Chapter 75

From Mystic Iris:Upon first sight Machida Yuki knows that she doesn’t want anything to do with Naruse Shou, but how can she keep her cool when he is a part of the basketball club she manages?

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i love the child-like you,i love the adult-like you. i love you.

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...sorry senpai i may have hit my limit

wh...what about..

we should've been in the same room, showing each other our yukatas


such a detailed plan ...

because, in fact around this time

we'd put bath additive and fool around in a mixed bath, is what i was planning


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if we were in the same room in this kind of situation

and the others had dirty imaginations (delusions) about yuki-sanpai, then i wouldn't like it

to tell the truth, i want to lock you up


how do we split the rooms?

so this is what that was about

i don't think they would though

it would be good to split male/female wise

i don't know but

i don't know but

i don't know but


i also

i also...

i also, the truth is...


the truth is

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that you would've liked the mixed bath?


ah? yukki!? did you forget something?

ah.. i have to go

just now

what was i about to say

even though i shouldn't

i also, to tell the truth

even though i shouldn't say it

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even though it's selfish


i want a GF

don't make it sound like "i feel alive again" kind of thing

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it's soo good for those who have GF they have it easy

tono-senpai, your hand is white?

between guys, it doesn't matter if you're white or black

i don't really tan

but even though you became an official couple


you and machida-manager are the same as ever

is that so?

i get the feeling that i changed

hey didn't your breasts get bigger

how? grow up

you too (about growing up)

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haaaaa, it feels good right

yes, it's been several years since i came to a proper hot spring

and we get to talk like this too

no way... on the contrary, i feel like we're intruding...

i'm glad that yukki and naruse-kun came along

no, honestly

naruse-kun seems like he wouldn't like W dates , so tono-kun thought that he would turn him down if he invited him

now that i think about it

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the usual naruse would say

let's go to a trip the 2 of us too

or something like that, no matter what or why he would want to be just the 2 of us

well, he is fond of tonomura-kun

yukki what part of naruse do you like?



if you ask me suddenly , i dont know

it's girls talk

she actually says "again again subst1tute officer" but it doesn't make sense so i changed it

again again playing it

obaaa-chan hurry , let's go to the bath outside

it's dangerous to run


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now that i thonk about it, that time too

no...yuki wants to come again with obaa-chan

but the truth is...

when yuki grows up, that time you may come with someone else


oh my, is that so? i'm happy

it's nothing

the truth is that i want to come just with obaa-chan

i wanted to say that


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they came

you spent your time leisurely huh


not really sure sorry

not really sure sorry

ah you're dazed

oh, the group is complete , let's go eat

yukata: the way to make hot guys even hotter

i'm not


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i'll get teased again

don't go doki doki (heart throbing) with just a yukata

if i show an openinig (weakness)

machida-san is lewd



even though it's inexpensive , it's extrav*gant

rather, this is my hunch but

to be blunt, naruse and machida, you did things like kissing before you started going out

wh... what an uneeded topic of conversation

it doesn't really say that, but in that meaning

itadakimasu (let's dig in)

hey, she'll get angry again


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because i was sure that we would date after all

really this kind of guys... this kind of guys really...

don't answer him


well it's a world that also has guys who date for a year and don't hold hands, then get dumped

well, it's neither good nor bad

damn it

is that so

it's kind of lonely right

stop, i don't want to be told that agin

no, not about that

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when we start our new life in april

we wouldn't meet up and get all lively like this



didn't we , basketball club members get along well

didn't we , basketball club members get along well




is that so



twisted right

that's why today...

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...i see...

so you didn't come to just be a hindrance

i thought it would be good to make some memories with everyone before going to university

because Abe said that, we went along with him with a senpai's heart mentality

do we look as free as to ride all the way here to bother you

i am

you so look like that

no way, i didn't notice everyone's feelings at all

you jerk

so let's play till morning today

all about my self

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hey, i bought drinks

everyone's asleep?


after midnight, they started sleeping one after the other

hey Ami, Amamiya and the others are sleeping so go back to your own room

this is my and tono-kun's encampement


we carry her?

they are so free


call a responsible here

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i'll be up for some more. machida-san, why don't you go to your room and rest

if she wakes up, i'll take her

i got it, thanks. good night

good night

somehow, i get the feeling i'm having the room to myself

they got so worked up about the rooms' dividing, in the end they even let a room unoccupied

for now, i have to set an alarm...n? my smartphone is...


she is supposed to have a key


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he doesn't even know my feelings

why don't you watch it in your room

you forgot your smartphone. and at 1 am there's a program i want to watch so let me watch it here

because tono-senpai's got something to work on, and rather


because you've been weird since we finished dinner

i figured you'd tell me if it's just the 2 of us

if there's something going on...

here it is

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even though

i have to hold it in

the truth is ... i wanted to come just the 2 of us to Hakone

with obaa-chan

you were talking about your grandma

you were talking about your grandma

and i was soo about to hug you

the truth is

even though i should not

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say it

not with my father nor my mother nor my siblings, just with obaa-chan, is what i wanted to say, but i didn't

not with my father nor my mother nor my siblings, i wanted to come just with obaa-chan, is what i wanted to say, but i didn't

because, everyone is trying to enjoy it

because that's selfish

i didn't want to become a child who would trouble obaa-chan

i wanted to become a proper adult

that's what i thought, but i held it in , i could do that


even though i thought like that

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this time

i wanted to come alone with naruse

i was always thinking that


i wanted to be just the 2 of us

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naruse is... naruse is blushing...

don't look at me

don't look at me



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yuki-senpai isn't the only one changing

just to tell you

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you're becoming like this, litlle by litlle more honest

i'm becoming more and more of a coward

wh...which part?

it was impossible to go on a trip just the 2 of us, i got scared

you say what you want to say

to be blunt

when i was carelessly about to take off your skirt, i said some nonsense to cover it up

that i would stick so much to you that you'll be taken back by me or

you would've liked the mixed bath?

it would be bad if i am the only one enjoying myself

Translation text here..even before when i hugged you here

ah that

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or like now, what should i do if

senpai would say damn cute things

and i wouldn't be able to be gentle...

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so stop me while i can

if senpai doesn't want to, i wouldn't do it

your way of talkingis sly

becoming selfish

i know

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becoming a coward

the anxiousness of changing unwillingly

naruse and i have it

the uneasiness of getting f*rther from our ideals

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we're the same

i'm troubled huh


this is the best sentence i ever translated

i love him so much

we're alike

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nuaa, my neck hurts

because you ddidn't get in the futon properly to sleep

aaahaaah i don't want to go back

shut up! you went and woke up early and even took a morning bath alone

it's okay Abe-kun

there are still many opportunities to get together with everyone

rather, 4 of the 7 of us go to the same university


obaa-chan in heaven

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here, it's almost april

put your seatbelts?


the period when we were seperated is over

next time, let's come just the 2 of us, okay

ah, what are you whispering about sneakingly

stop it

starting spring yuki will again

kyaaaaa, yuki so cute

be the closest to her much beloved person

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