


No way...

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what should I do, right now My heart is racing so fast - it's really bad

heart pounding

emmm.. that ...

today ... I can't ...

Oh.. I see...

Umm .. Invite me again please

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Ok I understand

Its about time I have to go... Thanks again for the Record

take care

ahh sure

door slamming



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A -- a I wonder why I refused

because that was so sudden and I was so nervous. Impossible !


complete break down


so noisy



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Narita! you startled me

excuse me

what where you talking about?

sits down

In the end I could not find the Record

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Tadaaa !!

I have something nice

It just happened that the acquaintance handed it over to me

Wow How did you get it!

Seriously well done Tani!

That's it ! I will make something like dinner. What do you want?

well... then how about tasty Pasta

Ok leave it to me

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wait a minute. I will make something extraordinarily delicious.

a little laugh

He looks so happy

I want to thank Mr. Kugayama again...

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There is nothing from Mr. Kugayama

I wonder if it was bad to refuse his offer after all ...

Rina you seem a bit down

eh... That's not true

You Ok?

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Is it alright to sit together ?

Oh please



I will sit here and next to me Narita

We haven't seen each other for long time Erika. How are you doing?

ah as usual


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Oh you are Mr. Sakai - Erika told me about you


really ? She was talking about me ?I'm honored


Don't say unnecessary stuff in such a positive way! (or something like that)

And you are ?

I'm Narita nice to meet you

Rina you have met (Narita) before right?



nice to meet you

Erika and you are same year ? (not too sure it could be same age or entered company same time )


It feels strange to hide our relationship from everyone

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Oh right this guy got a big business deal

Well done Narita

That's great

He was cunning enough to give Record witch that company's boss was looking for.

I just gave Record to him because I was in indebted to that person. Well as a result it was worth it

Mr. Narita is excellent


spits (surprise) trying his best not to burst in laugh

Sorry something stuck in my throat

Careful Don't make Miss Tani's dress dirty

Its Ok don't worry


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there is no doubt that Miss Tani is such a kind and capable woman

I'm sorry I'm somehow suddenly strange today

You OK?

Ha Ha Ha

Coughing and Laughing

Narita ...

I wonder who is it from

Message sound

Kugayama Osamu

Can we have a meal tomorrow ?

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Sorry I have to go now Thanks for food

I saw her screen for a moment looks like it's invitation to a date



I must ask her later

Erika can we go to a date too?

No thanks


Kugayama Osamu

Yes we can go

Then how about we meet at 19 o'clock

looking forward

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I did it ! I have meal with Mr. Kugayama!!


I wonder what should I wear tomorrow

Maybe this

This is cute too


eh I run out of space (no place to put other things)

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Narita is not here I will use this place (to choose my dress)




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You just arrived ? (not sure here could be many things but this makes sense)


He have surprisingly good body

Do not stare at me. You felt DokiDoki ?(or your heart was racing seeing me half naked?)

oh no!

eh? what are you saying ?


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there is no way I would feel excited (DokiDoki) looking at your naked body


And if its like this ?

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Get out of my way

I see

Tani are so boring (or cold)

Why is he suddenly so cheeky



What is this! tidy up !

I will tidy up just before that.. Look

Tomorrow I'm going out for a meal with Mr. Kugayama. Which dress is better ?

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in the first place Who is Mr. Kugayama?

excuse me?

I have mentioned before the person I like

And I got that Record from Mr. Kugayama too

so tomorrow I want to thank him for that too

tell me which dress is better ?


Ehh so it was like that

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This or


Pants? isn't that too ordinary?

Why not wear pants as usual?

Pants are fine. It will be troublesome if you will be too worked up right.

Its fine to try my best whats wrong with that

Ok ok I understand

well then this khaki dress

Looks beautiful on you (or something along those lines )

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beautiful on me ... I wonder

Ok I will wear this dress Thanks Narita

Good for you

Then I don't need to make evening meal for you tomorrow I guess

Yes please

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I have to hurry up so I can make it in time!!

tap tap


ding d*ng

Thanks for your hard work

thank you too




My bangs are messed up

Miss Tani

Phew I med it in time

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Did you wait?

No I just arrived

I see

then lets go?



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for now Cheers



Do you like alcohol?

emm.. yes but I can not drink much

Mr. Kugayama thanks again for that Record

But I was very surprised that you had 2 of them

Because I'm a geek (or in other words Otaku) I bought couple of them for collection

Oh sure

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huh? A geek? (or in other words Otaku)

It's nothing bad I'm just surprised

Really (I wonder)

Geek is no good ?




Ah I could do something for you as a Thanks for Record. What would you like?

oh?​ Don't worry about it. It's OK

No Please allow me to do something for you

oh... OK then

Then I will think about it

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... but if it's ok with you

You refused my offer before, but how about today so I was thinking

Me too ... I thought you won't invite me anymore ... But I'm happy you did

Should I try to ask him if he have a girlfriend

Mr. Kugayama .....

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Emmm .. Mr. Kugayama do you have a Girlfriend...?


Doki Doki

oh.. I see

No I don't. If I would I wouldn't invite you.

don't have

I'm busy with work. When I released I was in my 30's

It is strange to say something like being in a good age

I would like to be in love but It's difficult, is it not.

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so... I think that this kind of encounter is precious

What does he mean by that ...

well about that

speaking about that conversation we had (about her asking to do something for him)

Oh yes

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I want you to be free for next weekend (holiday) for me.

well then


Mr. Kugayama was so wonderful.

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he he he

By any chance I wonder if this is going to work nicely... ?


Oh Narita

or something

oh rejected?

What is it? you are returning home early.

too bad you are wrong

listen Narita Mr. Kugayama is so very cool

He invited me again next week

oh you poor boy you clean you cook and this is what you get :(

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And will you go?

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what's this ?

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