Suteki na Kareshi

Chapter 33

From ShoujoHearts:Ever since she was young, Nonoka always dreamed of watching the end of the year Countdown with a boyfriend. Now that she's in high school, she wants one! However, there's no signs of getting a boyfriend anytime soon, and it's already December.

Language: English


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T/N WHAAAAT?! CLIMAX?! Does this mean the manga is getting close to the end? Omg i hope not :( I love it too much for it to end... let's just read and see


Nonoka, the girl who's always with her head in the clouds, is now on FULL STUDY MODE as well!

She asked for a private tutor but...?

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This smiling person is my private tutor...

I don't have anything to learn or any club activities, so any day would be okay.

What day of the week would be good for you, Nokoka-san?

Ah, but on Wednesday, I'm only free by 5 o'clock.

Wednesday it is, then!

Is it really alright, sensei?

I wonder what sort of a person he is.

I'm also free on Wednesday, so it's fine!

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This is a warm-up test! I want to get a clear grasp of Nonoka-san's current scholastic abilities


So please write it until next time!!

Do you have a smartphone?

Then when you're finished, just take a photo and mail it to me, please!


Eh...what's your address?...


It's written at the bottom of the test paper!

Then that will be all for today!


Ah!... It really is.

In spite of his head-in-the-clouds aura, he actually seems to be a very capable person...?!

You really can't judge a book by its' cove-


Just now... he tripped on air, right?


T/N or in a place where there is nothing, but I thought it sounds better this way


Did he stumble on the carpet?

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A-are you alright, sensei?!

I'm okay...



Sensei, are you alright?!

Sensei, that's the storeroom!


I'm okay, now if you'll excuse me...



I'm okay...

Ah, I'm sorry for laugh-...

No, it's better that you're laughing...

I wanted to seem reliable so I acted unusually and ended up failing.


T/N this sfx (ほんわ ほんわ=honwa honwa) describes a warm, pleasant, relaxing feeling, which is Sensei's aura.

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I may not be very reliable, but I'm definitely aiming to make Nonoka-san come in first place!

*pleasant pleasant*

Yes, I'm in your care!!

Let's work hard till the exam!!

Huh? This test... handmade...

T/N GASP! Excuse me, Nonoka?! Why is you blusing?!


Did he make it for me?

So doing it for a cheap price means hand-written tests? Maybe we should get you a better tutor... (He seems a bit unreliable...)

Kame (T/N =turtle; short for Marugame, sensei's name= round turtle)

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Ah... I forgot to say-

Even if it's expensive, a more capable tutor would be better...

Should we turn Marukame-sensei down?


I'm going to do my best with Marugame-sensei!

I'm going to put my faith in him and work with him!

I'll work hard.


Woah... what a long phrase...

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"I'll properly think about the aspects of my future that I haven't yet thought of, on my own."

"So, you should also think about your future seriously, on your own."

T/N I actually went back to the prev chap to get the actual words I translated to quote this panel, but realised the one from the prev chap was a bit lacking so I made it again. The idea is still the same tho



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From now, we're waiting for summer to begin! Let's p@ss for sure! (YEAH~!!)



(What a coincidence!) You're also taking summer seminars, Naoya? If it's in the local area, this is the best place after all.

This is the best local cram school!

The information well-known cram schools give us is on a different level, after all.

Nonoka-chan is studying at home, right? Is that okay, though?



... It can't be helped. It's not like Nonoka isn't coming because she doesn't want to.

I'm the one who's gonna support her.

*whistle* Wow, you're so cool~ Wow~

Hahaha, you're getting on my nerves.

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Ah, Nonoka.

Did you start studying for the exam? Got anything planned for today?

Ah! That's right, that's right! I was thinking of telling you, but I forgot! I got a private tutor!

You know, it's my sibling's teacher, uh, it's a cram school teacher...

Hahaha, did anyone ever tell you you're bad at giving explanations?

A private tutor, you say.

Huh? A private tutor?

Well, I get it anyway.

...What sort of person are they?

