Takane to Hana

Chapter 59

Hana is a high schooler who ends up replacing her big sister at a marriage interview. Little does she expect that the potential groom, a handsome 26-year-old businessman named Takane, immediately insults her and calls her a gold digger! Furious, Hana throws her wig in his face and leaves.Against all odds the two end up going on dates on a regular basis. Takane is a rich kid who's much more immature and inexperienced than his good looks and flashy manners suggest, so they find it easy to forget that their ages are ten years apart. But how will these two ever find love when they're so busy teasing each other?Note: The t1tle is a pun on the main character's names (Takane and Hana) and the phrase "takane no hana " (lit. flower on a high cliff; meaning something unreachable, out of your league).

Language: English


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If Takane-san

Still wouldn't talk by the end of tonight

Should I ask him 'What's wrong?' instead?...


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Do you even know how mom's doing?

Are you asking why I'm here?

We're cousins close in age, but while I am moving quickly on my path to success... Here you are, working in a lame company department

You're displeased, right? It's just like watching your son screw up right before your very eyes

That's because you got thrown off to a tiny subsidiary


I want to apologise for running off to America

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Looks like you've gone through a lot

Haa... You haven't changed one bit

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Are you still

Holding a grudge against me?

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*step step*



*pat pat*

You're starting to look like him. You're just like the little Takane

You sure have grown up, Hiromi

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*mess up*

How cute you used to be at this age

I remember


What's wrong? A little skinship won't hurt. I'm your older cousin, right?

Stop it

Can't we get along? Huh?

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It's Yakumo-kun!

Introduce me

See ya

To your marriage interview partner

Hey, don't cry over that

B-... But I spent 2 hours styling my hair

Lemme fix it for you ASAP

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Don't like Yakumo-niisan......

*T/N: Who'd actually like a shady, two-faced person like that???*

The parting of your hair's misaligned

I don't want many people to see me get played with


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He's here



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Absent-mindedness? With what?

What I mean by absent-mindedness is forgetting things in general

What? You can't help but fall for my ever increasing mature charm?

You're the absent-minded one here

*step step*

When we moved house, you promised not to just barge in as you please

Rather than your recently increased dandyism, I think I should be more worried about the intensity of your absent-mindedness!

But that's exactly what you've been doing every single day

You said it was okay to do that, though

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You should think before you speak. Has @ssuming become some sort of craze these days? I guess high school girls really like to lead trends

What leading trend are you talking about?



Don't you ever set foot in this space again


No matter what happens, don't go here. That's an order

No matter what happens, don't go here. That's an order

Whatever it is

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So I can't even go near even if something bad happens?

Doesn't matter. Just don't

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Then why the h*ll did you kiss me?!!!

Wh-... Why the h*ll did you just blurt that out?

......!! Y-... You idiot!!

Ooh you care to ask why!?

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His mind's obviously shut-out...

I wasn't my normal self... Because I got drunk...

I'm sorry

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I didn't mean to scare you...

Takane-san really did change

You're madly in love with me so you kissed me, didn't ya?!!

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Ever since I came into terms with my feelings, it seems like I'm the only one who's looking at him...

And the way I picture things has greatly changed

I thought up lots of plans!!

I want him to be on the same page with me...

Let's live together!!!

I wasn't scared

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I like you


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Are you sick or something?

Do you have any idea what you just told me??


What happened!? Why did you become so honest all of a sudden!!? Huh!?

Did you bump your head?

Has my charm finally knocked you off your senses!?

So weird

If you already knew

Then why did you still do that?

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I simply

... Wanted to

Touch you

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I don't know the reason why

But it just happened

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What the heck was that?

We ain't done talking yet

Then why do I always feel like you're making me happy?

If I only said that to make you surrender and hate me

Why do you think I still study everyday without looking all pissed off?

Even when you tell me that I have to exercise

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Why do I still try to keep up with you?

I know it's complicated

Please answer me...

Do you honestly think that I'll give up?

But I wanna understand how he feels

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But if you can't

Then stop leading me on!


He was conveying a part of his feelings to me

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Or at least that's what I thought

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I told you I was just half-asleep

Yesterday was merely a delusion

I have no plans to take kids like you seriously

Cool yourself down

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Great work toda~~y

Same to you, Yukarin

*vroom vroom*

Over here


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I hate persistent guys~~

Don't worry. I just wanna take you out to dinner

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The thought of getting kissed by the one I love


Got me so excited

That I couldn't control myself

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