Tendou-ke Monogatari

Chapter 17

A girl saves Houjou family's third daughter from drowning herself. The girl takes her place as Houjou Ran who shall become the Tendou family's bride but her deceit is seen through..?

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On the other side of the beautiful door

there lies the unmistakable madness----

Tendou-ke Monogatari

Saitou Ken

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I heard it's a terrifying house.

It is said,

"once you have stepped past the door, you can never come out alive".

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searching for a reason to die,

covering my ears,

closing my eyes,

Without knowing anything,

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I became that beautiful man's possession.

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Sudden death of the hostess at a renowned family's garden party

Akatsuki Newspaper co.

This is definitely suspicious!

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Yet another death

in the Tendou family

mockingly dubbed "a house you can never leave alive"!

Wife of the former head of the family suddenly dies at a garden party!

There's been talk of disagreements over succession issues too.

Don't you think it was something like murder, rather than death by illness...?

The deceased Tendou Shizuko was old and had been sick.

No no, please wait!

There's nothing suspicious about it.

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Among the guests present at the party,

there's strange talk of screaming being heard, blood stains being seen, and whatnot.

Ever since the decapitation incident two years ago,

These might be serial murders...!!

I've been investigating the Tendou family!

You've read one too many detective novels.

Don't say that. Let's go do some interviews.

Unlike you, I'm not a lackey, so I'm busy!

There's no time to go to the suburbs.

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Che! What an unreliable senior.

----If this

Even when I invited him.

turns out to be a murder,

the police are in on it,

and the family is hiding the crime,

then it's a scoop!


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What an impressive gate, even for a back gate.


Now, if there are servants coming and going...

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A student is riding on the rickshaw.

Could he be Tendou Masato, son of the eldest son who died in the war?

This is a chance.

...Does he come and go through the back gate?

Should I jump out, stop the rickshaw, and ask him some questions?

Will I get hurt?

I don't care, I'll take my chance!

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*shwick* (knife thrust into ground)

Do you need something?

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What is the matter?


I've captured a suspicious person who's been lurking in front of the gate.

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this man is far more handsome than I heard.

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I'm not a suspicious person.

My name is Kajiwara. I work for Akatsuki Newspaper.

I was hoping to ask you a few questions, regarding last month's garden party.

The major newspapers are saying Tendou Shizuko died from illness.

But what really happened?

Could it be

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related to the incident from two years ag----

If you value your life,

Haven't you heard the saying, curiosity killed the cat?

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I gave that reporter a good talking-to.

*Patan* (closes door)

I see.

do not get involved with this family.

In regard to Ran-san's whereabouts,


Murakami has not reported anything yet.

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...If there hasn't been anything reported, then there's no need to report to me.

*tan* (closes sliding door)

Pardon me.



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*tmp tmp...*

Give me back my doll.

Come get it if you can, crybaby.

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Give it back...

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*gets up*

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Thank you, Onee-chan.

You shouldn't be mean to others.

T/N: "Onee-chan" (older sister) is also used by children to address a young woman, not necessarily someone they know.

...You, you aren't from these parts.

Ummmm, I'm actually looking for someone...

Where did you come from!?

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Takamura Hospital

Excuse me

Is there a Takamura Giichirou-san here?

...What business do you have with Sensei?

T/N: "Sensei" is also used to address or refer to doctors, other than writers, teachers etc.

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A-Are you all right!?

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isn't this a sword wound?

Yes, I was stabbed.

Stabbed, you say...

How did a young girl like you get stabbed?

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Umm, I

I'm actually looking for Takamura Giichirou-san...

I'm Takamura Giichirō,

Thank goodness. Grampa told me to come find you.

but more importantly, this sword wound...

Please turn around

Who is this grampa?

I don't know his name.

Then I won't know who you're talking about.

Grampa said he explained everything to you in a letter...


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Could you possibly be-

the foundling Ryūsei-san took in!?

Excuse me

*kara* (opens door)




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*clatter clatter* (things falling all over)

I-Is he okay?


I'm surprised you came all this way here, carrying that wound.

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Let me introduce myself again.


My name is Takamura Giichirō. I work here as a doctor.

Ryūsei-san and I are old friends.

This is Saburō, my apprentice.

This Ryūsei-san person, is Grampa?

Yes, that is right.

Your grampa's name is Ozu Ryūsei.

He was a very strong, fine man.

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Ozu Ryūsei...

For some reason, it doesn't sound like Grampa.

Last summer, I received a letter from Ryūsei-san, in which he asked me to take care of you.

That was the last I heard of him, so I was worried.

Has Ryūsei-san ...p@ssed away?

Yes, last autumn.

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Did you attend him on his deathbed by yourself?

Yes. Grampa settled everything, for things when he was dying and after his death.

So I followed his instructions.

...I see. It must have been difficult.

There's quite an interval of time between last autumn and now.

What did you do during that time?

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I went against Grampa's instructions,

and tried to die by saving people.

After Grampa died, there was nothing left for me even if I was alive.

Then I decided to die by saving people.

I tried to kill myself but I failed.

So I thought, maybe Grampa's angry with me.

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I saved Hōjō Ran-sama from a river,

and I went to the Tendou family as a bride in her place.

Masato-sama said to me,

But they found out I was a fake.

"You will die when you die protecting me".

And then I lived in the Tendou house.

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The wound on my back,

But, after that,

is from when I risked my life protecting Masato-sama.

he told me to leave the Tendou house----

Since Masato-sama burned down the house I originally lived in,

I had nowhere to go, so I came here.

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...Uhh, well

in other words, you don't have a place to live now?

Saburō, take this girl to a spare room.



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Oh right. Your name...

What did Ryūsei-san call you?

I have no name since I was abandoned at birth.

Grampa called me "chibi".

T/N: similar to pipsqueak


I see.

...In the Tendou house, I was called "Ran".

Then let's use that name for now.

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You've done very well by yourself.

First, take a good rest.

All right?



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This is your room.

It's somewhat messy, but use it as you like.

Thank you so much.

The bathroom is at the end of the corridor.


...Are you all right? Will you be able to manage on your own?

Huh? Yes.

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Good morning.

kokekokko--- (rooster crowing)

I'll help with breakfast.


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No, it's fine. Step aside 'cause it's dangerous.

*shoo shoo*

Eh, but...


You're wounded, so go rest!

Sensei also told you that, didn't he?



*chirr chirrup* (birds chirping)

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*spaced out*

......There's nothing to do...


I came to where Takamura Giichirou-san lives, like you told me to.

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I'm sorry

for breaking our promise.

I was thinking, you would scold me,

if I died and went to see you by saving people.

But, now

I don't know

what I should do.

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... Masato-sama...

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