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I haven't been taught anything yet, we've just greeted each other, so I don't know

But it's like this teacher would be willing to try their very hardest just to teach me something, so I think they're a good person!

Hmm, I see.

...By the way, is this person... a guy?

T/N time to get my peanut butter the jelly is piling up

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We have to do our best!


*backs away*

No touching is tough, but we have to do our best for now.

Ah, yeah...

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Let's become university students and be together even after we're employed!


I have to meet up with my private tutor today, so I gotta go now!

TIMETABLE: Wednesday - English


Okay then! Let's work hard!


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Ah, Naoya, bye-bye!

*shuffle shuffle*

Where are you guys going?

We thought we should all go for a baseball game. You know, to loosen up a bit.

Huh, how unusual.

Should I go too, then?





You're surprisingly good at hitting!

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...I can't seem to loosen up, though...

I'm doing my best Kiriyama-kun!

I'm nervous... I wonder how my test went.

*fidget fidget fidget*

He seems like a kind teacher... but I'm still worried.




...Sensei! Are you alright?!...


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I'm pretty huge so I get hurt often.



Now, let's begin! I'm looking forward to working with you!


(Ahhhh!) I'm sorry!

Are you alright?

Looking forward to working with- ouch!

Ah, I'll get you a chair.

I'm fine! I'm the one who should be asking you! Sensei, are you okay?

As for me, I'm fine! Let's start shall we?

I can sit on the floor

No such thing!


I can immediately tell from your test results

That you're good at math,Nonoka-san!

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Are you taking the science course in school?

If you're in the science department then my tests must have been easy!

Ah... for now, I am, kind of...

Have you already decided what university you will apply for?

Yup, you're doing very well!

Yeah...I've applied for S, N, and H University...

I want to find employment... So achieving the needed qualifications is important.

That is very true! Good, you've given it proper thought!


Is the type that praises a lot!


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If that's the issue, then S University would be good!

S University would be good?!

That's the one Kiriyama-kun applied for!

Yes, not only are the professors very capable, but it's a good place to acquire qualifications, too. That's what I heard.

Let's work hard till the exam! If we do, you'll definitely p@ss!!

Are you serious?!


I am serious!

Waah~ If it's like that, then I'd be super happy to get accepted there!

Now then, the papers

For that university are...


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Isn't your bag super heavy?! You have a ton of things in there!

It would have been fine to wait until next time, too...

Could it be that you have all of the papers for the universities?!


But you're a student who's about to take an exam. You want to get things done as soon as possible, right?

But maybe I should have asked you in advance (before bringing the papers)... I'm no good, huh.

No, you are good!!

Thank you, Nonoka-san! It makes me happy to hear you say it so vehemently.

*pleasant pleasant*

But from now on I'll ask beforehand. I still have things to learn, it seems.

Let's get to work, shall we?

Sure. Ah, sensei!

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Are these papers written by you? The test from before, too...

That's right.

T/N people have to pay for the courses when they attend the cram school, so giving it to Nonoka to use for free would be against the rules.

Because I can't leak out the printed courses from the cram school I work at.

Oh, right, I'm sorry!

Someday I want to open up my own private school.

No, I'm doing this because I want to, so it's fine.

I guess that makes you my first student.

Thank you so much! I'll work hard!

I'll go through these texts with maximum vigilance! (T/N I guessed this bc the kanji was too blurry. The main idea is still the same)

Let's do this!


We should decide what subjects you'll choose for the exam, first.


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Nonoka studies even during breaks.

Yeah, I managed to get a private tutor, so I have to go over these papers till the next session!

Should we study too, then?

What? But you guys already studied before.

Oh, I see.

Yeah, but seeing you gives us additional motivation.

I'm glad.

I used to be clueless about how to work hard for this exam,

But now that I know where I'm headed and what to work hard for

It's just a matter of taking everything into my own two hands!

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I'll do my best!



Are you going to the library today?

I'm coming with you!


Kiriyama-kun, I...decided that my first-choice university will be the one you applied for...

It's not like I'm copying you, and it's not like I'm following you, or anything!

I've also thought about post-graduation courses, necessary qualifications and employment!

