Anagura Amélie

Chapter 35

From ShoujoHearts:Messy hair and a resting b1tch face. Being called a "phantom" behind her back doesn't bother her at all. People in love are stupid! Locking herself in her room to watch movies by herself is pure bliss!! That's the kind of "loner life" the heroine Amelie is enjoying to the max. When she learns that Teito (now the most popular guy at school) whose budding feelings for her she trampled on years ago, has actually been in love with her all along, she showcases an unexpected reaction?

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Where’s Hiroki—?

Ehh? What the heck is that?! Hyahaha

He’s not answering.

It’s Teito’s ‘laundry day’ today so he’s busy, he says.

Hey, and what about Teito ❤️?


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It’s a member of the ghostly trio. She’s doing karaoke alone? How depressin

The other two of the trio are hanging out with their boyfriends so I guess she has no choice huh.

How pitiable

Sh... she’s sings super good!!

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‘What’s wrong?’

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Eh? Nothing’s wrong. ...I ate a donut on my way out and it was super delicious and was just regretting not to have eaten two more, that’s all.

What’s that? How stupid. I thought you were different than usual.

I was worried over nothing.

You were worried about me?

Hey... why did you think I was being different than my usual self?

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Just a hunch.

‘Dad is...’

I was wrong though...

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Ah... sorry. I was just surprised.

I want to touch you.

Hiroki-kun ‘s house?


Want to come over to my place?

Please come over. I beg you.

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It’s a designer mansion. How stylish.

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This is all yours? (T/N: it says ‘one room’ here. Which I don’t get. Let’s just say he is super rich and has a spacious room/house)

When I’m about to get home late I’ll sometimes stay here.

Ah, yeah. It’s one of my parent’s properties. This is not the house we all live in so I’m just using it freely.

S...super rich

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I wanted... to do this for so long

Every time I saw you in the cl@ss room in the mornings...

...or every time when we met at the lockers...

...every time I heard you laughing...

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The one...

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...who found me... Hiroki-kun.

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Why do you have to be so cute?

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Uhm... this is my first time

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I see.

Do you want something to drink?

‘You want something to drink?”

Ice Tea, apple juice... coffee?’s pretty cold, huh? Shall I make you some warm tea?

What... Why?

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Didn’t you say you wanted to touch me?

I...of course I want to touch you but... I want to treasure you. we shouldn’t rush it, go out on dates first and I should plan a surprise. It’s your first time and it should be a memorable moment...


I don’t need no memorable moments.

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It’s about what I want to do now.


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I... like it when you call me stupid.

Bite it.

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Bite harder.’s going to leave a mark.

That’s exactly what I want.



Aah! See?!

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It’s our proof that I’m yours, Nori-Chan.



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...So much that I feel like it’s pouring out of my body... so much that I don’t care about anything else in this world.

I like him.

I like... like... like...

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It’s ok... if it’s wrong

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I like him.

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