Cardcaptor Sakura - Clear Card Arc

Chapter 24

It is spring, with cherry trees in full blossom, and Sakura is just entering middle school. Her beloved Syaoran has returned from Hong Kong, and life couldn’t be better. But when she awakens from a strange dream to find her Sakura Cards powerless, how can she protect Tomoeda from disaster?!(Source: Kodansha Comics)

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Yuna D. Kaito talks really formally so I'm trying to include that.

Is something the matter?

Akiho also speaks somewhat formally because it was the way she was taught. I was taught that way too.

I just saw......

a frightening dream

Alice's world?

Up until midway through, it was similar to the book's world and it was fun.

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In [Clock Land]


Alice met lots of mysterious beings and inhabitants.

But, after that...

A mirror appeared

A mirror that could copy magic

The sound of a clock became extremely loud and somewhere there was the sound of something breaking...

and experienced many strange things...

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I heard...

a voice that said

[You can no longer return]

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And...the Alice in my dreams...I always thought she looked like me but...


Do you know about 'contradictory dreams'?

They are dreams that are the opposite of dreams that show what is to come.


So, if you saw a frightening dream, what would the opposite be?

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Something fun is going to occur?

Oh my, it seems it is almost time for supper.


I will go pick up my apron.

I will @ssist you!

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...It could also

be a dream that comes true

I won't allow it

to ever be true

Taken' today offa school wouldn' be a bad idea ya?

Damn doing his speech form is HARD!!

It's alright.

Ya had scary dream didn ya?

I couldn't tell my teacher: 'I had a frightening dream so I'm taking the day off' could I?

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Besides, it was about Alice and was fun until half-way through.

Righ' now, Sakura's dark dreams are somethin' ta worry 'bout considerin' da situation

Coulda been a dream caused by her magic...

DAMN taking into account his horrid accent is HARD!!

...I tink it'd be betta not ta tell Sakura 'bout dis yet

Dere musta been a reason Eriol didn tell Sakura dat she's makin da cards.

But would Eriol do sumtin tha would be bad fo' Sakura?

But now we won't be able ta find out da reason

He wouldn't

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...Telling her about that magician right now would

He ain't done nothin' bad gainst Sakura yet

An' Sakura an Akiho are becumin' really good buds

I don tink makin Sakura doubtful bout 'er is a good idea...

I'll do everything I can

to ensure that Master doesn't have any unnecessary problems or worries


I won't say anything about the magician either

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In exchange, don't EVER leave Master's side

I won' leave 'er

can't do nutin 'bout scary dreams


And dere's da possibility dat it coulda ben a premonition...

One- two- three- four-

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The Cheerleading Club is also practicing hard aren't they?

It could be quite rude to say something like this but...

Sakura-san...and I...

Resemble each other

Quite a bit

Also, that is not rude in the slightest

Sakura-chan would be very happy

Is that right...

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How does Akiho-chan feel about it?


very, very


Okay that's where you rotate

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You can no longer return

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I'm done with my bath

We're having hamburger tomorrow?

I'm looking forward to it!

I thought I'd put some in your lunch tomorrow and freeze the rest

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Hurry up and go to sleep

There's nothing more you can do today

Since it seems it's going to be a bit chilly tonight

Be sure to stay warm


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...he has a magic that's strong enough to do this?

As I thought, I can't contact Hiiragizawa anymore.

That just shows how much magic

he possesses doesn't it

But even if that's how it is...

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Sorry for making you all worry

What the- why does he have the Sakura Cards?! And- they were in the teddy bear he exchanged with Sakura?! WHAT DOES ALL THIS MEAN?!?!

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Using the spell I put on the bear I gave to Sakura

the [magic power] of the Sakura Cards came to me through the bear

I was able to use their power


It took far more time than I thought it would and the power it consumes is intense.

Hiiragizawa was also worried about how reckless it is to do it...

Even so...

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...I absolutely will protect Sakura

That robe I saw in the dream

and the cards

It really is my robe...

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Don't go!


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Ya alright!?

Did ya have another dream?

A dream...

It was...

just a dream

Was the dream that Sakura and Akiho saw a contradictory dream?

Or was it...!?

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