Boku no Ie ni oide Wedding

Chapter 4


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Another sixty pages is done, please tell me when you see mistakes ~Madoka

You will be punished now

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My wife is unexpectedly a little devil

In front of your husband you keep it on and elsewhere your walking around with another man


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Wait please Mano-san...!!

Please listen to my side of the story...

I told you I won't

Because Mirei-chan's insensitivity isn't meant of evil intent

I forgave all the failures

Now I can't control my body

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I will embrace you now

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That Mano-san misunderstood it...

And now...


I don't want this...

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Ah uhm...


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Are you crying...?

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It's me who wants to cry...

I use the ring at work and happily bragged about it...

Me too...!!!

I made a fool of myself...

I was also happy... and used it to school...

I reported to everyone that I got married... then...

Even though it doesn't go well with the design cl@ss I used the ring in school and got that pointed out as bragging...


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But I thought it'd be fine if I took it off at school...

Certainly it's rare to get married as a student...

Sorry... it can't be helped since you have your own circumstances...

No... I should have properly told you...

And earlier

I walked home with Tani-san...

Because he came to school as a lecturer, I heard that he's a designer for Mano-san's company, so I went to greet him...

I also had troubles with my design so he recommended me some design books...

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I thought I should properly introduce him to you...

I'm sorry that it resulted in a weird misunderstanding...

He's my husband Mano Fumiya-san

Because Tani-san... is a special person for our company...

...I'm sorry even though you properly introduced us...

It's not bad if Mirei-chan becomes aquaintaced with him...

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...without listening to you I got jealous

What... am I doing...

I made Mirei-chan cry...


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I thought I'd be happy enough with getting married

...because we didn't have our night yet...

It doesn't feel real that Mirei-chan has become mine... I must've lost my composure...

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Even though tomorrow is our promised saturday

I waited to approach our first night happily... but if you're forcing yourself it has no meaning...

Mirei-chan, go take a bath first


I bought a bentou for today so take it slow

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Tomorrow... Please hold me...

Quick-... -my...

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I want to continue from last time a lot...

I will properly make myself pretty in the bath...

Because Mirei-chan hugged me from the back and said something like that tonight my feelings won't stop though!!


Tomorrow I want to serve you a lot...

Impossible!! I can't wait!!

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Are you really okay? Won't you collapse again if you see my that?

Yes, even if I collapse you can continue like that!!

Let's spend tomorrow night happily

No, that's not okay!!


And become a real married couple

Another happy world with my beloved Mano-san...

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I want to quickly know that

Then I'm going to work

Take care!

I will hurry home today

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I'm going

Have a safe trip...!!

Good, I have to prepare for tonight too

Would you like to purchase these 3?


Did you see her choice!!?

She's brave

I used all my pocket money...

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By the way...

The city is really stylish and high tec... I wondered of it was okay to enter...

That we have such a department store close to our house...


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The other day... I didn't give you my right name


Tani-san! Actually...

The truth is after I got married last month I became Mano Mirei

I'd be happy if you can call me Mano from now on...!!

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...I see

I was surprised yesterday to hear that you're married

...even so

The book you recommended me

I seriously use them...!!

Yesterday I privately invited you

That's no problem

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Are you shopping today

Yes, I'm looking for suitable things for my interior, this general goods store had a lot of things that suit my taste


I feel like it's the state-of-art I should aim for...!!

This... is super cute...!! I want to try doing such a design...



For me it's a produkt I can't lay hands on...

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If you want to use it as reference for designing I will buy it for you


You like it right

No, that's fine!


If a special person for Mano-san's company will... I'd be scolded!

Before we are business connected because of the company

Kiyama-san is my pupil

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Such an expensive thing... in the first place to accept free things from others...

No, even if it's a bit expensive, when it's for Kiyama-san's design I won't be stingy!


Hah, I called her Kiyama-san...

She's very thorough about designing huh...


It might be an unnecessary care but...

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What... kind of books did you buy today?

No, that's...!!

Could it be the books yesterday weren't helpful as reference?

Wow stylish


It fell...

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To you whose first night approaches

Beloved boyfriend... first...

Uuuu-... unsightly things...!!!

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Even though I had you recommend me design books yesterday...

Today such a misfortunate thing...

What... was that...?


Yes... actually...

It's embarr@ssing...

Was it maybe an arranged marriage...?

No, I met 3 years and half a year ago... I got promoted from housekeeper to girlfriend, we went out 3 years and got married...!!

H-Housekeeper!? You went out for 3 years... during 3 years... nothing!?

We did kiss... moreover I was too ignorant so since we got married...

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But... tonight... we promised to...

TN: OMG what are you telling him girl!!!!

Properly face our first time...


That... so...

It's time for the bargain...!!

No what did I hear...

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I'm glad...

Ah, I'm sorry

No, me too...


Your husband...

Did well... with holding back...

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No!!! I'm withdrawing that remark!!!

