Tsukikage Moratorium

Chapter 5

From Chibi Manga:Hajime, a high school boy, is expecting his 17th birthday. But there are changes to his body that he can't seem to grasp the reality of?!

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Will the princess' instinct finally be awakened!?

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You two over there, give those back to us!!

That stone belongs to my family. And furthermore, why do you have it!?

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Oh no, I didn't take them. I don't even know what they are

Actually, how did they end up here?...

They're shining brighter...

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They went into my body!!?

Wh-... What the h*ll is going on?

What's all this?

No way... So you're the princess?

But you're just a guy

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Those stones went into my body

Does it mean I can return to my original body now?

Does this mean I've regained all of my power!?

I wanna turn back. I wanna turn back into a guy

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Awkward silence


Nothing's changed. What the h*ll, don't give me false hope, you idiot bird

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Hey, wait a minute

I want more time to understand this situation

But the stones reacted towards you, and then they all gathered around you

And they all went inside your body. Doesn't it mean...

That you really are the princess?

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Beats me? I don't even know it myself...

'Beats me?'!!

That precious stone has been p@ssed down for generations in the Suyazaki family

We can't just believe that the stones disappeared!! Give em back to us!!

Hold on

The princess didn't do it herself

Even she was surprised

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Aah. Seriously. What's this all about?

Since you all came here after hearing 'princess', doesn't it mean that you're somehow interested?

I've had enough of this

I don't understand the situation clearly, but fighting here isn't gonna work

Honestly, I wouldn't have cared even if he was a girl

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Whaaaaat!? The stones went into your body!?

Okay... Okay, okay

If this turns you back into your previous princess form...

Not gonna happen

Nothing's changed. My body didn't even go back to normal

Hey... You were lying to me, weren't ya?

No, I wasn't

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The princess told me this a long time ago

But it's strange that nothing else happened

Those stones act as the princess' 'subst1tute'. They are filled with her powers, and she gave it to a few human guys

And then, the moment they lose possession of the stones, there's gonna be a lot of trouble

What is it?!! I'm gonna lead a miserable life?

Well, I mean, what sort of trouble are you talking about!?

I don't know that much as well...

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... I don't think it affected them in any way, though

*run run run run run*

Hey, is Tsukimiya Saku here!?


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Would you tell us what the h*ll's happening?!!!

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... Uhm...

What is it, you guys? You all look too shady...

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I want to find out no matter what

Why I had rashes all over my body after girls simply greeted me

My face still looks alright, but man, that didn't feel good. It was the worst thing ever

The same thing happened to me. The rash just broke out when my female fans surrounded me

As for me, I was just riding the train back home, though

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The 3 of us suddenly experienced the same things

Everything was going as usual for us, except for the incident with the stones yesterday

In other words, we think you are the reason for all of this

'The moment they lose possession of the stones'


'There's gonna be a lot of trouble...'

No frickin' way. So 'this' is what birdy told me about!!?

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It's... Technically the same thing when the stones went to me, but

The rash broke out when I shook a girl's hand

Me, too. When girls started touching me

It started when girls were bumping into me in the train!!

This is such a bother

I really hate girls from now on💢

The common factor seems to be 'girls'...

Which means

They're allergic to girls!!?

Hmm? But I don't get it

Why the h*ll did these guys start getting allergies from girls after they lost their stones!?

What the h*ll did my past self do?...

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Uhm... Would you like to shake hands with me?



Not really


Did you feel any strange symptoms?

You said you're a guy, though

Is that what he meant?!!!

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So the 'big trouble' Hayate told me about

I'm starting to think that my past self was the worst

Hey, I'm in deep sh1t

Is that these guys can't touch any other girl besides me?

Something just isn't right with my body. You gotta help me right now!

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Tonight, I have a really important dinner party to go to

... Tell me what happened

I have to reject an arranged engagement, so it's extremely important!!

I've only been following my parents' orders since I was young


I want to decide who I fall in love with

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I wanted to take a girl from our cl@ss to play as my lover, so I have a reason to reject the engagement, but given the circumstances, I couldn't

I... I'm really sorry for that...

If I remember it correctly, you should take responsibility for my condition


Even though I don't approve of it,for now you, the princess, are the one who owns the stones, right?

But you don't seem to care about our situation

Now take responsibility, and come with me to the engagement party as a girl


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How the h*ll did it all lead to this?~~~~~~

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