Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii

Chapter 116

Nike, the fourth princess of the Rain Dukedom and one who holds the power to call forth the rain, travels to the Sun Kingdom to marry King Livius on behalf of her country after losing a game of rock, paper, scissors to her three older sisters. Upon arriving at the Sun Kingdom, she discovers that the Livius, who conquered the world in only three years after his ascendance to the throne, is only eleven years old!

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Ch 106: A Common Front

The fateful romance of the Light and the Rain

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I slept, huh...

I dreamed something long ago too...

I was rescued by Nero and Romio

After that,


And when I was hiding in a certain residence...

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It's Aura's kid

She only gave birth to one

Aura was working really hard, you know

Even if she was full of wounds, she did her best to survive until the delivery

She only breathed her last,

after she saw her kid

After that,


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There were people who against it because it'd be too dangerous for me, but

I joined the Klaus, and swore to move only for revenge

I absolutely despised the idea of me just being protected in a safe mansion

I would never be satisfied

To see that dream again...

it feels like I'm being told to not forget my hatred

The sun is rising...

Don't worry, I'll never forget

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Today for sure, I'll get Nike in my hand


It's already morning, huh

As expected, it's pretty cold in the morning

It's become a slight fever, I guess...?

Until he's recovered, he still need to take a rest today

Time to take water...

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I'm going too

Don't force yourself, you should be still resting

It's cold

I'm already okay...

You're not really convincing when your voice is rattling like that, you know

Since yesterday, Livi rarely speaks. I wonder if he's really okay...

I wonder if he's lonely



I feel like he becomes more clingy too


Acting like a kid he should have been

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Why there's someone collapsed in a place like this!?

Or rather, are you still alive!?



This person...

It's just travel fatigue and not eating or drinking anything for some days, I bet

It's just like when a battery dries out

He's okay, his life is not in danger

And you said he was okay...?

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That guy

he is one of the Sun Kingdom's nobles, Lord Bella

Why is he here...



Aah, it's because of "that", you know

Again saying something that critical so easily...

he betrayed your country and @ssisted Ursula


You bombs dropper granny!

But it's weird. I heard Bella House had seceded from us, so...

Good morning, Mama


May I come in?

From last night, a strange brochure has been circulated in the city

Aye, it's fine. Come in

What happens? So early in the morning

Everyone is in discomfort about it

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A brochure?


"The man on our hand is safe"

"The man on our hand is safe"

"We're waiting in the Closed Temple"

"From Slan to the Rain Princess"


Ursula is calling me

It's from Ursula

Then, "The man in our hand" is Niel?

**If you forget, Ursula first introduced her name was "Slan" to Nike

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Niel is still alive!

Nike, you don't need to go

I'll go and bring him ba-...

Don't say the impossible

For now, your health is the most important


Until you're recovered I won't do anything on my own too, so...

"The Closed Shrine" means the one in the deep of the Sanctuary, huh

You don't know the way to there anyway, right



Nike-hime, I beg you.

Please bring me too...

If we go there, can we meet with Ursula?

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Bring me to where Ursula is!


At the same time, far away from there

I knew it already but

The Sun Kingdom Northeast Plateau

Highlands IS really cold...

You can say that again

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Kara, are you okay?

I'm fine, I'm already used to the coldness too

It has been few days since we arrived at the mountain recessess

I'm not the one you should worry about

Ooi, Bard-saaan, are you okay??





Soon!! I'll catch up real soon, okay!


Hmm... Okay?

Don't force yourself, should we take a little break?

I'm okay!! I don't force myself either!

Your legs are trembling a lot too

f*ck, how miserable you are, Bardwin...!

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Somehow, I hate that bastard's guts


Forcing my way to go with them is fine and all but


Since I was born it's the first time I walk this much...

Really, what am I doing, until go to a place like this...

I didn't know I was this weak

It's not like I have any interest in the mystery of rain anyway...

Ah, I know. I only still can't forget Sheila...


So, that historic ruins is ahead of this road, right?

It became a nature preserve

Still, I'm impressed you know there is a stone monument in there despite that

It's a soil where human entrance is limited

Well, apparently the stone monument there is different from the others

From the longest time, mysterious song is often heard from there

Look, that's the natural reserve

Look, that's the natural reserve

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It's name is Toto Waterfall. It was an object of worshipment long time ago

In this valley, there are lakes, rivers, and underground water connected to each other. Not just that, it's also the one who's forming the lakes and the wetlands in the Sun Kingdom

It's not an exaggeration that this is the water's vital point of the Middle World

Seeing a place this important with you, I'm so ha-...

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As I thought, you bring too much luggages, don;t you


Let me bring half of them

You don't need to, even if I'm like this, I'm a man!

Come on



In the end got the luggages taken

Don't mind it, don't mind it

Soon we'll be able to see a very beautiful scenery

so let's do our best together



Somehow, my heart beats even faster than before...

Look! The waterfall is so pretty, right!


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So, where is that stone monument located?

So, where is that stone monument located?

Don't tell me,

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It's in there!? Inside the waterfall!?

They're here

They're here

so cold...

No, I don't know it's inside of the waterfall or not but

Isn't it impossible to go there!?

it's clear that the song is sung from there



Perhaps, is it that...?

Anyway, we can't go to there

But how about if we go down from the above?

Nah, even if we climb to the top, we have no means to come down

We don't have the equipment for that either...

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I'm so tired

Ah, no, just now, I can hear a so-...


watch o-...



Don't let her go!

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J-just me


is left behind...


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? A crystal?

It's only that part that is glowing ghastly blue

the other part is the same like the usual stone monuments, though


It's as if it has cut the beautiful sky and trapped it in

I want to say that in the end we're all safe but...

I wonder why we were brought here

Sorry, because I got caught by that black thing, we...

It looked similar with the Grand Dukedom incident's black fog,

but Kara isn't a high-order mage, the other stone monuments never reacted to her too

It's not your fault, Kara-chan

Still, it's the first time that black thing appears, right?

But just now,

it clearly targeted her

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As I thought, there must be some connection...

It has been a long time since I felt the presence of the "Rain" so I wake up but...

Aah, sleepy...

So sleepy

some trashes were also brought in

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Th-... the black fog

is forming a human shape...

That woman has the blood of Rain Royal Family but

What is this?

Y-you have consciousness!?

to be my vessel, she is "lacking"

Do you understand our words!?

What an amazing reaction


I pointlessly used my power

We're investigating this stone monument and...

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may we ask who you...

My sleep has been disturbed

Shut up

I'm in a very bad mood now

You noisy trashes who only can crawl on the ground,

who did give you permission to talk to me?

Aah, how troublesome

I should just obliterate you with this land

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Hey, I know it's late but

did we just wake up something that should be never be woken up?

What a coincidence, I'm also thinking about that

Your target was just me, right


I'll free you from here, but in exchange, can you spare and return them?




My specs might be insufficient but

I promise you I'll work hard so I can meet your expectation

Don't worry, leave it to me

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Leave it to her, she says...

don't be ridiculous!

Why is she always...

extending her hand without hesitation


Nope, not at all

Do you have any confidence with your arms?

Sorry, but I'm an all brain and no brawl type

me too

But, I don't have a hobby to be protected by the girl I like

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What a coincidence

Neither do I

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"the girl that I like"


Just like a gl@ss that was quietly filling up

and then overflowing,

I realized my feelings for her

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