That was almost like s3xual har@ssment...!

Well then, I'm leaving...!!

What's wrong with Tani-san...

No way...

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...because of something so trivial...

This isn't...

The things about work left my head for a moment...

Supposed to happen...

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Good, it's over...!

Oh, Mano-kun is done too?

Let's go home!!

Then shall we go, it probably started already

Eh? Go where?

Didn't I tell you? Today all the participants in the Hachiouba heels project are gathering for a drinking party!

Drinking party!?

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Well, I have... some plans after this...

It's that?


When he comes home his wife will welcome him, that?

Ehh... bull's eye!!?

You look like it's that

Well Mano-kun... can't you hold back at least today!?

You're saying at least today but it's the first time!!!

But it's a meeting for work... I have to at least show my face...

I'd love to come!!

When I go I can leave quickly...

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Oh, they started

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Right, participants in the project... Tani-san as the designer...

Ohh!! They came!!

Now! We have the two Ikemen of the project in one place!

The president's son Mano Fumiya-kun and famous designer Tani Kenichirou-san with a promising future!

Let the friendship of those two who carry the fate of the company on their backs deepen this evening!!

You worked hard, would you like a beer

Thank you

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This time

No no

That our company's important project the high end apartment complex got savely all contracted is thanks to Tani-san who made the wonderful design

It's thanks to Mano-san's sales skills, even though you're new to the company you took a contract for the luxury apartment

Wow this is bad!!?

Their aura is too hot!?

...Tani-san is a needed and important special person for our company

Today including this evening it's the time to seriously build a relationship of mutual trust

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By the way, you also do lectures at school?

After 10 minutes

Yes, sometimes I do that as special lecturer

I'm curious...

You're so cool it must be troublesome to be popular with students

No, I'm basically not interested in anything else than work

Aren't there students who privately call out to you?

Sometimes there are but I always refuse them


What are you planning...

My wife has received special treatment from you huh


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I saw your wife's designs and I felt like they were good

To pull out her talent I wanted to support her even if it's only a bit

Well, if Tani-san said it this way my wife must have gained a lot confidence!

Thank you very much


No, it's no big deal

What, what are you talking about so excitedly?


Right, by the way Tani-kun

That's suspicious!?

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Did you finally found a girl you like?

Ehh, what is it?

Tani-san is only concentrating on work, because I don't hear about the theme at all I'm worried. During his school days he dated but he got dumped because "He likes interior more than me!!"!

Eh, but people with pride in their's work like Tani-san once they fall in love they fall hard, right

Anyways what's your type of girl?

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Like appearance or personality

I'm curious!!!

...well... appearancewise... more than flashy I'd prefer a neat woman...

Then personality!?

...someone who thinks about

Other people's feelings

Always giving their best at everything

Her smile... a wonderful person...

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Why did Kiyama-san's face...!!

Ehh!? Isn't that exactly Mirei-chan!?


What about the bust size?


Eri-chan, isn't this reserve s3xual har@ssment

Do you like it big? Or normal?


I'm confident in my chest

It's not Mirei-chan's size, right!?

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Eh, Tani-san is bright red, cute


No... that's...

Why did I remember that!!

What what!?


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Absolutely not interested in women!!

Work is my lover!! When I think about designs I'm the happiest!!

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Yo, Tani you said it well!

That's a young man who only deals with tower block interiors

Eh, what a waste

More than woman I'm much enchanted with looking at stylish goods!

If he says that... Then he doesn't think about Mirei-chan, right...

You're not 'that' right...?

Well, I really want to follow Mano-kun's example even at work he is sometimes "strechted under the nose" (probably an idiom that I don't understand)

Why is it that Mano-san is so excellent!!?

No, I think... if I'm alone I'm no good

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...theres also my parents position...

I am always going to work under the pressure of the responsibilities...

Even so

If I'm coming home and my wife greets me with her cute smile

Just that bl0ws the tiredness away

If it's to take care of her it gives me the power to do any kind of work

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That way I can do my best with work

The feeling of treasuring my wife is probably the biggest

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What's that, for women a husband like Mano-san is the best ideal

As expected good men marry young, cries


What, Mano-kun is an ikemen, son of a president and has a loving wife!! All three

Geez, you're speaking so fondly

Well, it's because of the alcohol, sorry...

Uhm actually... my wife waits because we made an important promise... can I leave early...?

Well then Tani-san, let's see each other again sometime!

Ouh, hurry and leave!

They get along so well

Ah, yes...

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Today we promised to face our first time...

Good!! I only drank moderately!!

If I come home it will be okay!!

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I will arrive at 21!! Wait a bit

In 15 minutes he will...

I also put on the dress like promised with Mano-san...


Would he want to eat first!? Would it be better if I didn't wear it yet!?

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I prepared my feelings

I properly obtained knowledge


Today finally with Mano-san...



Eh!? What!?



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The night they waited for so long

Transfer... overseas?


To be continued