Cardcaptor Sakura - Clear Card Arc

Chapter 23

It is spring, with cherry trees in full blossom, and Sakura is just entering middle school. Her beloved Syaoran has returned from Hong Kong, and life couldn’t be better. But when she awakens from a strange dream to find her Sakura Cards powerless, how can she protect Tomoeda from disaster?!(Source: Kodansha Comics)

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Just telling up front, I'm going to be putting in my two cents a lot. Why? Because I like putting in my two cents and since I'm doing the work, I can do what I want in it.

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Sakura-san doesn't use things(magic items) that someone else made.

She's not aware that her magic is making the new [cards]...

Simply put, her magic is making magic items on its own.

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didn't you tell us this?

Sakura-san's power is strong but it's still chaotic

She honestly can't control it at all

Also, I still don't know what Yuna D. Kaito's intentions are.

Most likely it has something to do with the new cards but

Cerberus has a really thick accent; really affecting his talking style so it's almost country twang, it's really important so I'm trying to incorporate that in country style spelling; not easy

Well, I can see why ya wouldn' tell Sakura

But why didn ya tell me n' Yue...?

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The worry would've shown on your faces and affected your actions


I ga' a good poka' face ya kno!!

Damn doing the accent caused bad spelling and grammar is HARD!!

You can, Cerberus.

But, for Yue it's impossible


Well, ya

When it's bout Sakura, this guy gits a bit

*Getting irritated*

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This is...!

*clock ticking*

It's appearing here too




It seems like the rumors

are all true.


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This Kaito's magic's doin?!

I too will

Please help


help Li Syaoran as well

do everything I can over here

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For the record, I always call him Yuna D. Kaito cause I don't like the dude.

For the next three pages, Eriol is fighting against Yuna D. Kaito's magic, which is Moon-based Time magic.

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It takes a pretty big toll on Eriol and is a hard fight

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But in the end, he manages to defeat Yuna D. Kaito's magic; though it was a hard-fought for victory

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...That was pretty dangerous

This is

a very powerful enemy, Sakura-san

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I just call 'gain

No good! Isnt' even ringin'!

It's the same here too.

Not only are our magical ways of communication cut off, but our real life communications are cut off.

Tha dude can do even this sorta thing...?

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Take that you jerk Yuna D. Kaito!!

*Sound of Eriol shattering Yuna D. Kaito's magic*

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As expected of Master Hiiragizawa Eriol

Up until now, the clock that hasn't even been scratched...

is completely broken

It is no wonder he is considered to be one of the greatest magicians in history

Even so

I will definitely obtain the new cards

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So I can activate the [magic] of the relic I stole from the @ssociation

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No Momo, using the underhanded and the unscrupulous methods Yuna D. Kaito is using is wrong.


Using every possible means to achieve your goal is fine but...

Don't lose sight of who's the most important person to you

Whoa, I didn't think Yuna D. Kaito was capable of caring about anyone but himself

Yuna D. Kaito

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How's your health doing?

You say you're fine not going back in a car but...

Because I get to walk back home with Syaoran-kun.

I'm completely fine now.



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Gotta wonder what caused this conversation to happen. This isn't something I'd think a middle school first-year would be thinking; pretty deep, philosophical thinking

I can just see you

But for Syaoran-kun, in order to see yourself you'd have to use a mirror or something similar to it,

With this, the Syaoran-kun I see

And the Syaoran-kun that Syaoran-kun sees are different.

is what I was thinking.


...I see.

I'm the same.

In order to see myself, I'd need a mirror.

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I'm the one who understands myself the least.

That may be why I'm always causing everyone to worry


...It'd be nice

if I had a mirror.

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A mirror that reflected the real me

Maybe then I would know

what to do to stop making everyone worry



...Somehow...something is bugging me...

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This is backwards!

The whole house has been turned backwards!

This is...

A what it feels like.

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*look look*

Is anyone nearby?



O force with no master; Heed the Staff of Dreams


And become my power!


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*Gl@ss breaking*

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There was a [Mirror] in the Sakura Cards too.

The pictures are similar too

The one making them is Sakura herself

so it's natural that cards that have similar powers have similar pictures

Also, the conversation we had earlier about mirrors, she then created a card that was related to it...

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*searching her bag*


Stay right there

Reflect the card's magic like a mirror!


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It's done!

Then I'll use this one

And the other one.....

Can I just say that flying while holding hands in the sunset is seriously romantic


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Since it's a mirror, I thought it could reflect magic!

I'm happy it worked!

It worked out because Sakura's power is just that strong

*pull closer*

'Power that is too strong will lead the one who possesses it to unhappiness' is what the Li family always says. Hiiragizawa also said the exact same thing.

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I absolutely won't

let you become unhappy.

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Aw, Syaoran swears that he'll never let Sakura be unhappy, never ever. How cute!!

Kaito has finally started to make his move. What is his objective......?!

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