Akatsuki no Yona

Chapter 153

A red-haired princess loses her family and her kingdom, now she must rise and fight for her throne!

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I'm glad everyone has finally been able to get up

But there's more than one important thing in my life

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I can't believe I have to be nursed like this at this age...

Can't raise his arms


Open up

...Hak, are you not feeling well...?

...What do you mean?

Don't spill

Yoon, I've got something to do tomorrow, mind if I leave for a bit?

What are you doing?

...Just meeting with someone

But wait, Yona, you want to find somewhere to take a bath tomorrow, right?


I don't mind

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Jae-ha and the others still can't move well enough, so you should go with Yona when she takes her bath

Ah, it's fine!

I'll be fine, so Hak should go to where he wants to go!

I'll stay with her until she finishes her bath

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Hak has to go somewhere

*splash splash splash*

I gotta do it fast


I can't make him wait

The way the little miss bathes is intense, huh


It's because she doesn't know whether we'll live or die tomorrow, apparently

Hak looks so sad

Why? I don't understand, but

It's my fault

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At any rate, I have to make sure I'm not an annoyance for him anymore

Sorry for the wait!


Little miss, that was too fast, you're still wet

Your bow is crooked

The water was cold so I got out quickly

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You'll catch a cold

I-I'm fine! I'll dry off myself

Hak, you have something to do, right? You can go if you want

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...You're right

It seems like when Hak talks to me, his face stiffens


Hey, Hak

Where are you going?

Who are you meeting with?

Can I come too?

I'm scared

I want to be kind to Hak

to ask

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I want Hak to smile

See ya. If anything happens, shoot off a signal flare

Got it

He said he's meeting with someone, but who?

Someone from the Wind Tribe?


Come sit

Can move a little now

It's warm here

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Here, lemon tea

Ah, thank you!

It's good

Did something happen with Hak?


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Not really, nothing happened

Hak also

You're bad at lying, Yona-chan

has a dark expression on his face

don't know


what I should have done...

It's okay, take it slow

Tell us

...So Hak... had a fiance

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And you see...

Hey hey hey, I said to take it slow and then you suddenly dropped a bomb on us

Wait, wait!

Are you certain about that!?

Yes, I heard Hak talking with the Wind Tribe yesterday. It seems like Mundok decided it

Mundok is the one who raised Hak, right?

Hey, Zeno-kun, Shin-ah-kun! Is this really the time to be sleeping!?

We've gotten to the good part!

The Wind Tribe hero

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So what did you do...?

Since the people at the Wind Tribe have been waiting for him for three years, and he has a fiance, I thought he might want to go home to Fuuga for a bit

So I asked him...

Then he asked, "Do you not need me?"


But it wasn't about that, it's that he's always saving me

So if the time came that I'd be okay without him

I thought that I'd give him his freedom back...


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Eh? No, that wasn't what I meant at all

Yona... doesn't that sound like you told the thunderbeast that you don't need him...?

I know that wasn't what you meant, but

In that situation, saying that makes it sound like the thunderbeast doesn't have a place here

And since it's the thunderbeast, it makes even worse

...That's not how it sounds, is it...?

It is

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I wonder why...

I was trying so hard then...

I hurt Hak...

I couldn't say it better...

...I don't think it's about finding a better way to say it

If you just tell him honestly

what you're really thinking...


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will understand

The thing about the fiance might be some sort of misunderstanding too. Why don't you ask Hak about it?


Uuh... I'm scared

Of what?

Do you not want Hak to have a fiance?

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If you were to ask whether I'd want that or not


I'd say I'd hate that

That's what I thought

So then, you should tell him that too

I can't...!

Even now

You can't?

He could have gone to see Ayame-san

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Hak said there was something we needed to talk about, but then he wouldn't tell me

I think he's mad...

Something you need to talk about it, huh

But... If you're not honest with him, Yona-chan

Not only might he not want to talk about that, but isn't it possible that he will go away somewhere because of this misunderstanding?

Are you okay with that?

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Even though he just left

I miss Hak

Ah, Hak

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He came back...

Nii-chan, do you have food in that bag?

I got it from a band of merchants

Food and weapons and such



You went to meet with merchants?


An acquaintance of mine is part of the group, I knew they'd be around here this time of year

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Hak, I'm sorry about yesterday...!

...Why are you apologizing?

I didn't communicate well and I hurt you

I'm sorry

I heard you talking to the Wind Tribe yesterday

I thought that I had always been stealing you away from the Wind Tribe

And not only that, you...

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You have a fiance

Oh, you mean Ayame

He doesn't deny it!?


Ah, I can't say this right


I see...

So that's why you were pressuring me to go home and saying things like that you're giving me my freedom back

I have to tell him

Yes... but!

It's not that I don't need you


I have to tell him

You're important to me


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Stay here with me...

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...What was that...


I... told you, haven't I?

Over and over again

I'm not leaving you!

Shouldn't that be clear by now!!

It's not like I do it out of a sense of obligation

Figure it out already!!

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The Wind Tribe is important to me!

And if something happens to them, I will go and save them!!

But my home

is right here!!

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I'm sor-

You don't have to apologize

Please don't say things like "We're all right now, go back to Fuuga" like I'm an outsider

I just want you to know that

And one more thing

Even though you're such a child

You said you're giving me my freedom back, but it's not like I'm following you because of King Il's orders


King Il was the master I swore absolute obedience to

Maybe you don't think that you're as important as him, but

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I followed you

And I was overwhelmed by your strength and your p@ssion

I decided I would live for you

You're the one that taught me

the pride in serving someone!!

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Thank you, Zeno-kun. Kija-kun, do you need one too?



I... have said a lot of things that probably left you exasperated

But can I ask one thing?

What about Ayame-san...?



If you're not going home

So then, does that mean it's not an order...

You know... I'll just say this because I don't like misunderstandings. The fiance thing was just one of Grandpa's whims

Ayame has a lover!

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Eh? Wait, so does that mean she broke up--


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Don't "Eh?" me!!

Ayame has a partner, the one I love is you, and I don't have a fiance!!



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What will the dumbstruck Yona do after Hak's declaration!?

Glad we got that straightened out

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