After thinking about it, going to the same place as you really is...

Hahaha, yeah. Why are you making so many excuses? It's fine.

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I only have three universities as options but

T/N everytime she mentions her private tutor it will be written in capitals, since the original japanese text also shows it in bold (probably to emphasize the impact in has on Kiriyama lol)

My PRIVATE TUTOR suggested my first choice should be your university, and so I decided!

...Is that so?

Huh? What?

I guess making it my first choice is bad, after all, huh. Out of all the options this might be the slimmest chance.

Should we maintain a proper distance?

Or is being in the same college too intense?!

No...That's not it.

Going to the same university as you makes me happy.

I don't know these things!

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*backs away* We're not supposed to touch, right? I'll do my best for the exam!

It would be great if we could attend the same college! See you!

Kiriyama-kun, do your best with the summer seminars, too!

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Make sure you work hard during the summer vacation!

Don't neglect your studies!

Summer vacation is here


It's a shame we couldn't go to the summer seminar together... But I'll do my best with my PRIVATE TUTOR!


Do you have the seminar today? Can we meet when you're free?

Sure, let's meet.

This year, we'll both spend the summer studying... Let's do our best so we can go to college together!

Okay then, I'm meeting my PRIVATE TUTOR today, so I have to go! (I have to hurry and get home so I can prepare for the lesson)

Yeah...I will too.

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Ah, hey Shintarou, what were you up to? Are you doing anything today? Huh? What's with that?

Today it's horror party night!

Today it's horror party night!

I have no idea what you're talking about, but let's do it. Come the think of it, you've always been the type to like this stuff (The paranormal dimension)

It's the Scary Festival that gets a YouTube livestream every year!

Should I watch it with you, then?

What? You'll watch with me?! You? You're suddenly interested?!

Hahaha, well...

Should we go to the conveniences store to buy snacks?

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It's a well-known story that the some experiments from the past led to the birth of the terrifying, bloody "Closed Circle" of creatures (T/N not sure)

So cool!

Maan, the first part is already over... the sorrow is piling up...


What happened?

I know you're not really interested in this kinda stuff.

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Did you talk to Eriha about future plans?

Hmm, we haven't really. Eriha's got it all figured out, anyway.

Haven't you thought of it yet?

When she gets lonely don't you wish she'd consult you about it? (T/N here, I think "lonely"= thinking about stuff without telling anyone)

Hmm, if Eriha needs to, she comes to me, and tells me.

What it is?

Nothing, I just thought that's so cool of you.

And if something is bothering her, I want to support her. That's how it is with us.

What's with that? Is this payback for when I teased you before?

T/N page 8 last panel

I'm also thinking I want to be there for her. But...


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It seems that I want to support her

But I dislike it when other guys do the same thing.

Nonoka's private tutor is a guy, you know.

When she talked about him, she laughed.

Nonoka isn't the type to laugh light-heartedly at a person. So I thought maybe she thinks he's interesting or cute...

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It's not fun for me at all


I'm pretty sure Nonoka doesn't think like that, though?

I've always thought that I'm a very rational person.


I thought I was, but I'm not.

If I were Nonoka, I wouldn't understand why I'm like this, either.

T\N he means if he views things from Nonoka's perspective, he would have no reason to act like this

...Aren't you just getting to know true love?

Hahaha, you're kind of annoying.

Ah, part 2 is starting!

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*growl growl*

This time I tried making some papers that will meet the required subjects for your exam.

T/N yeah I am not sure about these sound effects bc I can't find them in the manga sfx dictionary so I guessed them

I've selected them out of the exam subjects from the past years.

Sensei looks exhausted...

I'll work hard!

I'll work hard!

The stake is up pretty high now, but even if it seems difficult at first, don't give up.

Let's try solving them


Too bad, but that's wrong.

I've already learned the formulas and theorems. I should be able to do this


Give it some more thought.


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Uh, where did I go wrong?...

(Ah) Like this?

Hmm, nope.


*scribble scribble scribble*



Waah, I'm getting all jumbled up!

Nonoka-san, even if you get it wrong, don't erase it, just write the next solution.

