Kiss Shitaitte Nedatte Miro Yo

Chapter 5

From Chibi Manga:A stimulating lip love starting from a kiss! A dreamy girl who falls in love with a player who's both a popular model and young actor starts living together with him after an unexpected turn of events. With a contract not of her own volition, she is forcefully kissed everyday by him who is the "NO. 1 guy who girls want to kiss!?

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Kousei showed a kind face for the first time... but!? A dokidoki kyaa sudden development!

It's ticklish.

Hi :) please tell me when you see mistakes ~Madoka

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Was that real or a lie, which one?

Because there's no chapter 4 there might be some connections that I don't understand, that's why the translations might contain mistakes here and there

Deceiving me like always

But the other time for a second I saw his soft expression

Just what

Kind of feeling was that

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I know that you won't forgive me if I'm forceful like that

But I would ev en abandon god

I want Matsuri...

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Don't use others names as you want to...

If I remember the script then that's no problem though?

Geez that guy... Uhm next...

Practicing his next role

Kento (Kousei) looks into Yuika's eyes (heroine) and gets closer

Kento forces a kiss on the perplexed Yuika

Late night drama about high school romance "15 years old, let's love."


Kousei plays the rival of the hero

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It's time, I'm leaving


Ending it here?

It's weird?

He was so clingy without hesitation everyday that it became normal

Is it just because he's busy?

We don't see each other even when he comes home...

Well, he always did whatever he wanted...

Brr brr


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Matsuri, how are you, you didn't call yesterday too

It's healing...

I saw on the photo that you made friends and you seem to eat well to...

By the way... is uncle Takeru here?



I can't get through no matter how often I call...

Papa and mama think that Matsuri is staying at uncle Takeru's!!

Ahh, his phone broken and he's out now, ah the doorbell rang, I will call again

My heart... hurts...

Everytime I have to lie in such a situation...

Matsuri, are you awake?

At this hour...

I can't even talk to my friends about it...

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Could it be I'm alone now...?

Only Takasago Kousei and Hiiragi-san know everything about my situation...

It's... quite... lonely...

I want Yui...

Yes cut

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We'll check it

Is that the real Takasago Kousei...

I'm glad I applied as extra, to be able observe so closely...

That's true

Hey, you're the protagonist, come here

But it seemed fun


Well, I'm glad that Kousei-kun is a good boy compared to him

Good boy...

I feel like the protagonist's type of person is more popular and easy...

We're moving

Ah, yes!

I cried and couldn't sleep a lot yesterday but

At such a time I should work and move my body...!!

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Muscle pain? Probably because the luggage was heavy


And it's kinda cold...



Hehe, you always do medical treatment whether it's acting or in reality, I just remembered

Thanks to you my leg healed...

I'm sorry

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I have my next shoot, excuse me

It's not like there are people around... does he have to avoid me like that?

I wasn't mistaken that his behaviour at home was weird expected

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Is it a strategy to pull my interest?

If not does he really not want to get involved with me but then what has he done until now?

I'm not sure what she means, it's probably a reference to chapter 4? who knows

Or is it because of the day of the drama...!?


I was meddlesome but but...!

I hate annoying people

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So heavy... I will rest a bit... heave...

I want to talk about Matsuri-san...

Eh... me??

That voice is Hiiragi-san...

Why so suddenly

Do you not see it?

Today your att1tude towards Matsuri-san is weird?


I thought it was impossible but do you hold any special feelings for her?

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No way

To me she's

A tool get a starr in director Masu's work

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Certainly he was always

He's treating me as a tool

I know that

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I know but...

You can go home

It's no good...

It's over for the extras, thank you very much!

Because I'm tired I took a break but I feel sick and I'm cold

Uhm when catching a cold...

Brr brr

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Brr brr

I can't pick up...

If we talk now I will sound weak

Brr brr

I'm, at this time I should avoid p@ssing it to others, I should tell someone...



Good timing...


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A tool

I won't tell him, if I do it's only me who becomes miserable


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Doesn't care about me at all...


Uhm... do you feel sick?


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The waiting time for extras is long

The extras...?

Can you stand up?

Shall we bring you to the hospital?

U-Uhm, I'm fine...

What are you saying while you're staggering like this, it will be fast with a car


It's fine so


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Ouch, what-...

Sorry I tripped...

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Ah, but that person is our staff

Can you leave her to us?


Wow, I'm glad I came as an extra

Wow Kousei-kun! Uhm, please shake hands with me!


Uhm and a photo...


...hey you

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What are you doing, if you have a fever then hurry-...

Don't touch me

Hah...? I came to help you...

Who said I needed help

Let's move for now

Is this the time and place to be stubborn...!

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Because you don't

Care about me anyways...


On the day of the drama... for the first time I saw your defenceless face

For a bit I thought that we could built a human relation

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But I'm only a tool for you...


You're just a tool to me

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...even so

It's annoying me

...on the drama day too

Even though you're only a tool


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I wish there were many things that can make you "have fun"

...what the first time I was told that

Since then I always felt bad

I couldn't stay in my usual condition...

...felt bad...?

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I don't understand myself

Even though I'm only spoiled it feels frustrating as if I'm loosing

It's oddly aching...

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I don't understand but if you make that face...



Could it be that

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Was a heart-squeeze (kyun)

Isn't it that...?


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...if it's that then I...


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The fever went down...


Could it be that he nursed me all night...?

Thank you, it was you who nursed me, right

Is it already morning...



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There's no way that is

After that you were rbought to the hospital and getting an infusion and were brought home, I had to finish my own shootings and went home after that


I wanted to take a look at your condition but you grabbed my clothes and wouldn't let go, I had no choice but to rest here

N-No, I was just home sick...!!

Heeh, home sick huh?

Do you remember what you said when you collapsed?


If it's that then

I also had a kyun, I'm the same...

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I also had a kyun, also kyun, also kyun... also...

I also kyun...

Well, who knew that you'd kyun that time


And grabbing my clothes and not letting go was because of kyun-

Just one kyun makes it love? A kyun can be for an animal or baby too!


Be honest, you like me right?


How naive

That's why you're a defect ikemen who doesn't know love!!

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Again so annoying...

Shut up

Because if you say that then it means that you also like me!

True but right now there's absolutely nothing

...that guy

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He's pissing me of and I hate him but

The things I hate about him might have decreased

Just a bit

Is everything according to plan?

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I'd say the arrangement is completed?

That's thanks to your sudden request we were saved



It will make Matsuri-san happy too

To be continued

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