Cardcaptor Sakura - Clear Card Arc

Chapter 14

It is spring, with cherry trees in full blossom, and Sakura is just entering middle school. Her beloved Syaoran has returned from Hong Kong, and life couldn’t be better. But when she awakens from a strange dream to find her Sakura Cards powerless, how can she protect Tomoeda from disaster?!(Source: Kodansha Comics)

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wait for me akiho-chan ! sakura ran Run through the sky to chase after the fluffy mysterious thing !!

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that guy's really fast !

ye-yeah !

*flap flap

*flap flap

i can't loose it

*grows rapidly

Hoe !?

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looks like it excited !




tha-that's good, but ...





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se ...


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secure !



snooze ...

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ah !

we have to go back quickly

as i thought

i'm in a hurry, but please drive safely

*nod nod


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i-i .. !?


am i fall asleep !?

just a little

how can i fall asleep when you invited me to your home ..


don't worry about it !

i'm so ashamed

because it's the card's fault !

you really don't have to worry about it


but ...

then you have to come again

e... ?

my father loved book a lot too

we have an archive

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next time i'll ask him if it's okay if we enter it


then you have to come again


*bell's ring

who is it ?


i'm kaito

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i'm sorry to trouble you to pick me up

kinomoto-sama, thank you for today


you don't have to worry

please don't call me that


you can call me sakura

then, it's sakura-san

can i call you that

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i won't fall asleep next time


then is okay if we doing this together again ?

of course !



let me taste your delicious food when you done practice your cooking skill


yes !

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*shake shake

she's a wonderful person

kinomoto sakura-san


she's cute and nice

and really care about everyone

about you too ?

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yes !

.. that's a good thing ...

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then you got a new card ?

at your home ?


she's fell asleep by this


when the time i'm together with akiho-chan

when you're together with shinomoto ...

father and brother's not home

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i see ...

as i thought i can't feel anything

what about you sakura-chan ?

it's really faint ...

and i felt different about it ..

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different ?



you will be use equation from now on

i still don't know what i feel different about

please remember it

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but i know it's different ...

...i can still eat cake ...

wa !

*munch munch


i-i'm fall asleep !

what is it ?

i understand you felt sleepy because the weather is good


please do your best to stay awake

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one - two

three - four

one - two

three - four

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yes !

you did it beautifully ! then !


if you Step forward quickly, maybe you can take the last pose more easily

but don't push yourself to hard

* bell rang

it's good we've come this far

yes !

that's all for today

what is it ?


i loved the new uniform

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it's really suit you sakura-chan

you too chiharu-chan


this voice

tomoyo-chan and akiho-chan

you're right, i wonder if they practice for chorus club

... as i thought it's beautiful

they're sing together

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today,are you going home with tomoyo-chan too ?

no, i have to go somewhere today, so i'm going first

you sure know about it

the chorus club will have some announcement so they're going to be late

syaoran-kun said that he and yamazaki-kun will be helping teacher

yamazaki-kun too will be late right

you two are getting along so well !


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you always lively

but when li-kun come, you become more lively, i'm happy too

today's dinner is napolitan

hmmph !

add hamburger too

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*turn around

you really have to be careful !

you've trouble me at the middle of cl@ss too !


even someone like me can't control it when i speak in my sleep

i thought you're gonna crush me ~~

then don't sleep !


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are you going to shopping ?

i have to do that too, but

i came to deliver something to brother

he's going out to p@ss over some Leaflet

in a stuffed doll

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*kyaa kyaa

then, can you p@ss this to him ?

he left this at home, Materials used for university presentation

touya too, but fujitaka-san have been stayed in the university lately

of course

sakura-chan, do you have any trouble ?

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yes !

my repertory of cooking also increased


kero-chan !

sometimes she burn it tough

that right

i receive some baked goods from the shop

will you eat it, if that's okay to you

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i wan't it !

my job's end already

i will company you to the staff room from the back


If you tell the impression

patissiere will be happy

is it alright ?

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delicious baked goods is waiting, but what a view come in front of her eyes ?

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