Koyoi, Kaijin to Tea Time wo

Chapter 3

From -menos- FreeTime (ENG):In a town where feelings are reportedly stolen, one emotionless girl meets the monster who can steal feelings away.

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a stirred up heart

and an idle feeling

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what could possibly happened to you in the past?

I don't think it's good to pry into this matter

but I know nothing about Kokoro

that guy, what does he know about Kokoro?

is that the reason that Kokoro is with him?

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Was it an accident occurred in this town?

the one from before Kokoro went to high school...

should I trace it back further?

this one is from 5 years ago

A husband and wife found dead in Takaramachi, suicide?

T/N I'm not too sure about the names

on the 6th, at the household in Takaramachi, a body of husband and wife were found.The bodies were Saotome Hiroshi-san (38) and Yuriko-san who lived together at the house.




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found it!

this weekly article...

said that at the crime scene, a suspicious man was the eyewitness?

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the young man, who is the eyewitness was being questioned.

could this guy be...?

it's tea time!

do you also want to try the "serenity" which I just obtained?

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I don't know whether your emotion will be back by drinking it

but if you are worried about it, don't be. I don't think it'll bring harm to your body.

yes, really calming right

it's good

as I thought positive emotion is the best

as I thought positive emotion is the best

has anything changed, Kokoro-chan?


what a shame

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tonight will be a full moon huh?

right, could you buy me some flower?

I want it to be arranged on top of the desk in the study room at second floor

I have some errands to do, I'll be back later

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study room...

even by opening one by one..




you're showing me the way?

which room is it?


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amazing, so many books

the package keeps coming everyday

"curiousity" sure is joyful

thank you Mumu


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there's also a room over there



I can't go in there?

I'm home, Kokoro-chan



welcome back

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how beautiful

do you know the meaning of orange ranunculus?


I just simply went to the shop and bought it

it's "secrecy"

Ranunculus huh?

T/A Ranunculus is the scientific name for buttercup. I thought that in Japan they use "Ranunculus" as the name of the flower, but turns out they use a different name. As for why Tsugomori using the scientific name, probably bc he read so many books

it has a deep meaning right?

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right, I just obtained this kind of emotion

You have been providing me with delicious food


so in exchange for that I would let you have some fun


I will show the sugar cubes' vault

come here

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they are the emotions I have collected so far

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looks yummy aren't they?

do you want to sample it?

I think it's pointless for me to drink it

I recommend this one here


you could get back your emotion with your own power at first try

and I'm not able to do that

as I though, a human and myself sure are different

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I don't know


are you?

you're curious?

but there are times when oblivion is better

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so Mumu guided you to this room?

to think about it I haven't shown you around

the first floor was used for a restaurant

there are a lot of belongings here that makes it livable

why here?

this place was a really lively place

overflowing with a lot of emotions

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when I first came here, I lost all my emotions

I don't know how I felt at that time

however it was somehow not my heart, but the other part of me perhaps being drawn to it

however it was somehow not my heart, but the other part of me perhaps being drawn to it

I am being drawn to this vivid sight

it's Tsugomori-san true self

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I forgot to do grocery

Tsugomori-san, I'm out to shop-

I'm off

he's nowhere to be found

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to be out here at this time, be careful won't you

a lot of strange incidents happened lately

it's fine

It is not fine

I was wrong at that time

I said insensitive things to you

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and I want to apologize in advance

I am sorry

I investigated it

I also don't know why

about Kokoro's past, and what happened that day

but I wanted to know

about Kokoro

I don't know what should I say about the incident...


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if in any way I could be a help to you...




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am crying?


I'm sorry!

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I'm sorry

you don't need to apologize

because I am alright

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I can't do anything

the tears from earlier...

it's not from my heart, but feels like another part of me?

if that's the case

I'm home

beside displeasing her and make her cry...


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he must be out


even Mumu is not here

that room

I musn't go in there

is open

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he sounds like suffering

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the shadow...

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black sugar cubes

and old picture

he looks like Tsugomori-san

who are you really?

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