Love Phantom

Chapter 43

From Chibi Manga:Momoko is just a normal waitress who works at a cafe, but suddenly a fateful romance appears right in front of her....

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You are dear, dear to me. Sometimes my emotions seem like they're going to scatter--- (like leaves or petals)

[Act.43] Echo Sound

[They two are a recognized couple full of happiness, however, in Momoko's inmost thoughts are...?]

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[In a normal day]

[Hase came home drunk behaving very very sweet with Momoko whose heart couldn't stop throbbing. She felt blessed to hear "I like you" a lot...♡]

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(Everyone) Thanks for your hard work--!

You are working hard

(ZAWA ZAWA ZAWA)(Many people voices)

Your cafe is a success

It's somewhat lively

That's caused by all the children joining us today--

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Have you come to order?

I'm here to do that too, but

Hase-San gets carried away too much too!!

Ahg.. We will take your oorder!

They do that quite a lot each time...

This damm silly recognized couple!! //((I don't know if she is thinking it or saying it)) //

(Flirt)♥ ✧ ♥ (Flirting) ✧ ♥ ♥

(They suddenly appear)

(I'm getting angry...)

Today seems like we can go home together so I thought of telling you


Are you working till the last hour today?

Is it that true?~♡

Yes I am~~

You're being strict...




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W..wait, What kind of switch I pressed without realizing ~~~~~?!


!! Ah, this looks bad



Waa--- here too?!


AAh I'm sorry, I'm sorry!



Ah~~~ Hey, this may be bad-- If this continues this chain may get longer

How can we help in this situation? children can be difficult to handle ~~~

I'll guide them to the baby room

I'll go to...

Excuse me!

Hirasawa? What's wrong?

Ehm.. There's nothing to lose so, I could give a try... -----------

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Ah, they stopped crying!


(Suddenly stopping)


Nice, Momo! She got children attention!


The customers are listening to the melody with a pleasant feeling too

Or better say... She did, because this girl can play the piano, right?--

I know this song but I can't remember its name~

What is this tune? ~


Hase-San, Did you know about this? That she can play the piano?

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Right now...

As a result, I've fallen in love with her again



(Sight) He really does that very often...

I think kids are okay now, Don't they?

They've calmed down


Momo did something about it in her unique way!

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Oh, excuse me, I can't stay any longer

Please, treat me kindly again next time



Understood --!


Thank you so much ~~!

No, no~~ Please consider it my pleasure!


!! Ah! Thank you for your courteous attention ~~~!!

Please do it again!

(Gya gya)

This is Hase. What's going on?

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/Sorry, work pushed me a little/

/I'll keep waiting you at the Cafe/

/As soon as I've finished, I'll be there with you/

[Today's business hours have ended]


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Sorry, I made you wait

For some reason the manager said... that I should train myself more because it could be useful for something... and it's allright to use this one here...


No~~ I was able to practice so I'm glad I came back here!


You were very impressive this morning playing the piano

Oh---... Somehow I get it

In itself it was but, the truth is... (Laughs)~~

It's been a while so I was worried, but still I manged to do it somehow

Yeah it was ♪

♪ Was it "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring"?

Did you learn it at an academy?


My grandma taught me

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When I was little I lost my parents

A distant relative grandma took custody of my big sister and me

Although she was a calm person... she raised us with lots of love

We.. didn't have any spare time to be sad

...Even so, sometimes unintentionally...

I truly don't remember to what extent...

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.. my tears fell down ---------

In a moment like that without fail,

My grandma slowly/gently started to play the piano

--------I was remembering things like these in the daytime when all that happened

To be honest, inside my heart I was fearful~~

That sound was like hearing my usually reticent grandma talking to me,

I played it with my own conjectures, I'm relieved that it was a success~~~

happily and unconsciously I felt it, and such things as tears ended right away... (Laughs)

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Anyhow... I'm sorry for having a conversation like this

No, not at all

You're very grateful to your grandmother-Sama, right?

Yes! all that and more!

------- She gave us, both sisters a place to belong...

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Because I've been helped,

I'm happy to be of help to someone else

I think my grandma would be glad too! ----------

...You want to visit your grandmother-Sama, Don't you?

! Yes!

My grandma is running a coffee shop so, definitely!

Let's go!

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....... Aren't you flowing differently?


... No, I'm feeling more than alive--

Yeah, I guess I just got aware of many things

.. like a demon?...

yes, I'm all right-!

(If it's nothing serious, it's all right)

(When that happened in the daytime she had a melancholic face... I suppose that was only a yearning for the past)



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What?... you kissing me suddenly is unusual

Thank you very much for everything. I thought...

Ehm, It is?

Then, I wanted to kiss you... and that's why

(...She didn't drink Sake, Did she?)


...I don't fully get it but,

[Lately, His support is slightly being taken] [A COMPLEX 40s man.]

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If that's what you want

(He carried her)


Please, do it as much as you like


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Hu.. You're being @ssertive


(Doing this in the workplace is unusual... Really, Why today she is...?)


Hm... That's because-----

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No one is here anymore,

(Heat increasing--)

So I thought it was okay...

Is it wrong...?

(Reason, reason...)


I don't think it's wrong


That's great

Then tonight, Will you make love to Hirasawa?

What's going on with you? Really.

Although THAT is not the same as those children, What kind of switch has turned on inside you?

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Stop-- Don't fire me up more!


(With a thump)

Let's go home


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Thank you very much —————


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["Hey, let's go home"]

... I'm truly..

...grateful to you for being there by my side...

[I say these words without fail]

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[Always your smell and warmth]

Thank you for everything,


[You are the place I belong]


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... I feel the same too...

[Naturally, every day, I'll be full of grat1tude]

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