Perfect World (ARUGA Rie)

Chapter 31

Kawana Tsugumi works for an interior design company. She goes to a drinking party at a client's architectural office and happens to meet her first love, Ayukawa Itsuki. He's more handsome than ever and it isn't until he's leaving that she realizes something has changed: Ayukawa is in a wheelchair.

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Keigo-san, please come over here!!


Where the h*ll is he?!

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Are you alright?? Ayukawa!!

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Tsugumi-san, be careful

I can go in there

you might hit your head


Wake up!!


Can you hear me?!

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You're awake

Is this...

a dream...?

I'm right here!! came over here for me...?!

Are you hurt?!

....I'm good

....I'm good

I just fell asleep since I was tired.

Your head...

I think

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did you use the catheter?


Nagasawa-san was worried.

Not yet

We've got to hurry!!

Were is it?!

I left it in the living room.

Everything's in a mess!!

I'm glad Ayukawa-san's safe.

I'll open this place up now!!

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which one?!

is it...


It's this one......!

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Takagi-san and Kawana's around

Takagi-san and Kawana's around


so that really helped.

Sorry for worrying you.

I've contacted my parents

I've contacted my parents

and things have calmed down so please calm down.

Alright, please take care,

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

I couldn't find a bandage.


it's bleeding.

you're hurt...

I kept hitting my hand onto the side of the bed

and calling for help

Your voice's shaky too.

and it turned out this way.


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Throughout these few hours

he desperately tried to call for help.



Anyone around here---!!

Anyone around here---!!

please lend a hand!!

clinging on to his life.

But his voice reached.

He grew tired from it and ended up dozing off--

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I'm glad

he's safe

I'm really...

There's an evacuation order here so

let's go, Ayukawa-san.

...sorry about that.

That was

really reckless of me.

Now, no matter how huge of a disaster I face, I'm not surprised.

Now, no matter how huge of a disaster I face, I'm not surprised.

During times like this

when I'm alone

I've been doubting whether I can deal with it alone.

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If the elevator stopped working

I wonder how I can descend from the stairs...

That's why I don't leave my cellphone behind while bathing

and leave my catheter at a close distance in case something happens.

For that...

to happen when I'm alone in my hometown...

I just left my guard down a bit

I just left my guard down a bit

and my phone and catheter are both out of reach.

We might feel lucky that the earthquake wasn't that severe but

We might feel lucky that the earthquake wasn't that severe but

to Ayukawa, it means he's just one step away from the grave.

Ayukawa feels

closer to danger than any of us.

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Before I head to the shelter, I need to go to confirm how's the house.


But you're in this situation now


you should prioritise...

We might need to fix the house

before the tremor gets any worse.

it's better that we confirm whether we need to do so as early as possible

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It'll take one hour to reach there

Let's go together.

I think we'll be able to reach the shelter by night if we go check now.

But it might be better for Kawana to head to the shelter.

Let me accompany you

It might be danger-...

I'm one of the people working on it too.

I beg you

I'm glad I found my phone

I'll contact Toryo.

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I'll push the wheelchair for you.

That'd be of great help.

The house looked pretty empty when we last looked at it.

I'm sure the completed house will look totally different.

I really hope

the house's fine...!



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everyone's here?!

We were curious about the house as well.

The house......

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That's great

The beams and pillars look fine.

There's just a few problems with the obliques.

the pivots also look flawless.

It didn't collapse......

We've got to fix it ASAP.

Please let me help too.

I hope everyone continues to work on it.

I'll leave this to you.

Alright sure!

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Kawana, can you bring me a plank?

the ground I'm standing on is tough on the wheelchair.

Is that fine?



If everyone's working on it it'll take within an hour.

If everyone's hard at work,

no obstacle's too strong to overcome.

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don't you feel cold?

yep, I'm good

everyone's having a terrible time and yet

they're rushing over here to help.

It's because everyone here is a professional.

They'd be thinking of the home they're building all the time.


he did not

Everyone went to call out for Ayukawa

the reason why they're together like this now

even though he faced something terrible

forget about the house

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is because of Ayukawa's p@ssion

which is conveyed to them.

I feel like

I'm taught by him again.

No matter what happens

there's something we feel the need to protect.

When we successfully manage to do so,

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there might be

no difficulties we cannot overcome.

We finally reached here

At this rate, it's impossible for us to reach there by night time.

I wonder

if I'll be able to meet Itsuki-kun.


Of course you'd be able to do that. What's the matter?

Today might be impossible but we'll reach him tomorrow.

It's not that.

I don't mean like that.

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After such a huge incident,

everyone affected

would always change, in one way or another.

I wonder

I wonder

if things will go back to like before.

I wonder what will change

Itsuki-kun, soon before the earthquake

this is how I'm thinking now.

asked me out to play together.

I'm going to meet him so

will he still be the same man...

...Sorry about that

I said something weird...

It's the first time he asked me out like this.

I was happy.

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You're thinking too much, Nagasawa-san.

I'm pretty sure nothing will change.

That's absurd...

That shouldn't happen...

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We finally arrived at the supermarket.

This somehow feels nostalgic now.

Keigo-san, what about your car?

I think it's faster if I walk.

I'll talk to the employees and have them allow me to leave the car here.

Now then, I

need to head to the hospital now.



Thank you so much today!!

I'm really, really happy!!

You two saved my house.

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That's my line too.

Thank you very much

If Keigo-san wasn't around, I wouldn't be able to reach Ayukawa

for your help.

you were really dependable.

Now then, let's keep in touch.

I hope everything goes by smoothly.



Take care.

That sure was tiring.


that was a long day.

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Let's go to the shelter quickly.

You should rest as much as you can.

I'm fine

you're tired right? I can go there on my own.


There's no way he's fine. legs feel heavy...

Ayukawa must feel really exhausted now.

For the route I'm used to to feel this long

I can no longer think of anything else......

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I have to hurry up and let Ayukawa rest.

As long as we reach the shelter

he'll be able to rest.

And tomorrow

he'll recover his energy to move around again.

he'll recover his energy to move around again.

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You're late

You're late


I was worried.

I'm glad Ayukawa-san's safe too!!

I heard you were alone at home

That must have been terrible.

Hurry and get it

Over here--


We've had something warm to eat.

We've had something warm to eat.


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I've brought you a change of clothes.

Hey, is anyone else joining you?



I'm the last one.

Mom went to Dad's place.

Tsugumi, dad's fine.

I'm glad.

Just now Yui-chan came over too, along with onii-chan--

And then onii-chan brought a game over.

My cl@ssmates are here too, over there.

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What's wrong

What's wrong

Let's go.

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Kawana, it seems

impossible for me.


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I can't be here.

I'll take my leave.

Our long day

didn't end


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