Colette wa Shinu Koto ni Shita

Chapter 58

From Phoenix Serenade Scans:Meet Colette, a young doctor. Since she's the only doctor in town, she has to attend to everything, and quite honestly, she thinks she needs a break. One day, she's so frazzled that she jumps into a well. But, she didn't die? Instead, she finds herself in the underworld, where she encounters Lord Hades. Somehow or the other, she becomes Hades' doctor. Follow Colette in her new (though still busy) life, now with Hades thrown into the picture!

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let's bring you fortune

happy new year 2018

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i see, so there's no gr@p3

that's good

but he didn't even tell what seed are they

he's really show of his intelligence


it surprised me

but even the doctor can't recognize it ? TN : actually the doctor kanji is a pharmacist

but we don't know whether the bud will bloom or not

Now I look forward to waiting


that's right

when the time's come what about i come there too

i'm looking forward to it

my job is to inspect the water


there's a big similarity between you guys

there's sake at that place, i like that

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what do you expect to see ?



i'm back colette

welcome home

at last i can show my face here

*ba-dump ba-dump

if there's door here i will knock though



this is souvenir

don't just suddenly show up like that

there's no one so it can't be helped

your logic doesn't make sense

oh my, you're here eru-san ?


yes, just now

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i'm sorry for come and go as i please

i've been busy with my job

yay, snack

everyone please enjoy it

oh my

it's manju

there's enough for everyone

don't worry about it



he's blending in a second

he's blend with everyone in a second

i'm a little concern because yesterday hades-sama looks so reserve


I wonder what kind of feeling he's looking at that ...

he keeps silence with that serous looks and gloomy

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don't move


... hades-sama's hand through cloth

what am i doing



I did not quite understand because it was through cloth


what are you laughing at ?

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then, i'm finish washing


she will be just like hermes in no time

meanwhile , everyone at underworld

she have a busy face ...

are they taking care of the seeds ?

there's no bud yet

come out bud ~~

the nutrition is empty

it won't be that soon

appolo-sama make this too, he's amazing

thank you very much

i wonder if hades-sama still looking at the potted plant

please take care

do you feel anemic ?

if i go to underworld today too

please show me your tongue



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and then today too

i will see hades-sama face from the side again

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nothing's changed

that's normal

as i thought, he's looking at it

hades-sama, what about your dinner ?

then he's been here since then ?

it's done


alone ?

i wonder if there's any Daffodil

Daffodil is one from roots

then this pot which planted a roots has a possibility to growing them

we can only pray for it tough

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i see

that's right

it will be good if there is daffodil

by the way, i've come to the place where daffodil's grow before

the yellow one

But the taken flowers will soon die

as i thought it's better to see the flower bloom from the soil

i found it when i come home from home visit

... that flower still bloom

then i pick and give it to hades-sama

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what ?

what ... ?

we have frozen ground in underworld

it's from long ago

i put ice on it

i put it on around ice

standing without thinking

put ice

on it... ?

i see it sometime

what ?

what ??

this is first time i've heard about it

if you freeze it, it will not wither

frozen ground ?

serious face

surround it with ice ...

and he put the flower in the middle of it .. ?

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if i imagine it, it would be like this ...



i'm sorry hades-sama,to be honest this is delicate

i feel horror about it

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then why you didn't tell me about it until now ?

isn't it a pleasure to the person who gave it ?


that's true, but ...

that's not important

pleasure ...

but now i know about it

now i'm curious about it !


it's cold you better stop it

can i go and see it ?

i'll do something about it ... !

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you're lucky that i prepare this before

i wan't it to be useful !


you're going to beach before

that's great

you just make this thick clothes

yeaah, how about it colette, i've learned about this !

it's not like that, i think about it for all season

colette collection fall - winter - spring - summer TN : he became colette tailor too ^^


this is fruit of my hard work

have a safe trip !


i'm happy ...

i'm going

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then let's depart

we're going by boat ... !

you can't fly there

sometimes i want to row the boat like this, when the dead not around but my master board it instead


this vast underground is all part of the underworld


the place i haven't know

how far this place connected ?

i can't imagine it

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__there, we've arrive

then,i will pick you up properly as usual

take your time

i understand



it's dark inside

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i'm holding hand with hades-sama now

I do not know well because gloves are thick


it's not the time to think like that

dark !!

scary !!


let's go


to think that hades-sama come to this place alone ?

soon, this hand will be my lifeline

he come here just to see those frozen daffodil ?

the road keeps going down

this place is too isolated .. !

hii, i kick something

it's a rock

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i suddenly feel cold

that's the exit

The ground is ice

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blue ... !

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e__ it's strangely beautiful !

it's wonderful !

this is nothing like i imagine

it become layer of ice


colette, come here

you frozen it like this ?

it's sparkling

the one that sparkle is the ice

it's wrapping the flower

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incredible ... it's stay the same like when it bloom

the day when you give me that flower

i can't believe i can see it again ... !

i'm sulk with a little fever

i don't want to remember it

and maybe i won't even tell you about it

if i know you will be this happy i'll take you here sooner

but ...

there was no flower in the underworld

hades-sama ...

i don't want this one to wither

they won't survive

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that day because you give me this flower

i'm done hating myself

it will be good

if this flower can bloom in this underworld

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The difference

i see, so hades-sama

between giving up and expectation

has been looking at that with this feeling

he's hoping for it

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thank you for making this

it's really beautiful

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you want to bloom right, daffodil

you've become like this


my hand's hurt



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you touch it with bare hands in place like this

eh, but i want to see it more

let's go back


i want to explore the frozen ground ~~

and karon still haven't come to pick us, right ?

please wait a minute i will restore it

explore ...?


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it's alright if just a little



hades-sama's hand

now i fully understand

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my heart fluttering ...

hades-sama !

please wait





it's terrible

please go back to your castle

next will be out at 20 january TN : oh my, hope there's nothing bad happen, now i can't wait for the next chapter *cry

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