Yagami-kun wa Kyou mo Ijiwaru.

Chapter 30

From Chibi Manga:Just by talking to the famous Yagami-kun, Shizuku’s high school life has become hard even from the start.

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Day 30

Just thinking about you makes my heart warm

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If you're going to hurt her

What did you say? Our relationship has nothing to do with you

I'm not gonna forgive you

It does. It does have to do with me since a long time ago

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*door shut...*

That was‒‒‒⋯


That guy who's here at your house today. Your brother's friend...

You mean, Nishina-kun?

Yeah. What kind of a guy is he? Are you close to him?

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Huh? Oh, I just talk to him every time he comes to our house. Nishina-kun and Ryūji been friends since little, and he often comes here, so


Um‒‒‒⋯ Well, even if he's your brother's friend, he's still a guy, so

What's wrong?

just in case, be careful, got it?

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There's no danger~. I know him since this little and we've been together forever~!

Be careful of what?

STILL be careful

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Oh my gosh......!

*tremble tremble tremble*

He's actually worrying about me as a girl!

Then, I should get going

Ah, okay

This Summer's Date

Ocean Date

Great Ocean Places♪ Great Cafes To Eat Lunch. Packed Infos!

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Oh, yeah!! Kaede-kun!

About this summer break, do you wanna go somewhere togeth...

Ah‒‒‒⋯ Sorry

I don't know about that yet


I...I see. Guess there's nothing you can do can't go

I'm supposed to help out my relative's family business. It's like a part-time job

I...I see...

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If it's a part-time job, guess I need to give up

Then, I'll text you on LINE again, okay?


*feeling down...*

*k*ob twist*


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It's not like I don't wanna see you, okay?

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Don't get that wrong



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I love you

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I love you

I really love you‒‒‒

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*heavy rain*

Awf... It flashed again

This bad weather is making my mood even worse...


I wanna stay with Kaede-kun longer, but

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We haven't really talked in these past 2 weeks~~~

Customer service's tiring

My life was filled with happiness 2 weeks ago, but......

He does text me sometimes, but it's mostly like one word...... I wonder if he's busy with his part-time job


Ops, I remembered it.

I wanna see him a.s.a.p and get hugged

Ahhhhh! What am I thinking!? Me, that's too much!!



wanna get kissed over and over......

*thunder* *bam!*


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...Speaking of which


*heavy rain....*

Ryūji! It's raining, but where you all ri......

*k*ob twist*

Ryūji didn't take his umbrella. Wonder he's okay

*heavy rain....*


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Huh!? Wait...What's wrong!? Are you okay!?

Ah‒⋯We both didn't bring our umbrellas today, so

*heavy rain...*

Whaaat!? Hold on, where's Ryūji? Isn't he with you!?

we had to run from the station...

He said he'll come after buying something at a convenience store

So, I came first...

I got the situation! Now, come in!! I'll get a towel!!

No problem. Wipe it all off, okay?

Ah, thank you very much

*heavy rain...*

Ah. I just got the text on LINE from Ryūji. He said, "I'll go home right after this rain gets lighter"

I can hear the thunder, so I guess that's better for him

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Say, don't you wanna dry that shirt? It's summer but you still might catch a cold



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*oh shoot!*

T-That surprised me! You take off your shirt here, huh?

*step step...*


Then, I'll get this dry

I’m thinking too much cuz Kaede-kun said something weird.

Nishina-kun hasn't changed a bit since little!!

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Rain's still strong, isn't it?

The thunder doesn't stop either

Yes, we're getting lots of alerts as well


That was really bright, but~~~ you think that was close!?

If you can hear it right after the flash, probably

You're calm, aren't you...?


‒‒‒Wait a minute, I thought you were scared of thunders

Remember? When you were little I always used to be with you when there were thunders cuz you were scared

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That was a long time ago

You're right. It's already been 10 years

You're not afraid of them anymore righ...



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What!!? Blackout!?

Wait. Calm down. Let's first check the circuit breaker

Ah!! That's right! Circuit breaker! Hold on, where was it again!? Ouch!!

Hey!! Are you all right!?



Ahahah. Don't worry. I'm okay. I just kinda tripped

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Leaving this aside, are you okay Nishina-kun? Not scared of the dark?


...I'm telling you

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I'm no longer a child

He's still a guy, so

just in case, be careful, got it?

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