Namidaame to Serenade

Chapter 21

Suddenly one day--energetic high school girl, Katagiri Hina, has time slipped into the year 1907. The first person she sees is the sorrowful man by the name of Hongo Takaaki. Who exactly is this Hongo-sama? As fate works its gears, how would their romance unfold?Transcending time, two people meet. A destiny.

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Namidaame to Serenade Chapter 21 -- Missing pages(2 and 3) are just a cover page, it doesn't affect the story.




took the boat out

just to follow the hostage?

What is he doing?


Where is Kiku now?

Having heard two gunshots, it's probably been settled.

Seems like he headed out to the warehouse district.

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By the time a ray of light just like a gap of theater curtains showed up in the eastern sky,

(clip clop)

(rattle rattle)



(door opens)


Hongo's coachman and butler have arrived here.



Keep this

strictly between us.

Of course...But how come...Ehhh?


Please get changed.


I will.

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If so, please go back to Tokyo with Kono.

heading back to the ship,

I will be

You promised to

but might not make it in time for the first train.

go back home with me.

If I can't come with you,


at least, I want to pray for your safety here

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until you come back.

leave you here then.

Don't go.


Be careful!

I don't want him to...

get into dangerous situations


(clatter)(clip clop)

You must be tired.

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You must've been surprised at our sudden call.


Very much so.

Takaaki-bocchama never once asked us a favor in the middle of the night.

He is the epitome of a good-natured person.

He never troubled us since he was a kid.

Huh, to that extent?


In spite of dragging him around and putting him in danger,

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while lazily drinking tea.

I can only wait for him


It really makes me think


Hongo Trading


We've been waiting for you.

I'm immature.

Like I said earlier, I need your cooperation.

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I didn't expect you to be so reckless.

(clatter clatter)

Say whatever you want.

You know how stupid it is to pay the asking price.

I don't care.

(clatter clatter)

The branch manager got what he deserves.


If he's already floating in the sea, all your efforts will go down the drain.

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Don't even say that.


...Ah, how many times will this be this year?

This isn't even a suicide spot.

Rest in peace.

Heard it was stuck under the pier...




Let me through.

That's too bad.

It could be a drunkard falling off.


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What are you doing?

Do you know him?


(walks off)

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(rattle rattle)

(rattle rattle rattle)

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That ship, huh?



He's telling us not to get on...

(tap tap)

Should I


...We'll wait here.

believe that guy's sign?

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It could be a set-up.

Who's that guy?

I've bought a gun and information from him last night.

He's the star of the circus.

How can you believe a guy who sells out his comrades?

I've warned you countless times.

You idiot.



You should know we're living in different worlds.

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I saw a dead body on the beach.

You killed him once he's no longer in use?

How suicidal is it? In the dark, in his clothes with broken ribs.

He sneaked away even before

doing anything.

It's the same as if you had killed him.

It's a perfect finale for a money-blinded guy who has kept betraying others.

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What were YOU thinking,

you've freed my prey

without my permission.

You're the one told them to prepare a ransom by the dawn.

...Well, well.

Has he found a sunken treasure or something?

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...Certainly received.


Now, release Saeki.

Okay then.






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(lose balance)

The guy who touched our goods

He's got the devil's luck.

died this morning

Talked into it?

because your employee talked him into it.

He was a good cellist.

...What are you talking about?

His unfortunate death was caused by his stupidity,

How is that related to our company...?

so we're not responsible for any of it.


Mr. Hongo has even sent his own son to sort things out,

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We're birds of a feather

Please tell that to your father.

who managed to keep the damage at a minimum...

Let's call it even now.

This guy

and I are much alike...?

Hinako-sama is in the back room.

She is ready to leave.



Welcome back.


Excuse me.

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I'm back.

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...I was just

I was half asleep and might've called his name.



I couldn't help but cry



Thank goodness.


I dreamed of Takaaki-sama coming back.

You're back.

...She's been keeping my handkerchief

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all this time.


At the sea, why did you,


I've been meaning to ask you.

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There's no way I can

pretend as Hinako

when Takaaki-sama's hands and voice

feel so gentle.


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