Osananajimi to, Kiss shitakunakunai.

Chapter 14

From Chibi Manga:Hiyoko's childhood friend, the club's rookie, Iki as well as the kind spectacles guy, Chihiro. The three of them who have been brought up as siblings since they were young. However, when they become high school students, their relationship experienced a little change... Chihiro who have been thinking of Hiyoko since a long time ago, declared to Iki that he likes Hiyoko. That said, Hiyoko's feelings are inclined towards Iki... A love triangle between the three people where their love story intersects each other in a heart-wrenching manner.

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the fireworks festival?

that's right!

The conversation became such that the whole cl@ss will go tonight

What will you do Hiyoko?

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I'll go I'll go! I want to go!!

Chihiro! You'll also come, right?!

You definitely need to come wearing a yukata!



It sounds fun, so I guess I'll go

The girls' delight

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The girls are lively huh

Ibuki, you'll also go?

I'll p@ss

haa!? What's this! It's bad to date you know

I have club activities


We have a practice match soon so I can't play around

eh, Ibuki---!!!!!

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You're not going?

Even though Ibuki should love festivals...

...aa, see you

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well then, I wonder from which stall I should eat from!

wow! There are already so many stalls!!

Do it in moderation, Model-san

I understand~

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Chihiro, he looked this way just then



I wonder if I looks strange today


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as I thought, Chihiro came!!

So the information that you'd be coming to the festival was right!!

wh-..what's this what's this?!

uwa...as I thought they found him


Those girls are Chihiro's fans from the neighbouring cl@ss. They're pretty enthusiastic.

hey, is it alright if we go around together?

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That's sly~~I also want to hold his arm

um, this sort of thing is a little troubling but..

what's this fuss?


I've seen that boy in a magazine before~

Did a famous person come?

it's a model

where where?

I want to take a photo





At this rate, it'll be bad!!

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ah, what's that!

run Chihiro!

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The heck!! even though I'm also a model in a magazine!!!

Hiyoko, I'm sorry...because of me...?

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finally got that off my chest-

as I thought, Chihiro is amazing!

I also can't lose huh!

Just you see! Because I'll become a model waaaay more popular than Chihiro is now!!

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What will a popular model do, being this untidy?

Even though you're beautiful

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ah, look!! It's yoyo fishing!


It seems like its empty, let's do it let's do it!

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my face is hot...

what should I do...

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damn it

like that person

...why can't I reach it

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You're not going?

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gently, gently


Here! A plain yoyo as a consolation prize!

urgh, as I thought, getting the big win is impossible

What a shame! Miss, this is the 2nd time you've failed!!

Uncle, 1 try please


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that chick balloon, right?

this reliable aura is..!!!


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here!! you also get a consolation prize!!

serves you right, you ikemen (handsome boy)

Aren't you laughing too much


sorry..it's just that you were so full of confidence...


It really hasn't changed since long ago


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You and me were bad at all the festival games and

Ibuki who was good at them would have fun by himself

It was so annoying, and I would often cry

Those times were fun

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Let's come again, all three of us

like in the past


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uwa!! It started!! So from here you can see it this well!!

See Chihiro, look!

It's pretty


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..wh-what is it?

I already


don't intend to return to the past


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I love you

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