Cardcaptor Sakura - Clear Card Arc

Chapter 26

It is spring, with cherry trees in full blossom, and Sakura is just entering middle school. Her beloved Syaoran has returned from Hong Kong, and life couldn’t be better. But when she awakens from a strange dream to find her Sakura Cards powerless, how can she protect Tomoeda from disaster?!(Source: Kodansha Comics)

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Ugh, so much guesswork

This is a story that happened not too long ago

The young boy felt that he didn't want to be all alone

He was abandoned by his parents soon after he was born

Besides, he was separate from the people around him

A young boy realized that he was alone

That's what the young boy thought

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The people around him didn't understand him

Ugh, translating this part was difficult, I'm not even sure if it's right either. The literal translation is: "Wisdom is there person's young boy is still a child." How do you translate that?! I'm not sure I'm right, but it's what I thought made the most sense

And he realized that even if he was surrounded by people, they'd never understand him

So he might as well live among these people around him

And more than anything, the young boy had magic power

Magic to fly in the sky

Magic to call forth things

Magic to search for people

Magic to speak to animals

Magic to eliminate things instantly

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Guesswork galore on this page too

No matter what kind of magic, the young boy could do it easily

The young boy's power was far stronger than any adult's, and the adults couldn't handle it

The young boy grew up among them, but they took him to meet those who's magic power was closer to his

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Another page of unending guesswork

the people around him couldn't help him, they wanted him to help others, even though that was annoying to him

The young boy thought that

But no matter how many times he said he didn't want to, they didn't consider his feelings

Well, that doesn't matter

The magic power the young boy was born with kept getting stronger

With that strength, he kept learning stronger magic

Not just from around him, the young boy was a magic user that no one could surp@ss

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Power that was so strong that

in the end, the young boy became twisted

Who is that story talking about?

Is there anyone else it could be about except you?

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There are many magic users that have too much power and became twisted

And you are one of them

There's no tea left

I apologize

I'll make some more

Bring some pralines and some truffles too.

As you wish

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Now the young boy has obtained an extremely dangerous magic

For the young boy, any sort of magic was easy.

One that uses the person most important to him as a sacrifice

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Thank you for the food!

Also, we made one more promise

I told you before about my Dad's basement library

There's a book I'm looking for so I thought we could look together Akiho-chan

I would love to!

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As I thought, it won't connect...


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UGH! His bad speaking method is HARD!!

Dat Yue...

Here's hopin' no one sees his real self

Ya know ya gotta change back inta Yukito ta walk ova' dere!

I kno' it's fasta ta fly dere, but I'm beggin ya not ta!!

an' takes a pic or sumtin'!!

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Sorry for coming over so suddenly it's fine

It seems the other me has some business with you

But why did you come here


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...We maya bin aparta while

Can't read this part so, no idea what it says

but I know wat he's lik when he's mad


Yue almost gits bloodthirsti...

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Brat! Make shur ya avoid his wrath!!!


Sakura left da livin' room


Seems shi's leddin' Akiho ta da library in da basmen'

...ya kno' loads a stuff's happined in dis house since da Book of the Clow Cards came

Sakura openin' da book was tha' start a everyting' but

Thinkin' 'bout it now, I was brough' here too. Sakura's pa brough' me ta da library

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Fujitaka pa was haf a' Clow

...I can make some tea...

Then, weird tings started happenin' again

No need

Everytings caus a...

The Sakura Cards

have been here all this time huh

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We didn't hear that much during our conversation

You heard from Hiiragizawa huh

because our connection was cut off halfway through

We haven't been able to contact him since

What about you

I can't contact him either

I can't contact him either

...He explained the reason why things were happening to our master

As well as the reason why he didn't tell us

If you knew

Why did you take the cards away from our Master

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...If the Sakura Cards were there on top of the new cards being created

Sakura's power would become too great far too quickly

Even if that's so

Why didn't my Master notice that

That should be obvious

We all helped him with it

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My dad said [Sorry it's so disorganized].

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'Ruins' like the pyramids and what not

There's a book about ruins!

This book is one I've been trying to locate for a long time!

Um, um!

Even a book about rulers from ancient times!

Tension shooting up!!!

Would it be okay to borrow these?!

My dad said [feel free to borrow any you like]

Thank you so very much!!

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Ugh, so much guesswork

We noticed that this child used a technique to get us all out

We could've refused

But everyone decided to come to this child

Because we knew

that he would always protect our Master no matter what happens

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Syaoran speaking here

But even so...

it doesn't change the fact that I stole the cards from Sakura

It doesn't change the fact

that my not telling her the truth caused Sakura to be worried and scared.

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There are a lot of books about history and leaders here!

It's because Dad's an archaeology specialist

There really are a lot of valuable books here


Oh no!

It's a bit damaged huh

If it's okay I can fix it

I'm in the midst of learning how to repair books right now so...

That's amazing!

I don't want to always be unable to do anything so...

You really love books don't you

I thought that at least there had to be something I could do for the books I love so much

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Books are

my one and only friend after all


But now!

Sakura-san is here!

Everyone at Tomoeda Middle School are here too!

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I didn't trouble you did I...

We're friends

Akiho-chan is my very very important friend

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These are tears of happiness! It's not what you think...

I don't like it when Akiho-chan cries but

If you're happy, I'm happy too

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...I feel the same

I don't like things that make Sakura-san cry

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Sound of gl@ss breaking

Sounds of a clock ticking

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You can no longer return

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