Chocolate Vampire

Chapter 30

From Chibi Manga:This school is funded by Kagarizuki family. Kagarizuki family has 4 sons and Setsu is the youngest one. Moreover, he's an idol at this school. On the other hand, Misaki Chiyo seems to hate Setsu.The truth is that Setsu is a vampire, and he always drinks Chiyo's blood. Why does she give her blood to someone she hates? Is there a secret between these two?

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So, this place is Shirogane Academy...

I can't feel any warmth from this building... It's like a fort

*gate closing...*

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This Shirogane Academy's surrounded by this wall, 360 degrees. No students can't get outta here until they graduate except us siblings

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We have 200 lookout guards, so...

whoever tries to runaway will get shot by a tranquilizing gun. No mercy. They will

BAM ya!

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Seriously, I didn't have to do article blood

There's no way you can escape from here anyway

I bet not even one mouse from Kagarizuki can't enter here

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"I promise. We'll come and save you"



I wonder if he got a blood transfusion without rejecting it......

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I can't stop thinking about Setsu...


I need to focus on figuring out my situation, but...

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Welcome home

Kou-sama. Sumire-sama. Kohaku-sama. Kurumi-sama

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Hurry up and get a human's high school uniform. Put it onto her. Within 5 min

Yes, Sir

This way, please




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I hate this

Ooh~. Not bad

Then, next

You're gonna see our old man

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Old Man~~~!! Where are you~~~!?

Their father...? Shirogane's head!?

It's the vamp who made Himari and me to become their foods...!

...Once I see him, I'm gonna kill...!!

Hey~, before that, cut the contract for sometime and let me drink Number 2's blood~

Huh~? That's a pain~

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By the way, how was her blood!? It was tasty, right?

Her blood...

Umm... Was it......tasty?


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Well~, how should I describe it? Hmm... It tasted like I've already tasted somewhere, I think?

You must be stupid!


Number 2 and Number 6, they're related so of course it tastes similar!

THE h*ll?!

I already knew that, you, Ugly Face!!

Huuuh!? You didn't‒‒‒!!

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*drip drippp drip*

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*step! step!*

*sniff sniff*

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Don't tell me......

What's up?

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By the way, Kou

No, never mind

That Setsu-kun. He was crying like back then, huh?

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Yeah~~~! That! You're talking about 9 years ago, right!?

Kyahahah! Oh, please~~~, he was creepy!

Grabbing onto his crush and crying, "Don't go~!" Boohahahah!

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9 years mean

about that day...?

That day when they killed my step-father and step-mother...

Oh, yeah...You fainted from the shock after seeing their dead bodies, huh?

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I only heard from them that Kagarizuki brothers have attacked you guys

What happened between Setsu and him?

"Like 9 years ago, wanna get your @ss kicked?"

Yeah. Back then, we were still brats and were weak, so

We lost fighting Kagarizuki's 1st and 2nd brothers. Also, Kurumi could fight cuz her stomach was full

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But, I didn't lose to that small one!

When I tried to take you after you fainted, he came attacking me by himself

After kicking his @ss for a while, his 2 big brothers came. Damn, I was that close~

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......Why, were you


keeping this a......secret...Setsu...?

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You said you kicked his @ss, but how much!? How deep was his wound...!?

Huh? The heck..? Tsk

Twice as much as today, I guess?


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Of course he couldn't tell you~

He was all bloody, crying like a baby

Only thing he could do was hold onto end of Kou's pants...

What a pathetic reality. No wonder he wanted to keep it a secret

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Hey... Don't rebel against your master


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The contract isn't working

That's weird

Chiyo's under contract with Kou, but his command didn't work⋯‒‒‒What's happening!?

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