Cardcaptor Sakura - Clear Card Arc

Chapter 14


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wait for me akiho-chan ! sakura ran Run through the sky to chase after the fluffy mysterious thing !!

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that guy's really fast !

ye-yeah !

*flap flap

*flap flap

i can't loose it

*grows rapidly

Hoe !?

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looks like it excited !




tha-that's good, but ...





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se ...


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secure !



snooze ...

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ah !

we have to go back quickly

as i thought

i'm in a hurry, but please drive safely

*nod nod


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i-i .. !?


am i fall asleep !?

just a little

how can i fall asleep when you invited me to your home ..


don't worry about it !

i'm so ashamed

because it's the card's fault !

you really don't have to worry about it


but ...

then you have to come again

e... ?

my father loved book a lot too

we have an archive

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next time i'll ask him if it's okay if we enter it


then you have to come again


*bell's ring

who is it ?


i'm kaito

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i'm sorry to trouble you to pick me up

kinomoto-sama, thank you for today


you don't have to worry

please don't call me that


you can call me sakura

then, it's sakura-san

can i call you that

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i won't fall asleep next time


then is okay if we doing this together again ?

of course !



let me taste your delicious food when you done practice your cooking skill


yes !

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*shake shake

she's a wonderful person

kinomoto sakura-san


she's cute and nice

and really care about everyone

about you too ?

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yes !

.. that's a good thing ...

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then you got a new card ?

at your home ?


she's fell asleep by this


when the time i'm together with akiho-chan

when you're together with shinomoto ...

father and brother's not home

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i see ...

as i thought i can't feel anything

what about you sakura-chan ?

it's really faint ...

and i felt different about it ..

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different ?



you will be use equation from now on

i still don't know what i feel different about

please remember it

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but i know it's different ...

...i can still eat cake ...

wa !

*munch munch


i-i'm fall asleep !

what is it ?

i understand you felt sleepy because the weather is good


please do your best to stay awake

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one - two

three - four

one - two

three - four

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yes !

you did it beautifully ! then !


if you Step forward quickly, maybe you can take the last pose more easily

but don't push yourself to hard

* bell rang

it's good we've come this far

yes !

that's all for today

what is it ?


i loved the new uniform

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it's really suit you sakura-chan

you too chiharu-chan


this voice

tomoyo-chan and akiho-chan

you're right, i wonder if they practice for chorus club

... as i thought it's beautiful

they're sing together

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today,are you going home with tomoyo-chan too ?

no, i have to go somewhere today, so i'm going first

you sure know about it

the chorus club will have some announcement so they're going to be late

syaoran-kun said that he and yamazaki-kun will be helping teacher

yamazaki-kun too will be late right

you two are getting along so well !


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you always lively

but when li-kun come, you become more lively, i'm happy too

today's dinner is napolitan

hmmph !

add hamburger too

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*turn around

you really have to be careful !

you've trouble me at the middle of cl@ss too !


even someone like me can't control it when i speak in my sleep

i thought you're gonna crush me ~~

then don't sleep !


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are you going to shopping ?

i have to do that too, but

i came to deliver something to brother

he's going out to p@ss over some Leaflet

in a stuffed doll

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*kyaa kyaa

then, can you p@ss this to him ?

he left this at home, Materials used for university presentation

touya too, but fujitaka-san have been stayed in the university lately

of course

sakura-chan, do you have any trouble ?

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yes !

my repertory of cooking also increased


kero-chan !

sometimes she burn it tough

that right

i receive some baked goods from the shop

will you eat it, if that's okay to you

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i wan't it !

my job's end already

i will company you to the staff room from the back


If you tell the impression

patissiere will be happy

is it alright ?

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delicious baked goods is waiting, but what a view come in front of her eyes ?

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