Kiss Shitaitte Nedatte Miro Yo

Chapter 6

From Chibi Manga:A stimulating lip love starting from a kiss! A dreamy girl who falls in love with a player who's both a popular model and young actor starts living together with him after an unexpected turn of events. With a contract not of her own volition, she is forcefully kissed everyday by him who is the "NO. 1 guy who girls want to kiss!?

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h*llo:) please tell me when you see mistakes ~Madoka

The sound of my heart is noisy.

Second XX

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Just why

Am I

Overseas with Takasago Kousei the two of us?

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Uh uhm... I heard this is for work but... where are the other staffs??

This trip is for us two

Hiiragi-san was with us until now but he's gone...

Work clothes

Because these 3 days

Are a special trip

To make you say you want to kiss me

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A month before

It seems as Matsuri-san fell in love with Kousei so let's win this game in one go

You two have fun with your gorgeous honey moon plan! I gave my best to get you holidays!!

Didn't fall in love with him

What does win the game mean!? That feeling

To make it a honey moon by himself...

Please do it

Don't mind the details and have fun


There's no-way I can accept this I'm going, I'm immediately going home, I will buy a plane ticket to Japan...

...I'm going home


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Let's spend the three days quietly together

There's no disadvantage for you?

We can go together once whether you want it or not

Play with fish while snorkeling

Make your body and heart shine with spa esthetics

Because it's a super special luxury honey moon plan

A paradise hotel with view to the sea

On the other hand there's no reason to refuse... still don't understand

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I will only kiss and do a honey moon with my fated one

Don't just make a plan on your own and deceive me, if you want to do it do the honey moon by yourself!

Then see you again in Japan, I will stay in a cheap inn the three days!!

Phew he's standing still, bet he didn't think that he'd get rejected even here

You guys won't have it your way!!

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But what I've worked up until now almost disappeared!

I'm glad I found an inn for 3 days...

Even so this is 100 times better than the honey moon plan to make me beg him for a kiss...

How will I spend the days until I go home with almost zero money


Let me think with you as your trip partner

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Hah? Why are you here...

All the cheap hotels near the airport are around this area

When I was walking around early, ah for now I should proceed to staay in this room

Wha-What are you doing, cancel! Go somewhere else!! Move!

I can't cancel anymore and I will follow you wherever you go

There's no way but to stay with me on the trip

...right, for his goal he'd do anything!!

Recalling the memories

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Moreover you don't have any money left, how will you spend the days without eating

...I get it


...if it's a common trip you'll do it?

Yeah, I have no other choice! It's for food!

I will do the honey moon plan with my fated one!

With you it will be a common trip!

Negotiations completed

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Negotiations huh, it's just cooperation


Let's go eat

...why are you so stiff though

Can we really eat together in a group if people!?


Don't let anyone know that you life here, think that there's always someone watching

Well uhm...


Even though he's always thoroughly!!

Is there really no person who knows him overseas??

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It will be fine in a place with no Japanese

Is that so

What is he doing

Moreover you eat too


It's like a festival, so exciting

It will be bothersome if I'm found so the agency forbid it

It's my first time in such a place

So harsh...!


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That's right, in Japan he has a lot more things to be careful about than others

Well since he's doing such work it can't be helped though...

Since when did you work in the entertainment?

Because you never went to a festival...

The very first time was when I was one year old, a baby model


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My mother was originally a model and I got to do shootings with her, and then I got to do them alone

He's at an age to know what's going on around him and works

So he's been a celebrity since birth!?

So he's an entertainer since he was born!?

He also can't really participate in school events

What is it

He can't go to a festival if it's not overseas, it's not the time and place for me to get sulky

To have Takasago Kousei enjoy this trip

I will have fun on this trip too

Let's look there too

Suddenly so eager huh

Suddenly so eager huh

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Feels good

It's hot, there's something called taxi in this world

They reserved that boat! So lovely dovey


Originally there were plans that we ride that

Let's go faster than that boat!

Uh, the honey moon plan is really...


Why do you want to be faster than the boat

So slow hohoho

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Seem to have too much fun

But you

Coconut juice

Bought the bikini at the market (500¥)

B-Because we're already here, isn't it fine to have fun a bit...

Sh*lls she picked up

It's fine, the most important for me is that you have fun



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N-No No, doing this and begging is no use...


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Don't do thing like lovers would




Aren't you also enjoying yourself

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Because you were in such high spirits


...well, it was somehow fun though...


If I think about it now the room is quite small, no but we live together why at such a time??

W-why is my heart suddenly...

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...even though we live together

Walking side by side too

Holding hands too

Seeing such a face too

All the sfx are Doki

To be together

The two of us for such a long time

It's a first

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There are no

Cameras or other people than me

There's nothing else we have to do



The one next to him

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Is only me

Doki doki doki doki


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Excuse me, dear guest!

...I'm going


That was weird just now... what was that!?

I'll get some air outside and calm down...!

Wh-...What was that...!?

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His voice...

The horizontal bubbles mean they're talking in foreign language, probably English

Isn't it fine, you came privately right?

He isn't talking with the person from earlier...?

If you have time let's play

He's getting picked up...!?

Is it that...!


I came for business, I have to return soon

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Again I'm played around


By his words

About tomorrow...

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Doing this has no meaning but...

Why can't I control myself when it comes to him

It wasn't like this until now...

No matter how much I argue with papa mama or my friends

No No!!

We immediately apologise and reconcile

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Getting so annoyed

To the point I can't forgive him like this

I hate it, I hate this

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Isn't me

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What are you doing!

Wh-Why are you...!?

Even though I don't want to see him now...


That's my line, are you an idiot, to roam around alone at night, this is overseas!?

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As he said...

But I'm glad I immediately found you...

Did he worry...?


Enough, let's go to the hotel

What, could it be you're sulking because I said business?

How much did you expect

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If it's business

Then why are you so out of breath...


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You're always so perfect so why did you run so much that you sweat

Your hair is also messy...


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Of course that's to make you surrender, what were you thinking...

B-Because that desperate face...


That surprised...

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The only person

I think I want to kiss

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Is my fated person only...

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I thought


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Her body moved on it's own... after this those two...!? Next issue a shocking development!!

To be continued

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