Honey come honey

Chapter 30

From Chibi Manga:Mitsu is a high schooler who looks cute and fluffy, but on the inside? The first day of her transfer, she meets a popular guy with a mysterious weapon. She's scared of him but she knows his secret?

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I'm going to protect you smile forever and ever....

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Thank you for your hospitality

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This are some veggies we got from our field

Please take some

You made up, didn't you?

Thank you

Umm... Nagisa-kun


about what you said before...

[chose me]

That was... so... umm..

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Mitsu-chan is my dear pen pal friend

I said it because I felt like it, so don't worry about it


He's encouraging me the same as always...!

That's true! You're right


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But, let me know if anything happens with Kumagaya-kun again




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*cracking cracking*

If you make Mitsu-chan cry again, it's not going to end that easily next time, Kumagaya-kun

Your words are unnecessary, I'm not planning to make Mistu-chan sad ever again

...I'm seriously counting on you here,

She's very bright but

I think there're many things she worries about

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See you later, Nagisa-kun, Misaki-chan!

I'll write you again, so don't forget to answer



Our summer vacation ended like that

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In the sky, there are fluffy clouds

It's time for the school festival!

I want to see Kumagaya-kun dressed as a pirate and the like~

Mitsu pirate or whatever, I'm not wearing a custom, those are for our customers

oh, I see

Our cl@ss is making a cosplay photo booth

I was in a different school on my first year, and I couldn't even get out of the house to attend the festival

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I'm looking forward to it...


What's wrong Aoi-chan?

what's with this atmosphere?

Ah, Hanasaki-chan

There's nothing here we can use

you see, it seems we don't have enough money to buy new costumes

So we borrowed some of the old stuff from the Drama club but

No way...

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sh1t. Who was the one who suggested to do a cosplay photo booth!?

You guys were the one that came up with the idea because you wanted to see cute girls wearing cosplay

You girls are the same! you were all excited about seeing Nakaouji wearing a prince cosplay!

Everyone's prince Nakaouji-kun

it's torn...

What do we do now? We already submitted the proposal to the committee...



Let me see it for a sec




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Used a flower ornament that fell from a different costume

Now it can be used now

All of them can be used if we add some ornaments



Mad grizzly... I mean, Kumagaya. You can sew

That's a big surprise

Because the threads and needles are like my friends

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When you give it a try, it's pretty fun


Hey, do I fix this?

Kumagaya, this one too!

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Kumagaya-kun is at the center of the cl@ss...!!

a little vexed but happy

But, will the costumers come?

It's fine! everyone will come if we advertise that you can take a picture with a Prince wearing coslay, right!?

That sounds great!

In that case, why don't we use Hanasaki-san too?

You're right! If we put her in a fluffy dress, we will definitely attract the attention of both girls and guys!

No, no I will work backstage

ehh~ but that's such a waste

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Although it was in tatters, if we add some arrangements it can be fixed

Just like you said Kumagaya-kun


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Ah! Is that a pirate costume!?

Yeah, I'm just about done fixing it

Hey, Kumagaya-kun. Why don't you try it on?

I wanna see

Try it on! Com'on try it on!

eh? but

I wanna see

Then you try it on too Mitsu...



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...It's a bit tight

The Pirate cosplay is the best~~~!!


What are you taking a picture for?

*shakes shakes*

eh~~ It's fine, it suits you

Stop it, it's embarr@ssing

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No is no



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...Is good enough already, right?

I'm taking it off

eh~ Wait, wait! Such a waste, you already put it on so let's take a photo~


Like this?

Kumagaya-kun, bend down a little

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We won't fit in if you're that far



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...I couldn't resist

But it's your fault for being too cute Mitsu...

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sigh~~ But I'm glad you refused

About promoting

? What about?

I thought you would accept, but I don't want others seeing you while you look like this

ah... ...yeah, that's right

You're hiding something from me again


Is it something you can't tell me?

It's not like that!



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...It's just ..I don't want to stand out

I still haven't told you about the reason why I'm living at Maki-chan's place, have I?

The truth is that, the stalker hasn't been caught yet

...I'm hiding

"she's very bright but, I think there're many things she worries about"

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Sorry for talking about something like this!

It was over a year ago, and that place is far away so It doesn't even matter anymore


It's normal that you would worry about something like that

Thank you for telling me

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...I though I was going to make you feel gloomy

It's a pretty heavy topic so...

You're not

That's why, you don't need to force yourself to smile

When you're with me. I want you to feel free to laugh, be shy, get angry


Or even cry if you want to

You don't have to smile all the time

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That's why I'm here for you


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And you're even wearing such a manly costume...

Don't mess around while you're crying...

I keep thinking about it

That's not it

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I'm so glad I fell in love with this person...

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Hey, school ended a while ago already

Yes, sir...!!


*thump thump thump*

That was close...

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The much expected and exciting school festival

Is about to start

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