You might find the answer along the way

But there's no way I'm giving up!!



Got it!


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How is this?!

I think I've got it this time!

Yes, that's correct!

I was right!


You didn't give up and gave your best.

Gyaaa! Look at the time! We've only solved one problem!

I'm sorry I'm so slow...

No! It's my job to teach you after all! As long as you have the will to learn it's enough!

Motivation is the only thing I can't teach you.

That's the hardest to achieve.

The part of you that is so fired up is amazing.

My motivation...

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Thank you for today!

Till next time!

Somehow, the night makes you

I want to talk to Kiriyama-kun

Want to meet the person you like...

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This is getting hot! Oh, this is a masterpiece!

Ah, a phone's ringing. Isn't it yours?


What masterpiece.


Ooh, you're all lovey-dovey aren't you~ *whistle whistle*


Just now, SENSEI left! I keep thinking it's so great that I have a TUTOR! I worked hard!

I suddenly felt like I wanted to talk to you.


....Good for you.

Do you have seminar tomorrow? When will it be over? I want to meet up

I have a lot to tell you.

I'll also study during the time you have your seminar (T/N so they can meet afterwards)

Hahaha, I'll come.

When I'm finished let's meet up.

Yay~ Okay, good night!

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What, you're crazy about Nonoka aren't you.

Your whole mood changed from just one phone call, right? You're so simple~

Should we watch part 3, then?

Shut up.

Sure.'s so hot~

Kiriyama-kun is also doimg his best right now! Let's get to work!

*fired up*


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It's so hot, isn't it?

I know, right. But I heard it'll cool off soon.

Sounds great~

I like him so much!

...How's it going with your studies?

My private tutor is actually a really great tutor! He even does research on exam subjects from the past years!

Good, I worked on the texts that my PRIVATE TUTOR gave me, today.

Is that so.

And he makes papers with such diligence!

...It's nice that he's a good teacher...

Just like he says, if I give it my all, I think I'll be able to get into college!


Page 37/42

His name is Marugame-sensei, by the way

He says he wants to open up his own private school one day.

I like this sensei so I hope his dreams become reality, so he'll become a good teacher!

*backs away*

Huh? Di-Didn't you say no touching?

Yeah... but just a little bit...

Gyaa! His hair locks are so smooth against my skin! All the formulas and theorems I've learned are flying out the window! They're flying!


Page 38/42


Saying you like that private tutor ...

And saying you like me...

Are they different types of liking?

Eh? Yes, of course they are.

I see... of course that's how it is.

Page 39/42





Um... this is just a guess, but

Could it be that you're jealous?

...Well, a little...

Page 40/42

Why?! He's not like that for me at all!

There is no lovey-dovey atmosphere!

There are no dangerous feelings whatsoever!


...Well, yeah, I figured as much...

If I'd compare him to an animal... he'd be a panda!

Hahaha, pandas are cute, aren't they?

Sigh, I wish I would grow up.

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Whaaaat~ Kiriyama-kun is jealous... It makes me a bit happy... No! What am I supposed to do?

I can't really say it with words....

But... I'm sure if you saw him, you'd be relieved, I think...



...It's him?

That's right!!

Thank goodness! What an amazing coincidence!

I'm sure once Kiriyama-kun sees him, he'll rest @ssured.

Page 42/42

Or that's what I thought

But Kiriyama-kun doesn't look relieved at all!

*pleasant pleasant*

To be continued (T/N sorry for taking so long I would have translated this ages ago, it's just there's this rule on otakumole that says you have to wait 3 months after the previous translator to post your own work, so it isn't considered stealing their project. At first I didn't know this rule and ended up translating 3 chapters before I even checked my messages... 😅😅 and that's when I was told to stop. And I had to. I hope Jessiiee (the prev translator) is okay, she hasn't been active. Anyway, now it's been three months and I'm back. I hope there aren't any mistakes and I hope you enjoyed it. I'm not making any promises that I'll translate this manga till the end, bc things might happen, but I'll enjoy it for as long as I can! Hope no one minds that I picked this up for now!